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I liked Ana giving mother advice so how about Torb's family visits the Watchpoint and Mercy gets advice from a mother of 8? Also trying to keep 8 kids out of trouble at the Watchpoint

“Tildy–” Torbjörn started.

“Don’t you ‘Tildy’ me,” said Mathilde, moving Ivar up on her hip, “You said you needed someone to look at that secondary generator and here I am. I welcome you to find a sitter for eight on such short notice. And you know the kids–they were all throwing a fit at the idea that I might see Bastion without them.” 

“But the watchpoint is no place for children!” said Torbjorn, “They’ll get in the way and underfoot and they’ll fool with things they aren’t supposed to and—” Torbjörn was cut off by a laughing shriek from Astrid and he quickly turned on his heel to see Astrid riding on Pharah’s shoulders, her arms spread as Pharah charged across the watchpoint tarmac, laughing. “I can do without you undermining my point, Amari!” he shouted after her. 

“What’s that? I can’t hear you over the jet engines!” Pharah shouted back, her voice half drowned out by Astrid’s laughing.

“There are no jet engi–” Torbjörn started but Pharah cut him off with jet engine noises. Torbjörn turned back to Mathilde and made a ‘See?’ gesture at Pharah. “They’ll just distract everyone!”

“Nonsense. They’ll be on their best behavior,” said Mathilde, as Ivar cooed and grabbed at her braid, “Now, show me that generator.”

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Kylo x Reader: Shower

Request: Hello, can you do the imagine you posted where it said imagine kylo in the shower getting himself off and Y/N finishes him off in the shower instead. Please 😊😊

Prompt: Imagine catching Kylo masturbating in the shower only to get in and finish him off yourself.

A/N: This is later than I intended it to be but, here you go, my dudes!

Rating: NSFW

Word count: 1056

Warning(s): Smut

It had been a long day for everyone on the ship, Kylo and yourself included. A prisoner and a stormtrooper had escaped from right under the Order’s nose, and word had just come from the squad down on Jakku that the droid containing the coordinates for Skywalker had eluded capture once again. Needless to say, everyone was pissed, especially Kylo. So almost the very second that shift was over, he stormed out of the ship’s bridge and down the corridor, disappearing quickly as nothing but a billowing mass of black.

You stayed behind just a bit longer, overseeing a few ensigns who were finishing up their reports for the day. When they were finally done, you made your way to your private quarters, punching in the code quickly when you got to the door. It opened and you entered.

The first thing you noticed when you came in were the black clothes strewn in a line to the bathroom. Knowing they were Kylo’s, you huffed at his mess, and picked up the robes at your feet before taking a few steps to pick up a large tunic as well. The second thing you noticed had you stopping in your tracks, nearly dropping Kylo’s clothes back to the floor in your surprise.

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replied to your



“I hope I don’t have to encounter another…

immediately goes to find a volcarona.

“I hope you like mollusks, Mandus. Because Nautilis will say hello.” 

Nautilis stares right at him with its eyes baring straight into his. “If water won’t work, rock will surely put you out of business.” 

Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 10


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The City explains, and Stan makes a choice.

If you’ve read this far you’re familiar with the necessary content warnings, but just a note that basically this entire chapter is Stan contemplating suicide, so please be safe. If you find this subject matter particularly sensitive, you may want to wait until Chapter 11 is posted, which swings more towards comfort.

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for beta-ing.

Nothing of Him That Doth Fade

There was always silence in Atlantis. It was a heavy silence, distilled over the centuries, compressed by the weight of the water overhead until it felt almost like a solid presence. It never allowed echoes. It deadened footsteps. Whenever someone spoke, the silence pushed back, eating the words up almost as soon as they were formed.

It permitted the slow drip of water, the soft scrape as the golden nautili made their ways through abandoned halls, even the occasional muted boom as a section collapsed. Those sounds belonged there. They textured it, built it up into something more than emptiness. The silence welcomed them.

It did not welcome humans. They made so many noises, strange and unpredictable noises that had no place this far below the ocean. It hovered over them, doing its best to snuff out their words until they gave up and left its halls, or, sometimes, gave up and stopped making noises altogether except for the slow, gradual sounds of decay.

Now, the silence was broken. There was a noise ringing through its halls that had no right to be there, a noise that it hadn’t heard in a very long time.

Stan laughed.

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Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 11


[Title songs]

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10]

In which there are a lot of hugs and some rescuing.

Putting the whole thing under the cut this time, since I know some of your were waiting to read the last chapter until this was posted. This is nearly a double-length update, and also the turning point. Clearly the Stans have a lot to work through, but things will be more hopeful from here on out.

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for being a wonderful beta, and thank you for reading!

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