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Just Like That

Relationship: Sam x Reader

Tags: smut, straight up smut, bit of felching

Words: 669 (heh)

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Dorwinion Dessert - Thranduil x Reader

This is a Thranduil x Reader one-shot inspired by a dirty Thranduil confession from the thranduilconfessions.tumblr blog. 


This is just for fun, pure and shameless smut, NSFW, PWP, Thrandy being really naughty and horny …. you know the King of Smirkwood. So here is your „Dorwinion Dessert“, served steamy and hot, bon appétit :)!

The following confession inspired me to write this fanfic:
„I want to be one of Thranduil’s servant girls, and one day, when he’s feeling exceptionally horny, he’ll take me to his wine cellar and fuck me senseless against the barrels, whispering „You’re mine now…“.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thranduil (unfortunately), nor any of the other characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.

You can find this now also on AO3. If you happen to stop by and leave me kudos that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all :)!

Second Servings of Dorwinion Dessert are now also ready, served and uploaded. It is the follow-up to this if you want to read more about dirty Thranduil ;).

                                        Dorwinion Dessert

It was well past midnight and your duty should have ended a long time ago when you found yourself still carrying trays and putting away goblets from the lavish feast Thranduil had held tonight. You were surprised his wine cellar still held so many more barrels after all that had been consumed by him and his distinguished guests. It was an incessant stream of servants making sure that there was a constant flow of delicious food and sweet Dorwinion wine so Thranduil’s banquet would live up to its usual style.
You were of course not allowed to participate in any of these festivities, after all you were just a servant, but although you sometimes envied these illustrious guests, you did not really wish to partake. You wouldn’t admit it to yourself but you had only eyes for the king. You had thrown Thranduil probably more covert looks than what was considered appropriate. But he never seemed to notice your presence anyway, so after a while you barely made an effort to disguise your lingering looks.

Finally the singing and chatting upstairs had died away and as everything fell silent you busied yourself with the last remnants of the banquet before retiring to your well earned sleep. As you cleared the tables you made sure to wipe carefully around the motionless bodies of the guards who have had seemingly as much to drink as all the guests of the banquet together when suddenly you heard determined footsteps approaching. You sighed and without looking up from your work you said: „Don’t tell me you are coming for more things to take upstairs. Hasn’t the king had enough?“

„No, apparently he hasn’t.“ You would recognize this voice among a hundred others. Your face flushed bright red in absolute mortification as you turned around and found Thranduil himself staring at you. His piercing gaze sent shivers down your spine and caused you to break into an embarrassed stutter.
„My Lord, I am so sorry! I … I didn’t know it was you. Please … please forgive me!“ You clung to the table behind you awaiting the scorning that you were sure was to ensue.

He took in the delicate situation which presented itself before his eyes and an amused smile passed his face: „I am aware of that.“ As he descended the last steps and strode towards you, his exquisite robe trailed behind him like a rippling sea of burgundy. He put his goblet on the table right beside you and grazed your cheek with the back of his hand, his voice soft like velvet: „Say, do you think of me as insatiable?“
„No, my lord! I would never dare to!“ you objected quickly.
„But what do you think of me then? Tell me, for I am curious.“ His fingers dragging down your neck with his thumb resting at your throat made you all of a sudden overly conscious of your hammering heartbeat.
„I … well.“ You were briefly at a loss for words. „I … I only think of you as my lord and I strive to please you in any way I can.“ The colour drained from your face as you realized what you just offered him. A flicker of lust dancing across his face was answer enough.
„I appreciate your willingness to serve me as your king.“ He leaned closer and whispered in your ear: „The look in your eyes says more than all the words you may hide from me. I can see your desire in them.“ His hands trailed along the seam of your dress slowly gliding down your back as he pressed you against the edge of the table with his body. „I saw you all evening staring at me, thinking that I wouldn’t notice. Your hands trembling every time I asked you to refill my goblet. Your face blushing when I would call your name.“
„But my lord Thranduil, I didn’t … I was only trying to …“. Your body was flaring hot under his touch, the brittle remnants of your composure like a thin veil on the verge of being ripped apart by his hands.
„Don’t deny it if you do not wish to anger me.“ His breath was hot against your neck, strands of his silver blonde hair tingling on your chest.
“I would never…,” you breathed against his shoulder, your fingernails digging into the wooden surface beneath them.
“You would never what?” He grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled your head back forcing you to meet his gaze. “Speak!” His lips were unbearably close to yours, the smell of wine lingering heavy on them.
„I … I do not wish to anger you.“ Your mouth was dry and heat was building up inside you, rippling flames that were threatening to consume you from within.
„But what do you want? Tell me! Your king commands it!“ His tone now harsh and demanding, he was seething desire beneath the scattered fragments of his usual composed self.
You were barely able to breathe and your tenuous resistance was melting away like wax beneath the heat of his feverish gaze.
„I am waiting.“ A crease appeared on his forehead as he tightened the grip on your hair, his other hand finding the dip of your waist and pressing you harder into him with a possessive force that should have scared you.
Only it didn’t.
It was what attracted you to him in the first place: he was commanding and intimidating. Unpredictably dangerous and at times with a barely veiled malice he stirred up a delicious mixture of fear and lust inside you. 

„You…,“ you finally gave in, „… you are what I want.“ There; you said it. Now there was no way back.
The corners of his mouth curled into a sly smile: „Indeed this is just what I thought. Naughty. Little. Girl.“ He emphasized each of his last words with a tight squeeze of his hand around your waist.
„But I must warn you. If you give yourself to me, I will have all of you. Is that clear?“
You nodded silently, unable to utter any more words.

He cast away the last of his self-restraint and kissed you hard, his lips crashing against yours, demanding and hungry. The force of his onslaught almost took your breath away, his tongue eagerly parting your lips and exploring the welcoming warmth of your mouth. You moaned into his mouth, wanting more and giving more and then you threw your arms around his neck, pulling him closer, trying to eliminate every inch of space that was still separating you from him. His slender hands wandered all over you, touching and exploring, taking in every curve and every hollow of your body.
„Oh my lord…,“ you moaned as you felt his desire pressing urgently through his clothes against your own core. He carelessly dropped his velvet robe to the floor, unbuttoning his brocade tunic with impatient fingers when he glanced at the passed out guards on the other side of the table. He interrupted his motions causing you to throw him a confused look.
„We would not want to wake them now, would we?“ He looked at you with a mischievous smile, lifted you up with your legs dangling around his waist and carried you to the opposite wall where there was a low-lying shelf in front of a long row of barrels. He sat you on the empty shelf and reached under your dress only to realize that you were not wearing anything beneath it.
„You are an audacious one, aren’t you?“ He groaned as he slid his fingers past your dripping wetness, his own arousal even more intensified as he felt how much you desired him. He brought his finger to his mouth, sucking on it slowly. „You taste delicious, much better than any of the food I have had tonight.“ Your face flushed bright red in embarrassment, but you wanted him so much, that you didn’t care anymore about feeling ashamed of your own desires.
„My lord…,“ you moaned, „… then let me be your dessert.“ Your own boldness surprised you, but  the spark in Thranduil’s eyes told you that it only spurred his own desire.
„I will take then what you offer to me so generously.“

