*sweats* okay look I can explain-

For uh undisclosed reasons, I wondered what it would look like if the two beloved spicy beef bois of the Pokemon fandom were fused and uh well,,,WELLL,,,

(Real talk though its because I saw a dude at the beach in a blue wetsuit with a white lab coat over it. The fusion’s name is Naupaka. Chill but loud duncle. INTENSE WHEN EEXXCITED)


Scaevola taccada ~ Naupaka ~ Bunga Sebelah

Melambangkan toleransi pada setiap pasangan :)

~ Karimunjawa

Naupaka kahakai, Scaevola taccada

Naupaka kahakai, or beach naupaka, occurs throughout the Pacific, but is considered a pest in some places like Florida, where it overcrowds native species.  Its buoyant fruits helped it spread through the Pacific, but its introduction to the Atlantic is through human planting.

One of the most striking features of naupaka is its “half flower” structure.  Legends say this is one half of separated lovers; the other half is found on naupaka kuahiwi (Scaevola spp.) or mountain naupaka.

The Naupaka flower is going to be part of my next tattoo. While walking I picked a Naupaka flower, then took a picture of it with my phone. There is a beautiful story in Hawaiian Folklore of a love that can never be and that is why the flower looks like only half a flower. One half grows by the ocean, the other half grows in the mountains, and if you bring one from the mountain and one from the sea and make it a whole flower, the two lovers get to be together for that moment.

April 16,2011

This is the Naupaka flower. Hawaiian legends say there lived a princess named Naupaka who was in love with a fisherman named Kaui. The Lava Godess, Pele, was also in love with Kaui, but he did not love Pele, instead he loved Naupaka. When Pele heard of this she chased Kaui to the mountains throwing lava at him, for if she couldnt have him, then no one can. Pele’s sisters witnessing everything, saved Kaui from his death by turning him into a flower. Pele then chased Naupaka to the beach and again the sisters turned her into a flower as well. It is said that if you take a mountain Naupaka flower and a beach Naupaka flower and put them together, then the two lovers will be reunited again.