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“Well, this feels familiar doesn’t it?”

Calum smirks down at you. He steps in closer until his face is right in front of yours, and he’s pinning you against the wall with the full weight of his body, still sweaty from tussling about. His hands have a firm grip around your wrists as he secures them above your head. And even though this is just combat practice,and you two are only running some basic drills, his knuckles are cracked and beginning to bleed. You’ve put up quite a fight for him.

“Agent Hood, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh I think you know,” he grunts, hot and heavy breath in your ear. “I recall having you in this position last night.”

“For specializing in covert affairs, you suck at keeping us a secret.”

“Oh did you not want people to know about us?” Calum teases, dragging his lips from your ear across your jaw. “Because by the way you were screaming last night, it sounded like you wanted people to know how good I was giving it to you.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” you bite your lip. “You’re no 007.”

Knowing he’s got you where he wants, he’s confident enough to release his grip. His hand immediately finds the button of your pants. Effortlessly, he undoes them, then tugs down the zipper and slowly slips his hand past the waistband of your undies. Almost inaudibly, he whispers.

“But I do have gold fingers.”

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