With his own trousers barely past his knees he bunched your dress around your thighs and pressed you against the wooden barrels behind you. He threw your legs around his waist and then you felt him hot and rigid at your entrance. His eyes were dark with lust and he grabbed your chin possessively, breathing on your face: „This is it, the moment of no return. You are mine now!“ And then he entered you, slamming his full length inside you, making you gasp out at the sheer force of his fulfillment. He groaned as he touched you all the way inside, for a moment stopping all motions to relish in the pure delight of being united with your body. And then his lips found yours and he claimed your mouth like a king claiming his possession, not tentative or gentle, but forceful and demanding. He left you out of breath, gasping for air as his mouth wandered lower down your neck, leaving crushing kisses on your chest, his fingers skillfully pulling apart the delicate drawstring of your tunic and exposing one of your breasts to his eager mouth. Every flick of his tongue, every passionate bite of his mouth sent you higher into dizzying pleasure, moaning for more. „Oh, my lord…,“ you gasped, „yes … yes … I’m yours!“

And then he started moving again inside you, slow and controlled strokes at first, your insides welcoming him thick and plentiful, his own lust fueled by your burning desire. He grabbed your hands by your wrists with one hand and roughly pinned them over your head while he slid the other one under your bottom to take you even harder. Over and over, again and again he sunk his hardness inside you.
„Yes, you are mine!“ he rasped, his voice hoarse, „this luscious little body of yours, it’s all mine.“ His thrusts became deeper, stronger, harder still. Pain and pleasure mingled inside you as you were pinched in between the king’s hardness and the rough wooden barrels behind you. You felt so deliciously helpless that you clung on to him as for dear life, your legs tight around his waist. He drew in a deep breath and his eyes were heavy with desire: „You are a wild one. It seems you need to be taken hard.“
„Yes, please my lord…,“ you muttered against the hollow of his neck as you felt ecstatic pleasure spread from your core and take hold of your entire body, blinding and bright. Hard and violent were his thrusts, filling all your inside with delicious friction, your walls tightening around his length as you felt your climax approaching. He released your wrists and covered your mouth with his hand muffling your cries of unadulterated pleasure.
„Come for me now, girl. Come for your king!“ You arched your body against his, all the world around you fading away into blackness as you drowned in a starlit sea of endless bliss. Every fibre of your being was nothing but heavenly delight and pure pleasure at the mercy of your king.

Thranduil was breathing heavily as he slammed faster into you, his composure fading altogether as his own peak approached on him rapidly while you were floating in the ocean of your own delight, your walls still tightening around his hardness. He gripped you hard around your waist, pumping into you with deep and relentless strokes, taking you to the very edge of what was bearable. His whole body tightened as he groaned into your hair and with one final thrust he finally found his release, pulsating inside you and filling you with his seed, a wave of heat washing over you as you felt its force touch your most intimate spot.
„Oh yes, my king….,“ you gasped out of breath still from his violent onslaught as he collapsed onto you and you allowed your hands to glide tenderly through his silken hair. His head was resting on your shoulder, his breath ragged and his heartbeat racing against your own. A deep satisfaction took hold of you, warmth and affection filling your heart.

He was still inside you when you both slowly regained your senses and he finally looked at you, his expression now softer and a glow of fondness inside his eyes that made your heart flutter.
He smiled openly at you when he said: „This was by far the best dessert I have ever had.“ You blushed, feeling flattered by his words and smiled back at him. After planting a tender kiss on your mouth he added: „And I intend to request a second serving. Soon.“
„Yes my lord, of course,“ you replied quickly.

As he retreated from you he made sure to restore your tunic to its original tidy state, finishing up the drawstring with a neat bow. You couldn’t help but admire the diligence he devoted to such a small detail, so very much unlike his usual commanding manner. He then took equally great care in rearranging his own clothes until he was altogether back to his former regal appearance.
„Let me help you.“ With one swift motion he lifted you down from the shelf and before releasing you from his hold he looked down on you, a mischievous glint in his eyes:
„I am expecting you tomorrow evening in my chambers at nine. And don’t be late, we have a long night ahead of us.“
„As you wish my lord Thranduil.“ You threw him a coquettish glance. „I promise your dessert will be sweet and served just on time.“

So indeed, the king was insatiable after all.

floranocturna, January 2017

anonymous asked:

favorite fics with bottom!soo??

All of these fics contain bottom!soo sex scenes. The chaptered ones have smut scene mostly in later chapters. These are of course only few of my favorites. ^^

I hope you’ll like the recommendation and that you’ll find here fics you haven’t read before! Also, thank you for your patience and I’m sorry for replying so late! ^^

Measure Up

very naughty one-shot that contains size!kink and slut shaming 

Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend, Jongin, is taller than him. He especially likes that his boyfriend is bigger in another area as well. This leads him to ask Jongin if he would be willing to indulge him a bit of play they haven’t tried out yet.

Put Your Faith in My Stomach

smutty one-shot 

contains BDSM themes, cross-dressing, slight exhibitionism

Trust is sexy and arousing.

Meeting Dr. Kim

smutty three-shot Doctor!AU 

contains infidelity (Soo cheats on his bf with Jongin)

Kyungsoo is having trouble in the bedroom area and is sent to urologist Dr. Kim.

Little Voyeur

naughty one-shot 

contains slut shaming, dirty!talk, spanking, slutty!soo, slight baek!soo 

Baekhyun returns home earlier than usual and stumbles upon a pornographic scene in his shared room with Jongin. 

Birthday Sex

smutty two-shot (smut only in first chapter) 

Kyungsoo’s birthday party was not going well. Jongin had already caught him glancing at him once and Kyungsoo had drunk too much for being a lightweight. So when everyone sends sober Jongin to drive Kyungsoo back home, he dreads their alone time. The night is quickly progressing to be a trial of suppressed desires and unspoken need. Will Jongin finally give Kyungsoo his birthday gift?


completed chaptered college!AU

contains homophobia and bullying

There is one chapter with topsoo (chapter 3) but that is the only one, other chapters are bottom!soo ^^

Kyungsoo and Jongin know they are quickly journeying into dangerous territory, because Jongin’s best friend is Park Chanyeol, openly homophobic and sworn enemy of Kyungsoo’s best friend, Byun Baekhyun. They go there anyway.

