this is so incredibly disrespectful, not only is he flaunting zayn in the face of all of his fans who’ve stuck by his side, but he’s doing it to get back at louis who’s defending us, pitting them against one another and ultimately leaving us to see zayn in a poor light. he’s using zayn’s biggest ally, us, against zayn himself. nice strategy. 

Back when it all started with Naughty Boy last year, people were EXCITED for Zayn. Everyone wanted him to record some solo stuff or guest on other people’s records as a side project.  We side-eyed some of NB’s tweets and comments, but mostly we just let him be.

None of this anger and frustration is about Zayn doing what he wants, it’s about HOW it’s being handled and how Naughty Boy is behaving towards some really hurt and disappointed fans.

Don’t re-write history as if we weren’t all psyched as hell for Zayn to get some recognition outside 1D. 

And while I’m on the subject, I do agree on one point with the people I disagree with on pretty much everything else - the attacks on Naughty Boy’s looks have got to stop. None of this is about his ethnicity or his weight or his religion - this is about him acting like an asshole. Let’s stick to that please.

Naughty Dog abandoned their tradition. First they make 3 main games, then the 4th is kart racer. Crash 1-3 then Team Racing, Jak 1-3 then Jak X but now it’s Uncharted 1-3 and not 4. Where’s my Uncharted kart racer? Where’s Unkarted?

If ya’ll don’t know what Zayn and Naught Boy are talking about then you are missing out. It is so sweet. Naughty Boy said “this friendship” and Zayn’s reply was “we will not break.”