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Laurent wasn’t proud to admit that his last thought was probably going to be I went and fell in love like an idiot, and now I’m going to die. It wasn’t his smartest choice, but if he was honest, today was a day for idiots. The captain had been an idiot when he left two bozos in charge of the lookout post. Said bozos were probably drunk off their asses and stupid enough to steer the side of the boat into an iceberg. Jord was stupid enough to lose his room to Damen in a bet, Damen was stupid enough to accept a second class ticket when Laurent knew he was old money, and Laurent… Laurent was stupid enough to go looking for the damn oaf while the ship continued to sink.

If Laurent didn’t have blond hair and Damen didn’t have a smile as warm as the sun, he would never have even been in this situation. He would have been in a lifeboat by now, trading his stack of money for a coveted seat and leaving this dreadful mess behind.

But Laurent’s plans weren’t exactly being respected.

“Damen!” he yelled.

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わんぱく王子の大蛇退治 / Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji 
(The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon)

100 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Mar. 24th, 1963
Country: Japan
Director: Yūgo Serikawa

“The Japanese film Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji––which literally translates to The Naughty Prince’s Orochi Slaying––is the sixth feature produced by Tōei Animation. English-dubbed versions have been released under several titles, including The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon, Prince in Wonderland and Rainbow Bridge.

The story is based on the Shintō myth of the storm god Susanoo’s battle with the snake-like Yamata no Orochi. It begins with Susanoo’s mother, Izanami, dying. He is deeply hurt by the loss of his mother, but his father Izanagi tells him that his mother is now in heaven. Despite Izanagi’s warnings, Susanoo eventually sets off to find her. Along with his companions, Akahana (a little talking rabbit) and Titan Bō (a strong but friendly giant from the Land of Fire), Susanoo overcomes all obstacles in his long voyage. He eventually comes to the Izumo Province, where he meets Princess Kushinada, a little girl whom he becomes friends with. Kushinada’s family tells Susanoo that their other seven daughters were sacrificed to the fearsome eight-headed serpent, the Yamata no Orochi. Susanoo decides to help her family protect her and slay the Orochi once and for all.

This movie eschewed the soft, rounded look of previous Tōei animated features for a more stylized one. Production cost 70 million yen, employed 180 staff members, and produced 250,000 drawing sheets. It is also one of the few animated films to have music by famed composer Akira Ifukube. The film placed 10th in the list of the 150 best animated films and series of all time compiled by Tokyo’s Laputa Animation Festival from an international survey of animation staff and critics in 2003. It features distinctively modernist, abstracted character, background, and color design; formalized the role of animation director––performed here by Yasuji Mori––in the Japanese system; and drew attention to the talents of key animators Yasuo Ōtsuka and Yōichi Kotabe.

Accolades received by Wanpaku at the time of its release, including: being honored with a Bronze Osella (at the Venice Film Festival) and the Ōfuji Noburō Award (at the 1963 Mainichi Film Awards), and making it into the official recommendations of the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health’s Central Child Welfare Council. More recently, Genndy Tartakovsky watched the film and identifies it as a primary influence on the direction and design of his Samurai Jack.”


The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon is available on YouTube in two parts. It is the Italian dub.



Dark and intense - I feel like this should make us think “oh shit. he’s bad. stay away.” instead my reaction is more like “oh fuck. i’ll do anything he wants.”

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Tsk Tsk Carlos Part One

*Carlos quietly sneaks back in his room softly closing the door and turning on the light*

*Evie is sitting on his bed, one leg over the other arms crossed with a hard stare*

*Cue Carlos’ scream*

Evie: Where were you Carlos?

Carlos: Jeez, Evie don’t scare me like that!

Evie: Carlos, where were you?

Carlos: *Blushes* I went out for a walk.

Evie: You went for a walk. Are you sure?

Carlos: Yes, I am sure.

Evie: *Pulls out magic mirror* Mirror Mirror, while the truth can be sour, show me where Carlos was this last hour.

*Magic mirror shows smoke before dissolving into an image of Ben’s room. On the bed, you see Carlos and Ben in a particular position, Ben grunting like an animal while Carlos screams out ‘HARDER’*

*Image dissolves*

Evie: …A walk huh?

