Its Christmas Eve, and I’m up my usual late,
Figured he’d be hungry, so I fixed him a plate.
Since he’s got a sweet tooth for cookies,
No doubt he’d want some of mine.
While he’s sampling my goodies,
I’m plotting further wayz to “unwind.”
Naturally juicy & moist, his thirsty ass’ll want a drink,
Wearing just my imagination,
With lust-filled eyez, I give him a devilish wink.
What better with cookies than mama’s own milk?
Fresh from the source of my perky chocolate chip nips,
Suckled with such pleasure from my baby’s sweet & tender lips.

We create our own Yuletides,
Hitting falsettos & crescendos,
Like a soul diva sings, as I ride,
Hips gripped by the capable hands of my King Ding-a-Ling, he guides.
Unlike the fatman of old,
What my Santa wanna take that dusty ass chimney for?!
He wouldn’t cuz he has an all-access pass to enter thru my backdoor!

Stolen mistletoe kisses,
Garland every damn where,
Earrings like bells jingling,
Finger-tangled fucked up hair.
Literally decking the halls,
Got me pinned against the wall.
Each thrust of his stocking stuffer soaked from my splash waterfalls.
Hot sex on a platter,
Busted nut cracker.
The best dickstraction from all the chaos in the outside world for what its worth
Where there seems to be less unity & peace on earth.
Still wrapped in one another,
Feeling blessed with no stress,
Laughing at the thought of who the hell’s gonna clean up this hot mess!
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