Bed Head

smutty one-shot bartender!AU

Kyungsoo never really liked people - which is why his fascination with club bartender made him both confused and hot at the same time. 

Ardent Sense

ongoing; chaptered CEO!AU 

daddy!kink; age!gap (JI is 35, Soo has a body of 16-18yrs old but he’s not a human)

Kim Jongin, a bitter grumpy cold CEO, just recently bought a doll. Not ordinary kind of doll, but a living doll.A living sex doll.

(Un)Notice Me

completed chaptered highschool!AU that does contain intimate and smutty scenes (not really a penetration sex but it implies a bottom!soo)

mentions of bullying, homophobic themes, colorist themes

Kyungsoo has spent his entire life trying not to be noticed. Jongin notices him anyway.


naughty one-shot nonAU that contains drunk sex

Kyungsoo drinks more than usual and starts kissing Jongin’s neck.

Glory Days

smutty two-shot that contains slut shaming

With a significant amount of alcohol in him, Kyungsoo finds himself much more likely to give the gloryhole he stumbles upon a second look. 

Don’t Wake the Neighbors

naughty two-shot neighbors!AU that contains infidelity (Soo is married and cheats on his wife with Jongin but who can blame him lol)

After marrying his wife, Kyungsoo decides to move to a quiet town where he can build a family. The neighbors are pleasant and the community seems welcoming, a perfect home for newlyweds. However, this all comes into conflict once the married man begins to notice the young man who lives next door.

Take a Look Outside

completed chaptered SliceOfLife!AU with sequel 

Kyungsoo is scared of flights and Jongin turns out to be more than just a seat neighbor for the next fourteen hours


smutty one-shot college!AU that contains dirty talk, hair pulling 

Kyungsoo has never had an orgasm, but Jongin sure does love a challenge.

The Apple of My Eye

naughty one-shot with SO many kinks, you’ll absolutely love it 

Jongin wants Kyungsoo to read to him but not in a conventional way. 

Ramyeon Rendezvous

uncompleted smutty chaptered OfficeWorkers!AU (I am not losing hope that this amazing fanfic will be finished one day) 

Jongin and Kyungsoo are two normal office workers. They don’t know each other. They’re strangers. Strangers that happen to meet at a club late a night as they searched for the same thing - sex. It happens once. It happens twice and they’re hooked. Whenever they meet, not having sex seems to be impossible. 

Size Queen

smutty one-shot non-AU 

contains dirty talk, slut shaming + size kink 

Kyungsoo may have a little bit of a kink and Jongin has a big problem.

string me up (and tear me down)

naughty one-shot 

contains dirty talk, size kink (you can probably see my fav kinks but oh well who can blame me) 

Jongin is hung, like really big. Luckily, Kyungsoo is a bit of a size queen and doesn’t mind at all. 

Full Nude

naughty one-shot that contains blowjob, not really a penetration but still very very good! 

Kyungsoo attends a life drawing class to find a handsome man standing naked in the middle of the room. Jongin thinks he is a masterpiece that only the reluctant art student’s talents can capture.

Please don’t forget to like, subsribe and leave kudos and comments under fics!


All my favorite fanfics: Strange Brew by ShanghaiLily

Just a naughty little one-shot taking place sometime after Jackie Bags Hyde and before she reunites with Kelso. Jackie goes to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on a date but goes home with somebody entirely different. Sexy but not quite over the line into smutty M territory.

Clean Up On Aisle Four

Summary: Hungover from a raunchy night, reader gets to work to be greeted by a familiar face as their new trainee.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT, sex in a public place, unprotected sex, doggy style, language…throw fluff in there for good luck.

Word Count: 2487

My Masterlist!

~ Dean and forever tags are open! ~

A/N: Just a naughty little smut one-shot before I go off on a break for the weekend. Genuinely gonna miss you all! Gonna have to download the app so I can stalk yas :P Thankyou again for the love on my series Three Wrongs Make A Right, I’m genuinely attempting plot on that one so it hasn’t got fully down and dirty yet. This random one shot here was a random idea that occurred to me at work the other day, so had to vomit it out before my little break.

Tag list from @spnfanficpond I deleted a bunch that didn’t seem to be working, and now noticed that some aren’t working from these few too? I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong or not. Feel free to lemme know if you’d like to be added/removed.
Let’s go!

Shit shit shit shit SHIT. You run into work late, hair a mess, make-up not applied and your eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep/hangover.

It’s unlike you to go out the night before work, but your bestie had persuaded you, only for them to drink too much and ditch on you half way through the evening’s proceedings.

You’d already found company by that point however. The dreamy, olive eyed hulk variety of company. His face comes into your mind and your legs quiver in memory of what happened in that dreamboat’s motel room. He was called Dean, and boy that was a night you will never forget. Shame you had to dash off at 2AM to get home because you had to be ready for work in the morning. You would have happily stayed for a round two or three otherwise.

Now here you are, back in work, gotta get caffeined up and focused for the new temp trainee coming that afternoon.

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Smutty Sundays Collection - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 3: Right Here, Pt Two, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
a continuation of last week's story...

In Part I of “Right Here” , a young nineteen year old Rick Grimes wakes from an evening nap thanks to his best friend, Michonne paging him on his best-friends-emergency beeper. They’ve been inseparable since the fourth grade and Michonne is back from spending the entire summer in Paris just in time to spend her eighteenth birthday with her favorite person. They missed each other much more than they ever anticipated and when they spend a night alone together for the first time, having not seen each other in months, something magical happens. Rick and Michonne share their first kiss, in more ways than one, and awaken a new, thrilling part of their beautiful, nine-years-and-counting relationship. Ah, puppy love.

…And now the continuation. Don’t wanna spoil too much! Please enjoy!!!

Find the Light - Part 1

Words: 3177
Dean x Reader
Warnings: descriptions of mildly graphic imagery, some language
A/N: This is the first part of a series! Sam and Dean discover Y/N as a victim of a Djinn.

Your name: submit What is this?

The light streaming through the window fractured and reflected into a million glittering pieces as it encountered the frost flowers spread delicately over the glass. You could feel the cold draft coming in from around the old wood window frame, and you shrugged inside your sweater, rubbing your hands to warm them. Despite the cold draft you smiled to yourself. You had finally done it.

Your eyes followed the rustic brick walls up to the vaulted ceilings, cozy with exposed wood beams. The hanging lights shed warm hues on the paintings and half-finished drawings adorning the walls. Swatches of inspiration littered the large wooden table and workbench. Others littered the floor. This gallery was yours. It was a place you could call entirely your own, away from the intrusions of daily life so you could escape and pull the stubborn images in your head down through your arm and out your fingertips. You transferred them in whatever medium took your fancy at any given time; ink, charcoal, oil paints, or watercolor. The possibilities seemed endless.

