nausea's reprieve


Qualm water

Introducing Ailsa Dunlop.

Ailsa’s previous theatre credits include An Enemy of the People (ActNow Theatre), The Late (Adelaide College of the Arts), Don’t Look Back (dreamthinkspeak), Caravan Chronicles (Theater Simple), Kit’s Cat, Out of the Boot and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Urban Myth). She has been involved in developing and performing numerous street theatre shows, and in 2007 won the State Theatre Company of South Australia’s “Young Guns” Playwright’s Award. Ailsa can often be seen performing at comedy clubs as her alter-ego, Petunia McLaren.

Saturday 20th of August is the premiere of the play Nausea’s Reprieve! As the integral part of S>M>E>G’s Winter Carnival, the hyper-real comedy is finally ready for real life consumption. Supported with performances by Rat. Vs Possum, Pikelet, and the art of Projector Obscura and A.C.A.B Collective. There will be very affordable drinks. Entry is $10, from 8pm 20th of August and 7pm 21st of August, at Topshed 97b Little Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.