naughty one shot

  • Dad: Who is this Naughty Boy guy?
  • Me: A mistake.
Naughty or Nice (One-Shot)

<p>Hello Tomcats and Ladybugs! Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you had a purr-fect day and was filled with MIRACULOUS presents! This fanfiction is dedicated to the following people: @angiensca (thank you so much for your advice for drawing and your art!) @inspiringnfamous (the best motivational person in the fandom. Thank you so much for all your amazing comments and messages) @the-hidden-eye (you got me into writing fanfiction for this show. And I thank you so much for that!) @faith-xx-love (you are an amazing sweetheart and do so much for the fandom. THANK YOU!) @seiyakanie (you pretty much killed everyone with Heartstrings including me.) @marichat-traaash (you are so sweet, especially when you like one of my fanfictions!) @gigiree (the cutest little thing ever! Thank you so much for following me.) @nutlas (the very first person who drew fan art for me and made me fell like the happiest girl in the world.) ********************************************

“Sooo…Ladybug…are you on the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list this year?” Chat asked a sly smile peaking from his lips. It was a cold winter’s evening. Christmas evening to be exact. Marinette was grateful that her parents decided to go to sleep early so that she could go on patrol. Ladybug rolled her eyes and took a sip of her hot chocolate, the drink warming her instantly. “Most likely the ‘naughty’ list this year, Chat.” she turned to face him. “Why Chat? Are you on the ‘naughty’ list this year?” she teased.

“Depends what your definition of 'naughty’ is.” he said wiggling his eyebrows. Ladybug felt a small smile slip on her face. “Well if being annoying, flirting constantly and making bad puns count, then yes, you are on the 'naughty’ list.” Ladybug said with a smirk.

“Wait! You’re on the 'naughty’ list this year? Why would that be my Lady?” Chat asked standing up and wiping off the snow that had fallen in him. “Well, my grades have plummeted, I’m investing all my time into being Ladybug and I’ve been lying to my friends about me being Ladybug.” she said with a sigh. “I know for a fact that you’d never be on the 'naughty’ list, My Lady! And just because your grades aren’t as good as they used to be and your friends don’t knwo about Ladybug… Isn’t it all to protect Paris?” Chat asked. “And I know exactly how to prove it!” Chat declared. “And what might that be?” Ladybug asked curiously as Chat offered his hand to help her up. “A game.” he said as Ladybug took his hand and he pulled her up.

“What kind of game?” she asked as she brushed off the snow. “Well, we disperse into Paris and we start looking for each other. Once we find each other, we have to poke each other for the next 10 minutes. You can dodge and whoever gets the most pokes looses.” Chat answered. “What does the winner get?” Ladybug asked getting more and more interested in the game. “If I win the I….get to kiss you.” he said smiling slyly. Ladybug felt heat rush to her cheeks and she was thankful that her cheeks were already red since it was cold. “But…but why? It doesn’t prove to you that I’m on the 'naughty’ list.” she argued. “If you really were 'naughty’ then you would loose.” he said confidently. “And if I win then…no puns until New Years!” she declared. “Okay then, let the game begin!” Chat yelled. They took their starting positions. “Go!” Chat yelled and they took off. ******* Ladybug couldn’t believe it. She lost. TO HIM. Chat grinned and swaggered over to her. They had forgotten for a brief minute why they had the game in the first place. “Well, my Lady, I won fair and square.“ he said. Chat noticed that she was looking to the ground and his tone softened. "My Lady…you know I would never make you do anything you didn’t want to do.” he said holding her hands in his. Suddenly her lips met his. They were warm and tasted like the hot chocolate they had earlier. Her arms wrapped around his neck, their bodies pressed together. Chat still stunned by her bold move wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. He broke it off, his mind still reeling from what just happened. He heard Ladybug giggle, who was still in his arms and lean in for another kiss. He happily obliged. After their fifth kiss Chat took a step back. “What…was..that? he mumbled. Ladybug took a step towards him a seductive smile on her face. "It was a kiss silly kitty.” She walked passed him and stood at the edge of the roof and turned around. “Oh and kitty? Clearly I’m on the 'naughty’ list this year.” She winked and leapt off the building, swinging home, leaving a very confused but also happy Chat Noir.

Day five of Twelve Days of Sterek! It’s one week till Christmas Eve and I still haven’t bought any present. Oops? Happy Reading everyone! 

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I’m so dissapointed… I don’t even know what to say about this This isn’t zayn anymore I think NB changed him…and I’m sad about it Louis is his fucking best friend for gods sake and he chose to protect Naughty boy… Well, if it’s his decision…

Getting out my Zayn feels

Louis has said nothing against Zayn since he’s left. All his beef has been with that greasy potato, Naughty Boy. This fandom still supported him after he left us and his 4 best friends in the middle of a world tour to make mediocre mixed tapes on Soundcloud. But he didn’t stick up for the fans when NB bashed us. He didn’t stick up for Louis when NB said he couldn’t sing. He publicly chose a side when he didn’t need to. The side of some guy with a stupid name that nobody even knew of until Zayn started associating himself with him. So yeah, we are entitled to be pretty damn upset with Zayn right now. He will always have a place in our hearts, but we are over his bullshit. The roller coaster has to end sometime and I am finally getting off.