navajo mythology

To Neinilii, of the Rain and Laughter

To Neinilii hangs out with that crowd that is always laughing, joking, having fun. You can never take him seriously, though his jokes are generally harmless. He is the one that brings the rain, just when you’re late to a big meeting, or are getting ready to go on your morning jog. He himself doesn’t even seem to notice his dark hair smearing across his smiling face, red with laughter. Rain never bothers To Neinilii; the storm is his friend, the gray clouds swirling around his head. Some say the lightning is a warning to others of a cruelness hiding under him, but that is not right. He simply wants people to not take the gray clouds in their lives so seriously, lighten up a little. If it takes a couple of storms to get the point across, then so be it.

one perfect way to start your day...

is the three-song loop of Navajo songs, beginning with one of the most beautiful animation videos Ms L has been privileged to see: The Navajo Early Morning Blessing.  Greeting the dawn with the video, then going on her balcony and greeting the dawn and the directions is a lovely way to begin a day.

“Walk in Beauty” is a beautiful Navajo philosophy of spirituality.  More complex and elegant than slavish following of religion, more subtle and rich than New-age attitudes, it has much to offer the student of culture, art, and life.

The Navajo Healing song helps to heal and restore Ms L’s soul whenever she hears it.

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Black God and the Trickster Coyote

So once upon a time in Dinetah, there was well, Maii or some Coyote god who was walking around the place when he met the Black God (Hastsezini), the lord of fire and the god of the stars who was plucking out stars to place in the heavens (lighting them neatly and orderly of course).

Ma'ii was all “Hey, wassup. What are you doing man? Can I help?” and Hastsezini was like, “Go away. You’ve caused trouble enough.” So the disgruntled Coyote god left the god alone but he will not be rebuffed by some god because of something he did.

The Coyote god ninja’d into the god’s tent and found the remaining stardust to be lit. He accidentally scattered the stardust into the night sky. The stars became a long stream of glowing lights and thus formed the Milky Way.

Hastsezini wasn’t intrigued by the Coyote’s creation. He probably doesn’t talk to him anymore.