You tied your splattered apron tighter behind your back and moved to sit at the pottery wheel, considering the unshaped lump of clay that was waiting for you there. You squinted your eyes and examined it. What are you meant to be? Dipping your hands in the warm water nearby and mixing more water into the clay to soften it, you began.

Time passed both slowly, surreally, and very quickly in this place. It was always a complete contradiction. You seemed to see in slow motion and feel everything intensely. Each detail of your work burned into your mind, staying in your head for days as you decided whether or not it belonged the way it was or if it was meant to be something else. At the same time the days rushed by. You would be shocked when you glanced at the clock that it read 6:30 pm, often not even feeling hunger as you worked. Hadn’t it just been nine in the morning?

Heaving a contented sigh and smiling to yourself, you would cover the clay, rinse the brushes, and wash the smudges from your skin. You’d ponder the day, making plans in your mind for the next, as you walked the short distance back to your apartment. The neighborhood was charming and you felt safe. Occasionally you’d pick up something for dinner at the deli as you passed it on your way home. The elderly owners knew you by name and always asked the same question; “What beauty have you brought into the world today?”

You would smile and thank them, always feeling as if you didn’t deserve such kind works, and you would assure them that you would make sure they got invitations to your next gallery event free of charge. “You feed my stomach and my soul with these sandwiches,” you’d say with a smile. As cheesy as it was, they loved it every time.

Every breath you took in flowed freely and easily in and out of your lungs. Your sleep was peaceful. Your body was calm and strong. There was nothing nagging you. Commissions came and you delivered results beyond what the clients had imagined. There was almost nothing you would change about your life. It was perfect.

Until the moment when you were ripped from it all.

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Day 5 (finally 😂)

Day 5/30 Day Writing Challenge

Fandom: Uncharted 4

Word Count: 1824

Author’s Note: Oh look, another Naughty Dog game sorry not sorry They make me feel things okay? But this one is for Uncharted 4. I realise its been more than a day since my last update, but my internet was shadey and I’ve been working, and now I’ve decided that I’m just gonna write when I can/feel like it. I’m not gonna feel guilty for having a job. (That is in no way me having a go at anyone. I’m the one who makes myself feel guilty. You are all ovely little beans :))

Prompt: “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Don’t care. Shut up”

Well that fucking sucked! You thought to yourself as you collapsed face first into the wet sand, spewing sea water everywhere and struggling for breath. You’d just managed to suck in a breath of air when another wave hit you in the back and knocked you on your face again. Spluttering, you tried to push yourself back up onto your knees so you could attempt to crawl further up the beach, but your strength had deserted you after fighting so long and hard against the stormy waters you’d been tossed into.

“Y/N, come on!” A voice called through the storm and you felt a hand around your upper arm, dragging you up and urging you to keep moving. Opening your eyes, you struggled to see through the onslaught of rain to whoever had your arm. Lightning lit up the sky briefly enough that you caught a glimpse of three birds on his neck, and you sighed in relief. It was Sam.

Of course it was. Now that you thought about it, you remembered hitting the water hard, getting battered around so much by the stormy sea that you didn’t even know which way to swim to find the surface. You’d just started to panic when a hand had found yours, dragging you upwards, and when your head had broken the surface, it had been Sam who’s hand was in yours. But Nate…

“Where’s Nathan?!” You gasped as you stumbled up the beach on shakey legs, looking around for any sign of the younger Drake.

Sam just shook his head, his eyes wide as he stared at you. “He’s fine! The current dragged him further up shore. We need to get to high ground and send a signal!”

What if he was still in the water? You were just about to protest when thunder rumbled over head and made you jump out of your skin. You’d never been a fan of storms, and now you were stuck in one, out on some weird remote island, half drowned with no shelter… You were kicking yourself for ever answering the call when Nathan Drake called for your help those weeks ago.

“We need to find some shelter!” Sam insisted, letting go of your arm to take your hand instead, squeezing it reassuringly. You let him lead the way, and slowly the two of you managed to get off the beach and into the semi sheltered jungle. Despite your exhaustion, the two of you managed to keep moving for a while before the looming face of a cliff halted you.

“We can’t climb that in this. We’ll slip and die before we make it half way,” you pointed out, even though the rain had slowed down somewhat. Water was still pouring down the rocks like a deadly waterslide, and it was still pretty dark from the storm clouds. You knew Sam wouldn’t argue, but you could tell he wanted to be moving, finding Nate before Shoreline did. Taking his hand again, you waited until he was looking at you were speaking. “We’re no use to him in this state anyway. We need to get some rest and wait for the rest of the storm to pass. First thing tomorrow though. We’ll find him,” You promised, seeing Sam’s shoulders slump before he nodded and turned away from the grey rocks.

You followed him a little way back, hugging yourself against the chill that was creeping up on you. It was cold, and if you didn’t find some shelter before nightfall, the two of you were in for a long, cold night. Everything was too wet to even attempt a fire, and with Shoreline probably on the island, you didn’t want to announce your position.

So you kept your eyes out for anything to take cover under, but it was eventually Sam who called back to you that he’d found a cave, so you hurried to his side and looked where he was pointing. It would be cozy, but the two of you would fit in there, so you just nodded and hurried inside, Sam close behind you.

Once you were out of the rain, you danced around on the spot for a moment, too cold to stop moving, and by the looks of him, Sam was the same. You’d have asked him if it was worth risking a fire, but you were quite attached to your tongue, and the chattering of your teeth didn’t inspire you with confidence that it would survive the question. Instead you kicked off your boots and then ignored Sam’s bewildered look as you started stripping down to your underwear. It went against every instinct to remove your clothes when you were already so cold, but you had to get the excess water out of them if you wanted any hope of warming up.

Sam figured that out too and followed your lead. Soon enough the two of you were shivering violently while you debated if you should put your clothes back on in the hope they’d dry faster. You were about to pick up your shirt to put on when a body was suddenly in front of you, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.

“Body heat,” he explained quickly when you tensed up, so you just nodded and nuzzled closer, feeling the slightest hint of warmth begin to spread between you, even though the two of you were frozen. It felt so good, and you couldn’t get close enough to Sam.

It took you a moment to realise that you were almost purring as he ran his hands up and down your back to warm you further, and you stopped as soon as you realised what you were doing, but of course Sam had noticed. Burying your face in his chest, you finally risked speech.

“Shut up.”

Sam just chuckled and continued rubbing warmth into your cold body. “I didn’t say anything.”

Shaking your head, you couldn’t help but smirk a little. “Don’t care. Shut up.”

After a couple more minutes of the two of you hugging and rubbing warmth into each other, you slowly stepped back, your face bright red as you looked up at Sam. He had a strange look on his face, and you wondered what thoughts were running through his head at that moment, and if they were anything resembling your own. You’d liked Sam for a while, and the two of you flirted so bad that Nate and Sully had regularly told the two of you to get a room, and threatened to kick you out of the plane, but nothing further had occurred. Much to your disappointment.

