Mystique of the sea: Mimic octopus

Remember Mystique from X-Men who can impersonate anyone? Unlike her, the mimic octopus is not a character from a story book but an awesome creature with an amazing ability to ape a few marine creatures. The talent of the mimic octopus, belonging to class Cephalopoda (literal translation = head-foot) has surpassed any other living organism, and has fascinated the scientists since its discovery in 1998 from the estuarine waters of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Genus: Cameroceras 

…is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopods that lived during the Ordovician period. Members of the genus were quite large and some species grew to lengths of over 6 meters, making them one of the largest animals alive during the Paleozoic era. Due to its large size Cameroceras was likely an ‘apex predator’ and likely fed on smaller cephalopods, trilobites, and sea scorpions.



Images: UGA stratigraphy lab and Unknown