nautical dresses


My pretty new find from eBay, perfect for todays sweltering heat, along with slightly better photos of my Alchemy Gothic & Spin Doctor collab’ dress. Although I had taken the slip out due to the heat, and went with shorts instead.
The eBay jobby is from H&M and has splits up the side to make is super cool and floaty in this heat.

Fantasy Outfits for the Day: Beach

Daddy and I are planning on heading to the beach in a boat soon, so I decided to plan my outfits for the whole day!

(Of course, none of this will happen, but I can hope! Hmph. >.<)

Morning/Waking Up:

On the Boat: 

Swimming/On the Beach:

Relaxing at the House:


Don’t forget the accessories!





If only I could actually wear all of these ;-;

Recycled furniture project: I went to the reuse centre in Burlington and found three wooden closet doors, primed them, painted them, hinged them, beat them up a bit for a shabby chic feel, and ta da! Beautiful. The rewards that come along with building something with your own acrylic manicured hands are endless.