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would you be interested in writing some comforting post-game zelink cuddles? :0

(*already having feels*)


As Zelda and Link walked along the trail, the horses behind them started butting heads, leaning into each other, and nipping.

Zelda turned around, as Link followed the motion.

“Oh, you two, again?” She walked briskly over to them, and leaned forward, her hands to her hips. “Now you two have been told to be on your best behavior! Did you think I was lying when I told you I wouldn’t hand out apples anymore?”

The horses just let out little noises, as Link walked up behind Zelda.

“Well, I was.” she sighed, “Link I think they’re never going to make it.” She put her hand up to her face, trying to think of more solutions as the horses leaned forward, trying for her pockets that had a few apples in them.

She giggled, “H-hey, stop that!” she held one out and they fought over it, but one got it and the other poked Zelda’s pocket for more.

“Goodness. If they only acted kindly towards each other, ah-ah-ah!” she lightly pushed the horses head away, and then got another one out for it.

The horse to the side swiped it though, and darted away as the other ran after it. “Ah! How rude!” Zelda gasped, amazed by the horses actions.

Link looked a little distraught, but was mostly smiling at the funny scene.

“Well.” she looked to him as if scolding the horses, and he quickly looked shocked, turning left and right.

“Go after it!” she pointed to the horses, and he quickly took off after the apple.

“Wha-ah-ah!” he charged up the mountain, afraid of being scolded further, and raced after the horses, even trying to use his stealth to snatch the uneaten apple and deliver it to the other horse, trying to dodge his own selfish one.

She laughed as he danced around, the horses sometimes getting the better of him, and gripped her stomach.

Later that day, as night fell, they huddled around the campfire, as Zelda chewed on her meal that Link prepared for her.

He handed her some water.

She swallowed, “Thank you.” and sipped it.

He sat down next to her, worn out a bit from the day and chasing horses upon his princess’s request, but the other horse was tied up, and the loose one was able to eat as many apples as it wanted.

Zelda grinned back to the horse, receiving just rewards, before turning to LInk. “You know, Link…” she began, smiling and looking up, reaching for a memory with her eyes. “They seemed to remind me of how you and I were. Back in the day.” she ate more as Link looked up, puzzled.

“Hmm. You know? I wasn’t the kindest to you either.” she commented further, as he gave her a smile and raised an eyebrow, showing he didn’t think she was that horrible.

She smiled and laughed again, looking down. “You are too kind. I really was quite awful to you.” she continued to eat, as Link just sighed quickly, not going to argue about opinions, and ate further.

“…But… over time… I saw the true hero within you… and realized that you only wanted to help.” She stared down at her food… before lowering it down.

She looked up to Link. “I was so grateful… the first time I heard you speak.”

He paused… lowering his own food.

She stared at him a moment, lovingly, before smiling and tilting her head cutely, closing her eyes. “We were so different back then… and yet, nothing has changed.”

She then scooted closer to him, and seemed to be encouraging him to speak. “You once told me you’d tell me how you felt about things if I truly requested it of you… Tell me, Link? Did you miss me while we were apart?”

He choked on some food, hoping to avoid her closeness and prying inquires, but was forced to spit it out as Zelda moved away, a little grossed out by it.

“Oh Link.” she shook her head, as he smiled awkwardly, and ate it again.

“Ah!” she covered her mouth, turning away. “Oh, Link, that’s horribly disgusting!”

He wiped his hand on his pants.

“Link!” she gasped, even more so applaud. “Manners, or etiquette! Don’t you know that’s no way to handle chewed food?” She scolded him once more and he bent his head, before peeking an eye out to see if she would continue.

She sighed, and sat back down. “Oh… nevermind. I should know by now… you only speak when you feel it is meet for you too. I shouldn’t push it further.” she walked over to her place on the ground and laid down. “Goodnight, Link. I’m glad we’re finally a team again.” she smiled and nodded happily, before closing her eyes, ready for bed.

He looked apologetically to her, and then peered down.

His knees were up and his arms rested on them, hanging down in front of him.

Nervously,… he swiped his hands over the other… and then…

“…I missed you… yes.”

Zelda’s eyes flashed open, and she slowly rose up from her bed.


“…Em.” he looked away, closing his mouth shut.

She immediately crawled over to him as fast as she could.

“You said something. Just now. I could have sworn I heard it.” she tried to look around to see his face, but he kept straining his neck away from her, keeping his eyes peeled away too.

“…Emm..” she looked upset at his distance, and moved even closer, crawling over his legs to see his face. “Once more! I know you said something. Well, then. Spit it out. You’re good at that.”

Her little joke didn’t even phase him, as he leaned back, clearly shocked by her actions.


“You remember me?”

He nodded his head.

“And you just mentioned… I think you said it… that you missed me, is this so?”

She nodded her head to encourage further speaking.

He… slowly nodded again.

“…Then… By all things considered..” she hesitated on speaking further.

He stared directly at her too…

“…You must have then.. felt something.. when I came back. Is that correct?”

He scooted away from her half being above him and turned away.

The horse, standing behind him, neighed a warning and he scooted away from it’s feet, back to Zelda…

She smiled, and held his arm, as he let out another shocked noise, and looked over to her.

“Oh, Link. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it. Or if you even say it at all!” she then looked up at him, pulling away slightly. “I’ll always be thankful for what you do allow me to see! Or even, if I’m very patient, and with a smidge of luck, able to hear.”

Her enthusiasm at him just saying something so simple made him tighten his face back with red crossing clear over it.

It was hard to tell with the fire’s flame creating such red light…

“Well, I honestly believe it’s best we get to bed.” she let him go and moved back to her bed, fixing it again before smiling back at him. “Goodnight, Link.. and thank you, again.” she nodded, and then retired for the night.

He also got to his opposite side, across the fire, and sat down, looking over to her.

He laid down, a smile on his face as he sighed in complete peace…

He then looked to his naughty horse, and smiled lovingly, throwing him a roasted apple.

The horse happily caught it, and ate it as a midnight snack.

The loving grumble of his neigh said all about his thanks for Link’s ears, and he nodded, as the other horse trotted over to try and eat the apple too.


Link flinched, about to close his eyes.

Zelda had leaned up, looking slightly upset.

“Punishment is punishment. He was in the stocks!”

Link looked sympathetic… it was his horse.

He sweatdropped apologetically towards her, smiling sheepishly.

She simply shook her head and rolled her eyes, getting back under her covers.

“You’re very kind, Link. I’ll let this offense slide.” she teased, and went back to bed.

He smiled to her, and rolled over the other way.

“You’re very kind.”

(I hope that’s what you wanted XD)

you know there are a lot of things in Power Rangers that simply can’t be explained and Skull having a teenage son is one of them

This is only a rumour but people on Facebook are suggesting that we might end up being able to get four horses from Spirit Riding Free as part of the cross-promo with SSO. Which I think would be pretty cool if it was possible. Three of them are obviously Spirit Jr, Chica Linda and Boomerang, and the general consensus is that the fourth might be Junipero (the appaloosa). It’s only a rumour but who knows, it could have a grain of truth to it. And the apple description does mention four horses, which can’t possibly be a typo unless it was something they were going to do but didn’t. Stacy mentioned it was a typo but like… it hasn’t been fixed as far as I know.

If it did happen, the reasoning would be that those naughty horses decided to follow Spirit through the interdimensional portal into Jorvik. But it would be cool if first it was Spirit for a little while, then another horse for the same period of time and so on. Hopefully they wouldn’t be as expensive though, especially considering two of those horses are tame and Junipero is just like Valiant (afraid of his own shadow due to a horrible man)