Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

NGC 1300 is 61 million light-years away from earth in the constellation Eridanus. The galaxy is about 110,000 light-years across which makes it just slightly larger than the Milky Way. NGC 1300 is a member a cluster of 200 galaxies known as the Eridanus Cluster. In the core of the larger spiral structure of NGC 1300, the nucleus shows its own extraordinary and distinct “grand-design” spiral structure that is about 3,300 light-years long. Only galaxies with large-scale bars appear to have these grand-design inner disks.

Credit: NASA/Hubble

The Milky Way glitters above Yellowstone National Park. David Lane created this stunning multi-image panorama of the night sky over the park’s Pelican Creek – a place that offers great views of Yellowstone Lake. Photo courtesy of David Lane.