“Put your clothes back on,” Sam suggested, nodding to the clothes you’d laid on the floor to dry, and you frowned a little. Apparently his thoughts were not in the same place as yours, so you quickly turned away to hide your blush, bending to pick up your clothes and quickly tug them on, your breath catching as the cold material made contact with your skin.

When the two of you were dressed again, you claimed a spot by the wall and lay down on your side, facing the outside of the cave and the spot that Sam quickly chose, laying down between you and the outside. Trying not to let your thoughts stray again, you quickly closed your eyes and tried to get some sleep, though you doubted you get much sleep with Sam so close to you, yet still so untouchable. In an effort to distract yourself, you started mentally singing your favourite songs, wishing you had your ipod with you.

You were just about to start your mental guitar solo of Bohemian Rhapsody when you felt something touch your face. Your first thoughts went to huge cave lurking spiders, so your eyes flew open and you were about to scream when you realised that it wasn’t a giant furry arachnid, and was instead Sam’s hand as he brushed your hair back off your face.

“What are you doing?” You asked when you realised how close he was to you and the way he was looking at you.

“You were shivering again,” he whispered, edging closer and holding his arm out to you as an invitation to use it as a pillow.

Trying not to seem too eager, you moved closer and let him put his arm around you while you snuggled into his chest. You could feel his breath in your damp hair, and after a while it was clear he wasn’t able to sleep either, so you decided to fill the silence with words.


His arms tightened around you a small amount as he grunted an answer.

“You worried about Nate?” You asked, feeling like it might be a stupid question. Sam was always worried about Nathan. You thought it was pretty cute, even if Nate was a grown man, and had been in plenty of life threatening situations before, without Sam as back up. In fact, you had been his back up a lot of times since Sam ‘died’.

Sam just sighed and shook his head a little. “No. Not really. He’s made it this far without me… and besides, we Drakes are hard to kill,” he chuckled, to which you gave a grin and nodded.

“No kidding!” You laughed as you slid your hand under his tee and touched the scars that were left from his near death experience 15 years before. He froze up at your touch, sucking in a breath, so you quickly removed your hand and blushed. “Sorry, I…”

“Have cold hands,” Sam finished, laughing a little, and you sighed in relief. “I know I’m irresistible, but if you could keep your hands off me until they’re a little warmer, I wouldn’t complain,” he teased, so you pushed him away.

“Shut up!” You protested, unable to stop smiling. He caught your hand on his chest and even in the dim light you could see the smile on his face and the way he was looking at you. The same way he always looked at you. The same way you were probably looking at him at that moment too. So why had neither of you made a move yet?

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” You eventually asked, bored of waiting around for Sam to man up.

He didn’t seem totally phased by the question, and shrugged.

“You know, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that for a while now. To be honest with you though, I expected more of a "Sam I’m so in love with you! I have been for so long! Take me home and make me yours!” He teased in a high voice that sounded nothing like you, so you rolled your eyes and pushed his chest again.

“Oh my god, shut up!” You yelled, moving forward and kissing him quickly to cut off anything else he wanted to say.

tasertricks fic recs for the fresh blood and the lost souls returning home

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Hey there kittens! 

So I seen that the tasertricks fandom has a few people returning with a craving for that Loki flavour since Thor 3 started filming. Good. Welcome home. 

I just thought I’d write up a nice little rec list for the fics that have been written in the last year or so, as you can’t always tell from the blurb what’s up. These are basically fics that I’ve read more than once, and generally more than that…some an embarrassing amount. 

I’ll probably forget some and I’m sorry, my brain isn’t at its best at the moment, so please others feel free to add to this list!

PLEASE NOTE it sort of goes without saying but Loki and Darcy are horny af and a huge amount of stuff on this list is E18+. Look after yourselves and read carefully. Make sure you check the tags. DO IT,

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One shots/something quick:

Soap Suds  by  Dance_Elle_Dance is super cute and cheeky!Darcy.

Something Worth Remembering LaTessitrice is a tasertricks master and this little bit is gorgeous and manages to tick off so many of our favourite tasertricks tropes in one short fic.

This is all your fault by @yatzuakais one of those I-loathe-you-let-me-fuck-you-to-show-you-how-much-or-maybe-I’m-on;y-fooling-myself fics that rip your heart out. 

I’m trying so hard to Ignore it (but I can’t forget what you won’t say) by @whyndancer is the latest part of a series of one-shots and it’s my favourite on of the lot so far though The Air Mattress Incident got me thinking about a certain type of underwear for quite a while. We’re-both-ignoring-our-feelings-morning-sex at its best. 

Sleep, Shadow, Shade by pinkfreud another series of one shots, naughty naughty voyeurism on Asgard. That’s all I’ll say. 

Always Yours by @leftylain​ Lefty’s mostly doing other ships at the minute, but I’m stoked she occasionally has a tasertricks mood. Here is a sweet moment in an established relationship. 

Start Things Right by the indomitable Q_it  Adorable Darcy is adorable. great hook-up fic.

Until the End of Eternity by @meleedamage is a great established realationship fic. Melee has a really unique voice and her Darcy is hilarious and there are always shenanigans happening. Go read all of her fics.

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Short fics (under 15 chapters):

What We Have by @concavepatterns honestly we know Connie is a master at tasertricks. This little collection of muses is truly excellent storytelling. I want to highlight chapters iii and vi, the Wolves and Girls story-lines because it truly blew me away. 

Hazards of Imagination by  pinkfreud who is very very naughty and I love it. This fic very skillfully combines the sort of feeling of Agatha Christie with a little Gothic Romance and a lot of kink thrown in. It’s the first in a series and to be honest I’m enjoying the follow up fic even more if it’s possible.

Psst… I think he likes you… by @meleedamagea very cheeky Loki and Darcy get up to trouble and it is hilarious.

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Collections/Fics that could be left and it would be fine but hopefully there will be more:

(Darcy’s Much Needed) Distraction by @mischiefslady​ this is another fic by a tasertricks veteran that could be some stand alone one-shots but more is always good. Inspired by the behind the scenes Coriolanus video of Hiddleston working out she has given us a really really great mix of very sexy smut with just enough plot thrown in to make it really readable.

the art of boxes by littleredcardigan This is a very promising ABO that could stand alone as a one-shot but I hope they continue. Alpha!Darcy, Omega!Loki what more can I say? it’s sweet and very sexy if that’s your thing.

