nautical outfits

(Target is killing me. The baby section of Target is killing me. The fact that Target is already advertising bathing suits in mid February is killing me.)
(Have some ‘A One Time Thing’ fun.)

It’s almost comical, how many of Aidan’s clothes have anchors or ships or fish or whales on them. It’s adorable, too - though, she can’t decide what she likes more: how cute her kid looks in his nautical outfits, or how cute Killian looks when he either points another one out when they’re browsing the aisles, or when he just brings something home. (“Look at this!”) 

But this - 

This was unexpected. 

“It’s April." 

"I know." 

"The snow hasn’t fully melted yet.”

“I noticed that." 

"Swim wear? Really?" 

"He’ll need to learn to swim." 

Which is true. Henry’s always loved the water, and given this kid’s father, he’ll probably be a water baby, too. (He loves bath time as it is.) 

"Still, he’s not gonna need it yet." 

Killian shrugs. 

"We’re prepared, in any case." 

Captain Adorable - honestly

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Observation About Olivia

I think Olivia is going to have a big role in Book 2, though I’m not quite sure in what capacity. But there are two big clues in Book One that point to her having a larger role than we’ve seen up to this point.

Relationship Points

The game introduced blue relationship points in Chapter Two and the player has an option to get them with Drake, Liam and Hana. The player can also get romantic points with those characters. But the blue points come first, signifying the building of a relationship and they can also be given for non-romantic interactions. 

There are a few options to get blue relationship points with Maxwell as well, though not many. The only other character you can get blue relationship points with is Olivia, though again, there aren’t many opportunities for this in Book One. 

You can get specific “Kiara” or “Penelope” points with the other suitors at a set point in the game to try and sway them to your cause, but that’s it. There’s no generic relationship option with them. Besides the LIs, only Maxwell and Olivia have this option.

Maxwell is a huge part of the game, the MC’s guide in Cordonia and a close friend. But Olivia is set up in the first book as the antagonist, except even early on, that option to get these relationship points and try to befriend her exists, which points to the long game. 

Upon Olivia’s return in Book Two, there are several options for relationship points. In fact, I believe you can get more relationship points with Olivia in Chapter 5 of Book Two than you can in all of Book One. She has also storyline-wise moved from antagonist to ally.


The other thing that points to Olivia having a more significant role than it might appear at first? She is the only non-LI to change her outfit during the game and she does so multiple times.

Olivia wears a special outfit to the derby, a winter/nautical outfit, a riding outfit and her red dress in addition to her default black gown. This is the same amount of outfit changes as Hana (masquerade, silver gown, bathing suit, riding costume and default dress) and more than any other character other than MC.

Madeleine, our villain, has worn the same green dress in every single appearance, not even during the engagement tour has her outfit changed. So why is Olivia different? Why does she rate special art? Isn’t her role similar to Madeleine’s?

The riding costume is especially interesting because only Hana, Olivia and MC (if you choose) wear special costumes and you can choose dialogue options about the three of you being a trio. There is also the option in that chapter, to bond with Olivia over your mutual distrust of Madeleine (and receive another relationship point). 


I”m not sure yet why these two points are significant or what the end goal is, but I do think they point to Olivia having an expanded role in Book Two. Either as an LI or (in my opinion, more likely) as an alternate LI for Liam, where the player has the option to push Liam and Olivia together. 


GUITAR UKULELE DUET” - a beautiful pair of sisters sitting on their front steps playing a Guitar and Ukulele duet. I love their nautical school girl outfits and rolled down black silk stockings. Older sister has her hair fashionably bobbed and finger waved, younger sister with her hair softly fluffed, white bloomers under her skirt. Sultry and sweet, I would love to sit at their feet and listen to them strumming and singing their old time songs.