nautical pictures


Welp. I did end up spending all night decorating, but not… what I had planned to….

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do more with my D&D-based genasi fish man, but could never find the right house. Most beach builds are very white or nautical, and I always pictured this dude living in some rustic fishing shack, LOL.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw @peachandherpan‘s Fisherman’s Warehouse build! It’s still kind of a WIP – I left most of it the same, but ruined it because I’m a huge ho for clutter, lmao.

Added bonus: As soon as I moved Ceryl in, he flirted up a storm with Jacques Villareal?? Okay, dude. Whatever floats your boat.

(please disregard my really shitty guitar playing and that i go off beat on the strumming at certain points and the fact that my guitar is pretty bad)

this is an erifef song thats really short!!!

i literally made up the lyrics as i played oops

i am an heiress,
and i have a friend 
and i just pretend
that he doesnt look at me like he does

i am a princess, 
i hold the world in my hands
but i dont think i can meet it’s demands 

i am a witch, 
but i dont think i
can even give life
to the hope you destroyed, 
my prince


Jarco’s turn :))) I feel like they’d be a really chill and cozy pair. 

Another /sveg/ request clean up+color piece. I expressed a desire to get more JLT practice and a couple of nice anon requested her, and old couple Jarco respectively. 

Like the elderly Manna picture I made an effort to change up Marco’s appearance depending on which girl he ends up with, as such: Less chaos and stress so there’s minimal hair-loss on Marco’s part, and some fatness since he’s not as active.(also jolly ‘Santa’ Marco haha) But He’ll still punch out a creature from the black lagoon if the situation calls for it. When designing old Jackie ‘mom jeans’ came immediately to mind. I wasn’t sure what to do with her freckles, I didn’t want to exclude them, but knew(or at least under the impression) that such features can fade away with time. So went with a ‘compromise’ and gave her little sunglasses to cover the area under her eyes. Sunglasses as either/both a reflection of the beach/nautical life, and/or some tiny implications that she’s gone/going blind in her old age. 

A lot of fun on-the-spot type of stuff heh heh