Carlos putting his hair in a small ponytail while cooking and Cecil cooing over how cute his boyfriend actually looks like this
Carlos scowls at him at first, when Cecil, all happy, gives him a tiny flower pins not so long after that, “because they are adorable, Carlos, and they would look good on your hair!”, because he’s not a girl, thank you very much.

But he wears them anyway, because he loves the look on Cecil’s face and how pleased he looks like.

And happy Cecil = happy Carlos, of course.

anderstandable  asked:

I just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to the kickstarter. I've first read Fishbones back when it was still generally avaiable for download, and I really loved it, I will be more than glad to have it in a book form. So, keep up the great work and I'm waiting impatiently <3

You are so kind! You all have been so encouraging, thank you so much! ;v; The Kickstarter was just approved today, but I’d really like to include better product photos before launching it. I still need to order the hardcover for that, which might take a little while. Also, it might be better to let everyone recover financially from the holidays? I was thinking of launching sometime in January. 

Also, there will be T-shirts!