Day five- Family

Family reunion with 12 sadistic brothers and hundreds of trolls.  OR — Also a great time for domestic Hansoff.

Hans meets Kristoff’s family and is very disturbed at first that they are trolls. If cautionary tales have taught him anything, it’s to NEVER trust trolls.

This was drawn for a RP way back last year in winter I think? XD OLD ART is OLD

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Hi!!! I am so happy about this new blog and I hope for its success. 🎈🎉❤❤ I would love to request a naughty prince, Jinyoung drabble. Thank youuuu

Hello, doll! :) Admin Dream here~
Glad to have your support! ♥ The admins and I were a bit unsure about your prince Jinyoung request because we weren’t sure if you were referring to him using his nickname or if you were requesting an actual Prince!Jinyoung au.
Soooo, long story short: I wrote both lol and they’re not even drabbles really, they’re a bit on the longer side. I will post them both here under the read more/keep reading line. Enjoy! :D

Study Break

Genre: Smut/suggestive

The silence hung heavy in the spacious room, only interrupted by the occasional rustling of pages or the few words exchanged quietly between people. You glanced over at the lower corner of your laptop screen to check the time. 6:41pm. As you looked right next to you on your right, you saw your boyfriend Jinyoung intently reading through the English literature book in front of him. It was midterms time and the library was often crowded with students cramming every single bit of material they could for that important test that counted for a good chunk of the final grade.

You guys had picked the table at the farthest side of the library close to the archaeology section where almost no one went because Jinyoung needed absolute peace and quiet when studying. You both had been there for the past five hours and counting, the stiffness in your bodies vouching for the long time spent sitting down with a myriad of papers, pens, and material spread over the table.
As you were typing away on your laptop for your presentation, you heard Jinyoung put his book down, a quiet yawn escaping his lips. You stopped your work to reach over and gently rub his neck, your fingers applying soft pressure on his stiff neck muscles, occasionally caressing the soft baby hairs at the nape.

“Tired, sweetie?”, you whispered to him as he rubbed his eyes lazily.

“Yeah. But I need to get this done regardless. It is actually a quite interesting reading”, he replied turning towards you and you smiled at him encouragingly.

You loved how eager to learn he was, treasuring every single bit of knowledge he could acquire. You also knew that this came with a certain amount of stress more so for him because of how seriously he took school. He always valued a good education so he always aimed for the best when studying no matter how small or demanding the assignment.

He took the hand you were caressing his neck with in his hand and held it locking fingers with yours under the table as you went back to your computer screen shortly after. He idly stroke the back of your hand with his thumb as he opend the book again with his free hand and placed it face up in front of him as he kept on reading his text.

A few minutes went by when you registered with a small part of your mind Jinyoung placing your tangled fingers on his lap, but you didn’t pay it much attention. Then, he brought your hand higher up until your palm found the semi hard bulge in his pants. You looked at your boyfriend, your eyes wide with shock. He had never been this public when it came to sexual stuff. However, he kept his gaze fixed on the pages in front of him as if nothing happened, the seemingly oblivious expression betrayed by a knowing smirk playing on his lips. You tried to keep a neutral face as he kept using your hand to stroke himself through the fabric of his pants despite the dampness forming in your own underwear. He had grown completely hard now; his free hand had grabbed the book to raise it in front of his face as he tried to hide the expression of pleasure that was threatening to betray his calm facade. His lips were slightly parted, his breath coming out of them in short and shallow intervals; his eyes were clouded and out focus, not really seeing the words printed in black ink over the white paper. Suddenly, his hips started rocking slightly back and forth craving that deeper friction and you had to squeeze your legs together at the sight of him in such a state. He looked like sin itself despite the setting you were currently in, and you couldn’t help but bite your bottom lip to hold back a small whine.

Gradually, he slowed down the movement of your hand until he stopped completely before quickly getting up and walking away. You sat there confused at his sudden movement, yet aroused by what just happened.
Shortly after, your phone buzzed on the table and you unlocked your screen reading through the text before a smirk appeared on your lips.

“Meet me at the end of the archaeology section close to the emergency exit. I think we both deserve a little study break ;)


‘Insatiable’ live London Diamonds & Pearls Tour 1992
Prince being naughty? YES
Mayte filming him? YES
Prince licking the camera? OH YES!
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