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long fics

This Is Gospel by smac89 this is the biggest rollercoaster I have ever read and I love her for it. It includes Goddess!Darcy with morally questionable!Loki and these two are always in trouble. If you want a fic that will take you up, down and back again this fic is it. Not angst so much as real human emotion explored maturely. They really have to earn their breakthroughs. This is the type of tasertricks that when they finally kiss you’re jumping out of your seat, or maybe collapse on the floor. Every time they so much as touch hands you’re squeeing. 

I personally adore it because Darcy is young and makes mistakes and she really has to think about a lot of personal shit, as well as big picture, saving the world type shit. I think it’s handled really well.

Grievance by PeaceHeather look, this isn’t tasertricks, but I wanted to include it because she has done such amazing Loki history/world building. So no Darcy, but if you love kid!Loki, you’ll enjoy this one.

Loki of Midgard by sareliz another Smart!Darcy with good!Loki fic. This treasure is a romp and a little ooc but in the way that one tiny detail was changed at the very beginning and so the fallout is completely different than the Thor movies and The Avengers that we know. Great world building, Politcal!Darcy, great Jane Foster characterisation, BAMF Frigga, Super, super fun. 

Make Your Move by @concavepatterns​ this fic is a soulmate AU that is beloved around here. I think we were all a little heart broken when it finally ended. It involves a thousand and one adorable tasertricks tropes and I love it. I’m due for another read through of this one I think. 

Sparks Flew by freudensteins_monster another Darcy-is-magically-linked-to-Loki fic that is super fun. @freudensteins-monster​ writes one of my favourite Loki voices. 

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wips that you should totally jump on board if you know what’s good for you. 

I want a scar that looks just like you by  GeneHuntSyndrome is spectacular. Darcy and Loki are in a constant struggle for power and the unresolved sexual tension goes on for the first nine wonderful chapters before they finally give in and one of them gains power over the other. The tension, the sex, the heated arguments are all really well written. If you like a bit of kink, you’ll probably love this fic. If you like a solidly morally ambiguous Loki, you’ll like this fic. If you like bottom Loki, you will like this fic. If you like smut, you will love this fic. If you like UST you will adore this fic. if, like me, you struggle with romance this fic will make you cry. She’s good. 

I also wanted to say that this is the perfect time to jump on board because the story has just taken a bit of a turn, so to read the first chunk now isn’t going to leave you tearing your hair out when you reach where we’re up to. GeneHuntSyndrome works a pretty busy job I think and fic like this is really difficult to carve out so updates aren’t regular but it’s totally worth waiting for, I promise you. 

Everything He Didn’t Know He Wanted (But Everything He Needs) by  MrsBarnes_BAMF this fic involves a few tropes that have been mixed really well and I’ve been enjoying it immensley. The BAMF Agent!Darcy and the Innocent-ish Disney Prince!Loki (as in, pre-Thor with the bright clear eyes and gentlemanly behaviour) have been mixed brilliantly to give you a really dynamic story. 

Lunchtime Drabbles by @yatzuaka​: I feel like this wasn’t supposed to be quite as big a monster as it’s turned out. I’m honestly so impressed at the quality that she gets out in a lunch hour, which is the challenge that the title refers to. The earth-bound-Loki-in-Stark-Tower trope at its best. I’ve really been enjoying a nice and slow exploration of the emotions involved with these two oddballs.

And I Loathe You So by crazynoona (@soothsayerstale) Noona is always thoroughly amusing in her AUs. This one I have super enjoyed the beginning of and look forward to it panning out. It’s the I-loathe-you-so trope mixed with the fake relationship trope and honestly there’s not much you can do to make tasertricks better tbh. 

Courtly Matters by artificial_ink is a Edwardian-esque AU that is really really well written, and very nearly completed. It combines elements of Jane Austin with Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antionette, or at least that’s what it evoked for me. I honestly loved it. Really great for a rainy day read with a cup of tea.

 A Few Screws Loose is the New Normal by  Mistakes_and_Experiments I’m putting this here in the hope that this hasn’t been abandoned. This is another Loki-is-kept-in-Stark-Tower trope that involves a lot of philosophy, political conversations and also crazy dreamscapes and interesting Loki-magic world building. I love this because Darcy is truly represented as her quirky self but totally competent as far as politics goes. I’m a slut for Smart!Darcy. 

Icebergs by procrastinator another great rainy day AU, this one Victorian era. I don’t know what to say other then it’s awesome. 

Saving the World Tonight by QueenoftheRealmEternal ugh. this fic is so enjoyable. I feel like she is my favourite voice for Darcy, which is a super hard pick, but that should tell you all you need to know. Darcy-goes-to-asgard-and-is-magically-linked-to-Loki trope at its best.

The Beginning of The End by lokishorcrux I thought this was finished but it seems she has a few more chapters in her. this is another super fun romp with naughty!Loki and very cheeky!Darcy who is in way over her head. She manages though, because she’d badass. 

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OK that’s a lot. Happy reading! and feel free to jump in my inbox and squee over how talented all these folks are. Please do leave comments and love for these writers, we are always happy to know when someone has enjoyed our work, and it only makes us want to write more. 

 Also also also feel free to check out my fics too…if you wanna 

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(@soothsayerstale@concavepatterns@sweetsigyn@leftylain@anniemar@mischiefslady@fuckyeahdarcylewis@meleedamage​ what do you think? Have I missed any fresh fics that need to be read? I was trying to find that Red Riding Hood/Loki and Darcy in Asgard fic that finished (rather spectacualrly) a few months ago but couldn’t find it. Anyone know what that one was?)

Anyway, please share this around if you like and happy reading! 

jackieforman  asked:

Yes! Your tag is perfect <3 I was wondering if you could recommend me some fanfics about Jackie? I don't mind ships, I just want stories where Jackie is the star. Thank you!

That’s actually difficult for me because I haven’t truly read much fics, since I have trust issues. But I can recommend you fics in which Jackie is well characterized. Like,

Out of the Flames by MistyMountainHop

Summary: A life-consuming fire connects Jackie and Eric in unforeseen ways, but it also creates a blazing wall between them. Eight years later, Jackie braves the flames and ends up on Eric’s doorstep, but will her arrival heal their burns or incinerate them both to ashes?

Comment: I see you are EJ shipper, so I put this one in the first place. You may like it more than the others I mention here. Jackie has grown up a lot in this story. She has something that has hurt her to no end, but she has also found the way to be happy again. Is a great Jackie moves on story.

Keep reading
Smutty Sundays - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 2: Right Here, Pt One, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
A series of prompts requested: " Rick and Michonne dance to an R&B song and Rick dances so bad that Michonne laughs at him. " " 90s teenage Rick and Michonne" and the song " Right Here" by SWV, thanks to thefence. The continuation is to be a request by Libby.

anonymous asked:

Hey - I had an idea for a kind of naughty one-shot where Mick and the reader are play fighting over who's going to be on top when they have sex. was wondering if you could take a go at it please? C x

It didn’t really come out as naughty, sorry about that. Hope you like it anyhow, hon. 

