naughty little kitty

Naughty Little Notes

Not safe for work

Tucking the note into his pocket wordlessly, he looked down at you questioningly, as you gave a mischievous little grin. With your eyes sparkling with brazen excitement and friskiness as what the note contained.
“Save the note for later. And read it after school.” You told him before you departed leaving him with the lewd note. Which had your desires of what you wanted him to do to you after school written down. And this is how it started, a little note war, each one designed to confess to its reader, the writer’s sexual desires. With each note becoming more and more detailed with each passed night that got closer to the full moon.


Your breath hitched as you read Azusa’s latest note, as you bite into your bottom lip and your legs grew weak. As your mind played out the scene perfectly for you, which sparked a fire between your legs.
‘Eve, I dream of you…sprawled out on my bed, with your arms above your head bound to the bed with chains that bite painfully, sweetly into your flesh each and every time you move. While your bottom lip trembles and you whimper for only me as I slowly move in and out of you with your cunt dripped wet gripped my cock tightly.’
Letting out a sharp and startled gasp as his arms wrapped around your waist from behind. While his fangs grazed your sensitive ear and his whisper in a voice that was deeper and huskier than normal,
“Heh, you thought…I was innocent, a sweet…cinnamon roll. How about…I show you how wrong…you really were,…little naughty Eve.” He growled as his hands slipped down to your hips which he tightly gripped as his fangs pierced your ear.


Bitting into your bottom lip and walking up behind Yuma who crouched in front of his baby tomatoes which he was harvesting for tonight’s dinner. But you had something else in mind for tonight’s fest, and you knew something else he much rather have that was, as he said, sweeter than his sugar cubes.
Slipping your hands around his neck, as you dipped your head down next to his ear.
“So you want to dirty up your sow, and leave me covered in bruises and bite marks. After fucking me so hard with your,” you purred, as you slipped your hands under his shirt, “long and thick cock till I can no longer walk and I beg you to stop?” You mused as Yuma froze and you knew the look that would be on his face. As his brown eyes darkened with lust that promised rough mind blowing fucking, because it was never lovemaking with Yuma. It was also hard and fast fucking that made your mind spin and your world shatter with each orgasm.
“Heh, I was going to wait until after dinner. Because I don’t plan on stopping sow until way past the sun rises. When your a limp fuck doll filled with my cum, but if you want it now, all you will have to eat tonight is my cock.” He growled with a smirk.


He was slightly worried since he was told that you were sick and send home halfway through the day. But he didn’t know of your true intentions since you found the note tucked away in your jacket pocket. It was just to tempting to try and gain the upper hand on your lover.
So that when he walked in his bedroom to see you on his bed, in light pink lingerie and fuzzy pink cat ears on your head. With a collar tight on your neck which was riddled with his bite marks.
“Master, I’ve been a naughty little kitty, just like you said.” You purred softly before bottom teasingly into your bottom lip as you picked up some handcuffs and dangled them.
“Heh.” Kou chuckle as he smirked as he walked over to you where you sat close to the edge of the bed, “What a cute little kitten you are, admitting to being a naughty little m-neko afterward I’ll give you the reward of some milk.” Grabbing your chin as he ran his thumb over your bottom lip,
“But you’ll have to drink every last drop, wasteful little kittens don’t get rewards and soft petting.”


Your wrists were tied behind your back, with his tie as a blindfold stripping you of your sense of sight. While you kneeled before Ruki, who smirked down at you, gray-blue eyes filled with a dangerous lust of both body and blood. With his harden cock straining against its confinements, as he used every ounce of willpower not to slipped his cock into your wet and hot mouth and have you suck him off at that very moment.
“You started this livestock, and have created some problems for your Master at rather unfortunate times. So now for this little game, even though how interesting it was, you will have to be punished.” Grabbing your chin, he tilted your head up as you jumped slightly at the unseen touch, chuckle slightly,
“Did you memorize the note like I told you too?” He questioned,
“Yes Master.” You claimed obediently as he smirked and wrapped his hand around your throat.
Roughly lifting you up as he shoved you into the bed, with your bare ass exposed to him as he walked up behind you. Before rubbing his hands gently on your soft and, for now unbruised, cheeks.
“If you make any mistakes you get a slap.”

Happy Birthday Reiji
Not safe for work.

