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just some episode prompto things

i loved that arenea kept calling prompto shortcake, im always down for cute food nicknames *sobs* i have another ep prompto draw but that ones more serious so im thinking of making another post for that.


TITLE - Christen the throne

SUMMARY -  On your one year anniversary you decide to  surprise your husband with your filthy side .

WARNINGS -  EXPLICIT SHIT , smut , fingering , blowjob 

PAIRING - Thor x reader

WORDS - 2.5 k +

A/N -   This is re- post since I deleted it the first time . 

Taw @supersoldierslover you are amazing and I am very grateful for you . Thank you so much .


This was requested by @marveloussssworld . I tried my best since I usually don’t  write for  Thor . But I hope you like it Leelee.

365 . 365 days that you had been married to Thor Odinson and tomorrow was your anniversary.

You were born to asgardians and you had lived with your parents all your life . Your father worked for the King of Norse Gods Odin  while your mother was a painter by profession . Since your childhood you were quite familiar with King Odin’s castle . You visited it quite often with your father . You thoroughly enjoyed the vast expanse of the hallways, the beautiful gardens and the scenic view from the high balconies .

It was at the age of 14 that you had first met with Thor , King Odin’s son . He was a rather well behaved boy unlike his brother . Long blond locks that you would run your hands through for hours a day speaking about the most silliest of things . Years of being together and quite inseparable you had both realised that somewhere along the road you had fallen for each other .  Love between a heir of a dynasty and a commoner was not appreciated . It took days of convincing until one day ,  Kind Odin for the happiness of his son , accepted that you two belonged to each other .

Your love that originated from childhood innocence grew into one of unbreakable bond of adulthood . You remembered how your feelings changed for him over the years .

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Tsk Tsk Carlos Part One

*Carlos quietly sneaks back in his room softly closing the door and turning on the light*

*Evie is sitting on his bed, one leg over the other arms crossed with a hard stare*

*Cue Carlos’ scream*

Evie: Where were you Carlos?

Carlos: Jeez, Evie don’t scare me like that!

Evie: Carlos, where were you?

Carlos: *Blushes* I went out for a walk.

Evie: You went for a walk. Are you sure?

Carlos: Yes, I am sure.

Evie: *Pulls out magic mirror* Mirror Mirror, while the truth can be sour, show me where Carlos was this last hour.

*Magic mirror shows smoke before dissolving into an image of Ben’s room. On the bed, you see Carlos and Ben in a particular position, Ben grunting like an animal while Carlos screams out ‘HARDER’*

*Image dissolves*

Evie: …A walk huh?

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Lima Syndrome

NSFW where Niall kidnaps a girl and falls in love.

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Niall the naughty golf instructor-smut 

King of the Campus     King of the Campus pt.2

FUQBOI -smut 


I am drunk 

Warm Water -Smut


Sniffling Burritos


Your damn fool

Every Breath You Take-Poor Niall AU

Clean -Slight Smut

We’re beautiful people,we’d make beautiful babies

Cheesecake shirt 

A song for each sign
  • Aries: Ex's and Oh's - Elle King
  • Taurus: Cologne - Selena Gomez
  • Gemini: Hold my hand - Jess Glynne
  • Cancer: Running - Naughty Boy & Beyoncé
  • Leo: Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
  • Virgo: Black Widow - Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora
  • Libra: Religion - Lana Del Rey
  • Scorpio: Cliff's edge - Hayley Kiyoko
  • Sagittarius: Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde
  • Capricorn: Old yellow bricks - Arctic Monkeys
  • Aquarius: Apology - One Republic
  • Pisces: Sweater weather - The NBHD

nixtorm royal family, pt. 2/? 

akechi mitsuki, late husband of akechi byakuren, father of akechi mitsuhide, and most notably - lord of nixtorm. despite his oft serene and gentle appearance, mitsuki was known as the fool with a silver tongue - a deft politician with a gift for playing the fool. he was often described as a snake in the grass, and became known for his penchant of masked cruelty.  

born to akechi tsubame and akechi misato - who were, in fact, distant cousins - mitsuki was born with hemophilia, a condition that made it so he bled twice as quick as those around him. in response, mitsuki turned to the bow - and became mainly a long ranged warrior, with a fondness for the naginata as well, despite it being a woman’s weapon. he found that he cared little for love - and never, as a matter of fact, did fall in love. however, he married byakuren at his parent’s insistence that he find a wife in order to propagate the line. neither misato or tsubame had anticipated byakuren, who was a tornado in human form. 

though he is most notably known for his iron fisted rule and penchant for cruelty, mitsuki did love his son - and to some extent, his wife, though it was never romantic on either end - and before dying, had mitsuhide’s signature blade, the kikkou sadamune forged for his son. he died in a skirmish on the borders of nixtorm during the civil war - bleeding out before help could reach him.