“Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone - fucking except for you! So don’t tell me that I would be safer with someone else - because the truth is I would just be more scared.”


This game was so beautiful… I can really say, best game I’ve ever played. This part of the game where Ellie runs away from Joel really hit me hard and inspired me to make this gif. 

Time for bed! Good night! :3


With the upcoming release of the single player downloadable content for The Last of Us - Left Behind, I decided to create something to hold me over until the release. Not having played any of the DLC yet I went strictly off the first teaser trailer, which included a carousel. Also I figured since the whole thing takes place in a mall, this might be a center piece, or possibly a big moment. The whole thing took a little over 4 hours. 


Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Competition - We Love Fine
Submission 1 - At Peace

’When Joel and Ellie settle at Tommy’s dam town, they find a ps3 and manage to make it work. Ellie falls in love with Uncharted 3 and becomes a Naughty Dog fan on a quest to find more of their awesome games.’