Your ankles were chained and shackled together with only just enough to take small and short steps. While your outfit was revealing, with hole it had over your already dripped wet cunt and a lack of top that exposed your bare breasts and nipples that had clamps on them. That Reiji would nearly rip off at any sudden moment, just to take sadistic pleasure in the agony and pleasure that would blossom in your eyes and the gasp that the action would elicit.
This was his birthday gift from you to him, you were his sex slave, parading yourself around his study that he had locked the both of you in. And his lust was growing as he enjoyed your gift more and more.
Stopping you by the neck, and his fingers lightly pressed into your sink when he grabbed your throat. With your breath hitched, you looked down,
“Yes sir?” You told him with a shaky voice, and fear in your eyes, causing him to smirk and chuckle lightly.
“Drink this.” He commanded you as you opened your mouth and he poured a dark red-black, thick drug into your mouth. That had instant effects as your knees grew weak and you nearly collapsed and fire spread through your body as your heart hammered. And you felt as if you would explode if you didn’t find some sort of release.
“-” you opened your mouth to beg when Reiji interrupted,
“Not a word pet,” he smirked, “I think I’ll let you burn for a little while. I’ll go get dinner, and if you touch yourself the punishment will be severe.” He purred softly as he let go of your throat and you dropped to the floor and whimpered as your lust began to pool on the floor. As Reiji teleported out of the room.

Snowy Night
Subaru and Laito
Subaru’s is safe for work while Laito’s is not safe for work.

There was a chilling nip in the air, as little flurries fluttered through the air, twirling, before it found its finally resting place among the other snow flakes that worked together to blanket the earth white. While inside the manor you two sat on the hearth, while the fire crackled and leaped off freshly cut logs. As the two of you basked in the peace and comfort of simply being in each other’s company.


Wrapping his thick and heavy arms wrapped around your waist and his head resting on your stomach. While you ran your hands through his soft and silky white hair. Which calmed the otherwise enraged and short tempered vampire. As his thumb slowly moved back and forth across your your hip bone. When he suddenly lifted up his head and sat up.
Smiling down at you softly,
“Your beautiful, and irresistible.” He told you with a soft and husky voice as your breath hitched and your cheeks flushed.
Leaning down over yours stomach, as he slowly raised your shirt so that you could feel his warm breath hitting your belly button.
“I don’t deserve you.” He whispered in a voice that was barely audible, before he grazed his pale pink lips gently across your flesh. When he suddenly sank his fangs into your belly right above your belly button. As you gasped loudly and your fingers found their way back into his hair and you slightly pulled as your hips arched up.
“Ngh, Subaru.” You whimpered as you softly began to pant, as he lifted his head up slightly so that he could look up at your face as blood ran down his chin and dripped onto your stomach.
“Heh, I love it when you say my name like that.” He chuckled lightly.


Wrapping your legs around Laito’s waist, as his hands slowly slipped up your shirt. As he chuckled at your blushing cheeks,
“How cute, what an adorable little blush bitch-chan, I haven’t even done anything to you yet. And your turning such a tempting shade of scarlet~” he purred as his hand slipped up higher till his fingers brushed against your bra. Which he slowly pushed up so that your breasts spilled out.
“Laito, don’t tease me.” You whimpered and pouted as he let out another soft chuckle,
“Teasing you, I only mean to run my hands all over your sweet and tender body. Heh is there anything that you would like me to do? Perhaps plays with these sweet nipples, nufuf they are already so hard.” He chuckled as he slipped his thumbs over your nipples.
“Please.” You begged softly as you closed your eyes and arched into his warm and large hands. When he pulled away, his hands abandoning your breast as he sat up. With his cat like eyes glowing,
“Then offer yourself to me and beg for it, like the horny bitch you are, I want you to expose to me you true desires.” He smirked as you sat up and bite into your bottom lip, while looking down as you stripped yourself of your shirt and crawled over to him.
“I want you to play with me.” You admitted as you wrapped your arms around his neck, and pressed your breasts against his chest. “And I want to play with you.” Your voice dropped as you whispered softly as his eyes flashed with a dangerous lust.
“We can play all night long little bitch, as a reward for being your true naughty self.”

Fluffy and safe for work

       Cupping Azusa’s scared and pale cheeks with your warm and soft hands, as you straddled him, your small body pressed against his own. He chuckled lowly and slowly, with his chest softly rumbling as your lips pressed lightly on the scar on the bridge of his nose. Which slightly scrunched up, as his hands slowly trailed up your bare arms leaving goosebumps in their wake. As you nearly shivered from the soft caress of his hands while you pulled away. And looked down at him with light pink cheeks,
    “Heh, you look…adorable when your blushing.” He complimented you as he placed his larger hands over yours and softly pulled them away. So that he could tenderly kiss your fingertips while looking into your eyes. Which showed love and adoration that made his chest swell and ache all at the same time. A feeling that confused him every time, but one that he was addicted to. 
   Suddenly his fangs tip of his fangs pierced your fingertip causing you to gasp softly as your eyes fluttered shut and you shivered against him again. 
    “I’m sorry…I couldn’t resist.” He gave you a grin as he watched the blood slowly trickle down your finger. Before he slowly lapped it up, the sensation of his tongue running up your finger slowly as he groaned at the taste of your blood made you whimper ever so slightly.
   Looking up at your face, he dropped your other hand and cupped the back of your neck as he brought you forward and lightly kissed your eyelids.