nautical outfits


GUITAR UKULELE DUET” - a beautiful pair of sisters sitting on their front steps playing a Guitar and Ukulele duet. I love their nautical school girl outfits and rolled down black silk stockings. Older sister has her hair fashionably bobbed and finger waved, younger sister with her hair softly fluffed, white bloomers under her skirt. Sultry and sweet, I would love to sit at their feet and listen to them strumming and singing their old time songs.

I call this “That awkward moment when you bump into your gaudy trash uncle at a Halloween party and you’re both wearing nautical themed outfits, so you stand next to him to make yourself look cuter”

I just really wanted to draw something cute with Iyami and one of the sextuplets lmao. Also that is supposed to be Atsushi in the back and Jyushimatsu by his side, in the the most lazy cameos ever whitnessed by man :P

A bad day on the water beats a good day anywhere else!

Sailing away on National Wear Your Lilly Day!