nautical idea

Remember how Louis loves nautical themed things and his mom talked about how he’s always been obsessed with anything nautical,, so he probably always says cheesy things to Harry like “you anchor me babe” or “you’re the lighthouse that guides me home” and he probably shyly brought up the idea of nautical themed complementary tattoos with Harry, not sure if Harry would be 100% on board and being a little nervous himself because he didn’t really have tattoos at the time, then Harry’s eyes would begin to sparkle and he’d start nodding along with Louis and the nautical tattoos idea, and he’d even start tearing up because complementary tattoos are a big deal, so he’d pull Louis in and kiss his nose before saying “I love the idea baby, lets go tomorrow” before kissing him gently and lovingly, and Louis would smile fondly and peck him on the lips again before they head to bed and he mumbles out a “night haz” and Harry giggles back mumbling “night my little sailor”

A bad day on the water beats a good day anywhere else!