 On Top

       Hot and heavy kissing lead to you and Mick battling to remove each other’s clothing. “Bed?” You nodded before pushing him away, running towards the bed, giggling when he caught you. Hands exploring, moans from you both. Until Mick couldn’t wait any longer, “Get on the bed baby.”

       “No, you get on the bed first, I want to be on top for a change, lover.”

       “You know I do the driving.” Mick was nuzzling your neck, nibbling. And then you pulled away from him, frowning.

       “I’m not a car, Mick.” He tried to pull you back into him, grunting when you elbowed him. “I’m serious. You do this every time.” You pushed past him and started gathering his clothes.

       “Babydoll.” You shoved his things into his arms. “Don’t be like that.” You ushered him out of your quarters. The door slid closed leaving him bare assed in the corridor. “Hey, Gideon. Open the door.”

       “I am sorry Mr Rory but Ms (y/l/n) specifically requested I keep you locked out.”

       “Damn it.” Mick started the trek back to his room naked with clothes in hand. He passed Leonard in the hall. “Don’t say anything.”
Smutty Sundays Collection - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 4: Say Yes to Submission, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne had never known the delicious pleasure of submission until the world ended and she found herself falling in love with Rick Grimes. After all they had been through together, she had always known that he was dominant; that his role as a leader sometimes left him callous and filled with rage. He often returned home from a laborious day, his complexion red with feeling and the vein in his forehead throbbing as he relayed his grievances. Sweaty and covered in the blood of his enemies, frustrated and heated words left his angry lips, and she began to realize that he needed an outlet... And she wanted to be one for him...

Three Months Prior To Present Day

The front door slammed and she could hear those hurried, heavy-booted footsteps clopping on the wooden flooring below her, then ascending the many steps with purpose. Michonne knew without a doubt in her mind that the love of her life was home and he was extremely upset. She sighed and looked down, meeting Judith’s wide eyes as she bounced her little girl in her arms.

“ Daddy’s home, ” she whispered to her, kissing her flaxen curls softly and placing her in her crib. Judith cooed and babbled a little. She tried to say something, reaching out, and Michonne grabbed her little hand and squeezed it gently. “ He sounds a little mad, doesn’t he? Let’s see if I can fix it before Daddy wakes the whole house up with his bad temper. Get some rest, sweetheart. ”

She bent and kissed Judith’s forehead and raised the crib barrier, securing it before she turned off the light and left the room. Michonne walked lightly down the hall, avoiding the creaks in the floor. She knocked at Carl’s door for a final time and found him reading in bed, his gun at his side on the nightstand. She whispered a ‘goodnight’ and closed the door, hurrying off to the bedroom she shared with the man she loved.

He was pacing furiously when she pushed open their door and saw him, his bowlegged stride a quick shuffle on the carpet. He looked up at her as she entered and his face softened a bit, but his brows remained furrowed in anger.

“ Rick? ” she started gently, knowing he was tense by the tight movement of his shoulders. He didn’t answer. Michonne didn’t like to see him like this, and was becoming a regular occurrence. “ What’s wrong? ” she asked, searching his blue eyes and stepping closer. He always fell victim to her concerned stare, forever wanting to pour his heart out to her.

“ Nobody fuckin’ listens to me! ” he said, all of his vexation squeezed into the first sentence. “ It’s drivin’ me crazy. I’m sick of this shit. ” He raked his fingers through his hair, disheveling his curls and huffing out a labored breath. “ Dwight hasn’t been back in days. I don’t know what the hell is going on. If he lied, so help me, I’ll kill the fucker myself.” Michonne blinked. He had such a dirty mouth when he was pissed off. Her cheeks warmed.

She squeezed her thighs together and shook her head to herself, listening to Rick continue. “ I haven’t seen Carl all day. I asked him to go with Enid to check on the conditions at the ammo manufacturin’ facility and Aaron says he was here. All day. Doin’ absolutely nothing. He knew I was relying on him, Michonne. Every one else was busy today; I needed him. And Rosita won’t fucking listen to me either. Her rigging up those bombs here, where we live?! It’s dangerous. I know I asked her to look into it little more but is she outta her mind? I asked her to find another place to do it, but has she done it yet? No. Of course not. Have you talked to her? ”

He didn’t wait for a reply, sitting down on the edge of the bed to pull off his dark, worn cowboy boots. He sucked his teeth. “ Shit. I forgot. She’s pissed. She told me you heard Negan radio in something about Eugene. She thinks we need to get him out of the Sanctuary. She’s not convinced that he’s turned against us, but we can’t spare the ammo or the lives for him right now, takin’ into account our recent loses and all and she just doesn’t fucking get it. ”

Michonne kept offering her listening ear, knowing that he needed to vent and wanting to be there for him. She pressed her back against the wall and waited for him to continue. “ And I just saw Tara. She’s real worried about Heath. Keeps asking for a search group and it’s the same damn thing. We can’t risk it and either everyone wants to defy me and argue with my decisions or they go about doin’ whatever they fucking want anyway, even if it puts us on our backs and leave us vulnerable. ”

He took a deep breath and yanked his watch off his wrist, rubbing the worn places where it dug into his skin. He unholstered his Python and set it down on the nightstand. “ I didn’t mean to start ramblin’, hun. I just-. ”

“ I don’t like it when you’re like this, ” she whispered. Rick’s eyes glimmered and the wrinkles round them softened as he relaxed his face. His gaze settled on her features and he exhaled, realizing how much she’d been on his mind throughout the day.

“ I’m sorry, ” he apologized, worried his outburst had hurt her somehow. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Michonne shook her head and stepped closer. His eyes flickered to her choice of clothing; a tight red tank top and black shorts, her curves hugged by soft fabrics. He licked his lips.

“ No, I meant that… I don’t want you to be angry like this anymore. You come home like this so frequently. And you lose so much sleep. It’s bad for you , ” she said. Rick smirked, eyeing her as she inched closer, her fingers finding their way into his curls before she lowered herself into his lap.

“ Well, I’m not so sure I can avoid it, ” he mumbled, melting at the contact.

“ But maybe there’s a way I could help… ” she whispered. He kissed her shoulder and ran a hand up her back, sneaking his touch under her top and stroking the dip in her spine as he lifted his gaze to hers, expression inquiring.

“ How so? ” he asked.

Michonne bit her lip. She had been hoping for an introduction into a conversation like this for quite some time. Rick saw her big brown eyes light up and he was intrigued.

“ Remember all those books you found in that library? The ones you brought back in the old trunk for me to read while I was recovering? ” He raised a brow and his eyes narrowed.

