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i just saw your post about books being ruined - i had this amazing copy of jane eyre which i lent to my friend, with strict instructions about only her reading it, and then giving it right back...of course she ignores that, lends it to her sister, who then leaves it lying around the house, and the puppy they had just gotten ate most of it. I was so mad! And when I asked her to replace it, she was all pissed with me. I hate when people hurt books!

ugh!!! that’s terrible, and it reminds me of the time when i left my first copy of twilight on the kitchen table overnight when my male cat was younger and very rambunctious, and he chewed up the dust jacket and the spine of the book, forcing me to buy another.

i think it’s terrible when people borrow books and ruin them. i have absolutely no quips about telling someone that if they ruin anything of mine, they’re obligated to replace it; if i’m nice enough to lend something out, then it should come back in the same condition. whenever my aunt borrows a book, she actually puts it in a plastic bag and places it in the highest spot in the house so that nothing bad happens to it (like, say, her 11 grandchildren). that’s how you treat something with care and consideration.

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Why did you choose your url? Huge Jane Austen fan right here, so had to go with something Austen related. :)

What is your middle name? Alexandra

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? Dragon, maybe

Favourite color? Blue

Favourite song? Too many to choose from.

Top 3 fandoms? Harry Potter, The Raven Cycle, and the tv show Merlin

What do you enjoy about Tumblr? Getting to talk about books, and see all the gorgeous photos that people take of their books.

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1. Fall At Your Feet - Boy and Bear
2. Take it Back - Ed Sheeran
3. Of the Night - Bastille
4. One - Ed Sheeran
5. Smashed Birds - Sóley
6. Out of the Woods - Foals
7. Nina - Ed Sheeran
8. Candles - Daughter
9. Agape - Bear’s Den
10. The Run and Go - Twenty One Pilots
11. Nightcall - London Grammar
12. Blood Bank - Bon Iver
13. Help - London Grammar
14. Emmylou - First Aid Kit
15. Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
16. Requiem for Blue Jeans - Bastille
17. Southern Sun - Boy and Bear
18. As We Are Now - Saint Raymond
19. The Draw (Acoustic) - Bastille
20. Mother - Bear’s Den

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fully agree! I have a thing where if you ruin anything that i let you borrow, even if it is an accident, you no longer have borrower's rights. It's caused issues with some friends, but really - if i have the decency to care for your shit when you lend it to me, i expect the same from you. My mom also has a system, where she doesn't lend anything out without writing it up in her "borrower's book", and then once a year she goes through the book &checks to see who still has to return a book.

OMG your mom sounds like future!me. <3

basically, the only people i lend books out to are my cousin, my aunt, c-parks, adventuresonpaper, kelsopending, and booktown because they’re the only ones who haven’t wronged me. i practically have to hunt my sister down in a dark alley to get my books back. a year later, i’m still waiting for her to find my copy of crank by ellen hopkins, which she never read, because she never actually does.

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Ah worst - and it's your sister! Luckily my sister isn't too bad, and I can always just go raid her flat when I visit if she has one that I need back. My mom's system works really well. I'm going to start using it too i think - we are busy moving so when I get to unpack all my books, I'll make a masterlist of everything that I own, and make a borrowers book too, so that I don't lose any anymore.

i’m going to start a borrowers list too!!! and then maybe i can send bookvengers after my sister and all the other people who never give my books back.