“ Yeah. Had your nose buried real deep in one or two of them about a month ago… Couldn’t get much of your attention sometimes, ” he murmured. Michonne giggled and her cheeks tingled with warmth. He had noticed.

“ Well… I read about some stuff… ” she started. Rick laughed, his wrinkles reappearing. She loved that laugh, noting she had already coaxed one from him minutes after his angry release of words.

“ What kinda stuff? ” Michonne stood swiftly and rushed to her drawer to retrieve the books. She grabbed both of them and ran her hand over one of the smooth black covers, turning to face him and holding them out for him to take. His eyes dropped and he read the golden font, smiling slowly when he did and Michonne watched his cheeks and neck turn bright red as he took them from her. “ The ABCs of BDSM, ” he read aloud, eyeing one and then the other. “ The Secret Submissive Within. ” And she liked to hear the drawl on his thick tongue as he read the titles.

“ They’re really good, ” she whispered. “ I’m so curious. ”

Rick felt his heart propel into a fluttering beat and suddenly, his loins were literally aching for her. God, this woman is perfect, he mused. Does she read my mind?

He had thought about things like this before, even dreamt of her in such a way, but Christ, as if he would ever have the courage to ask. He never knew how to bring it up; had never even asked if she would be open to it. And though he had noticed her submissive side countless before, he never thought she would consider any of this. He looked up and searched her eyes, immediately feeling their natural, understanding gaze connect and mingle silently for a while. “ You’d do this? For me? ” Rick asked. Michonne smiled.

“ For us. But yes, especially for you. I think you need it. I think it’d be good for you. I read about how much it relieves stress… how closely bonded the couples are who practice it together… Every night you come home, you say no one ever listens to you. That no one does what you want… So I will. I’ll be the one. I’ll do anything you want. Everything. You spend so much of your time making me happy, trying to make everyone else happy. ”

Rick’s heartbeat accelerated into a frenzied pace, his blush deepening, spreading, his eyes hooded with lust as he began to imagine all the possibilities; the delicious opportunity of becoming her dominant and seeing her submit herself to him completely.

For the thousandth time in only a few months, he told himself how lucky he was, asked himself how it was even possible with the world around him in complete disarray.

“ But I don’t… I don’t want to hurt you or anythang, ” he began, his hesitation not quite as convincing as he thought it would be. Michonne smirked.

“ It’s not like we haven’t done things like this before, Rick. The handcuffs. The spanking… The biting… ” Rick moaned, the memories swarming him. She was right. And of course she was. “ We even talked about role-playing once, remember? Tried it a little. And we talked about…” She bent and whispered her next word in his ear. “ …Anal. ”

His heart nearly stopped and he squeezed her ass, her plump cheek filling his hand, a groan trapping itself in his throat. He blushed, realizing he had never dreamed of doing things so deliciously vulgar as the fantasies they talked of rarely and were about to explore moreover. Not until he met Michonne.

She moved to sit in his lap again, her fingers tangling in his curls and he felt all of his blood rush from his already scattered brain down to his twitching cock, and he stiffened so fiercely that he could feel his heartbeat in his erection. His eyes fluttered closed.

Leaning forward again, Michonne spoke in his ear once more. “ I know it might sound a little strange but… I like it when you hurt me. I love your aggression when we make love. And I want more of it.” His breath whistled through his nose and she watched the blood pump and his heart thump at the warm pulse point on his flushed neck, felt his dick, hot and stony against her ass. “ I’m safe with you, Rick. I trust you. I want to try this… And I know you want it too. We need it. ”

“ I don’t… know what to say, ” he stuttered, and it was hardly the truth. He just couldn’t find the right words to speak.

“ Say yes, ” she murmured.

“ Yes, ” he said a second later, and their lips met furiously and he was lost. “ W-we’ll practice, right? ” he said after kissing her for what felt like an hour. Time stood still when this woman pressed her lips to his. The daydreams flooded him with thoughts of what was to come and he drowned in the lust swarming him, woozy from her kiss. “ And… you’ll let me read those books so I can learn what I need to know? ”

“ Yes, ” she replied, her tone hushed and sweet on her tongue when she slipped it into his mouth. She smiled against his lips. “ Or rather: 'Yes, sir.’ ” A low groan fled him unexpectedly.

He liked the sound of that… Maybe a little too much…

Rick pressed himself against her, hearing the faintest moan deep within her.

“ I’m sorry I came in here rambling on about everything. I didn’t even say hello. I missed you,” he whispered. Michonne massaged his curls and scalp until his eyes fell closed.

“ I missed you too. And you don’t have to apologize for anything, Rick. We’ll deal with Dwight when we see him again. And we can talk to Carl and Tara and Rosita tomorrow morning, okay? ” Rick’s hands ran winding paths down her smooth skin and he nodded and brought his lips to hers again, kissing her passionately.

“ So you think you can handle it? ” he asked out of curiosity, his mind racing, excitement clear in his bright sky eyes when he opened them again. Michonne smiled.

“ Oh, I know I can, ” she retorted. Rick smirked and turned her over so quickly, she hardly noticed until she was on her back in their bed and he was between her thighs, his lips and teeth on her neck, and she gasped loudly, his erection grinding against her clit roughly.

“ We’ll see about that, ” he growled.


lordhyderon-deactivated20170208  asked:

What are your absolute favorite HJ fanfictions? :D

Everything by @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet ~ her profiles: ffnet and AO3. My faves from her are:

Made Bare 

Summary:  A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility—and getting past his wife—may well prove impossible.
Rated: M
Comments: This is my favorite fanfic by Lisa, and also my canon for the show’s season 8. Literally. It’s perfect.

Hyde’s Long Way Home

Summary: Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up … and it’s the same day as before. He’s doomed to live the same day over and over — unless he can figure out a way to live it right.
Rated: M
Comments: The mothership. This fic is the reason why I write for this fandom. This story is an experience to read. From the start to the end, it makes you part of Hyde’s journey and every arc is pretty much alive with you. Wonderful fic.  


Summary: Hyde finds himself homeless on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.
Rated: T
Comments: The post-series part of this fanfiction is WONDERFUL. Jackie’s characterization in this piece is one of my favorites, she sounds so much like her, it’s just perfect.   

Keep reading
Smutty Sundays Collection - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 5: Say Yes to Submission, Pt Two, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
a continuation of last week's story, " say yes to submission pt. one "

Michonne had never known the delicious pleasure of submission until the world ended and she found herself falling in love with Rick Grimes. After all they had been through together, she had always known that he was dominant; that his role as a leader sometimes left him callous and filled with rage.

He often returned home from a laborious day, his complexion red with feeling and the vein in his forehead throbbing as he relayed his grievances. Sweaty and covered in the blood of his enemies, frustrated with heated words on his angry lips, and she began to realize that he needed an outlet…

And she wanted to be one for him…