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Harvey’s Puppy, Snoopy.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 84 - “Show me what’s behind your back.” Filled for @novemberhush 

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Mike snooped.

They had been living together for nearly a year now, and in that time Mike had noticed one place that Harvey seemed to hold sacred in his walk-in wardrobe; a drawer that contained his ties.  Every morning as he lazed about in their bed, he would watch Harvey spend way too much time standing in front of it before he chose a tie.  Harvey was particular about and took pride in his image, but even for him, the daily selection was taking too long.

It drove him crazy, but he resisted the urge to sneak a peek for forty-nine weeks, two days, seven hours, thirty-one minutes and seven seconds.

He arrived home early that afternoon and figured he could get away with just a quick peek, in and out, no harm in that, right?

He slid the draw open, observing the neat lines of silk ties, most of them hues of grey or blue, and a few purple ones at the back. If you weren’t looking, the two subtle little pieces of ribbon on either side of the drawers could easily be missed.  Mike clasped them and gave a gentle tug, and the layer of ties pulled up and slid easily back atop the back half of the drawer.  Below are an array of neatly organised items; a picture of his niece and nephew, some very expensive looking cuff links, a journal, some other important looking papers, and a ring box.

He’s come this far; he may as well examine the contents thoroughly; he reasons picking up the navy velour box.

He expects to find some old family heirloom, maybe from Harvey’s grandmother who as Harvey tells it, always had a soft spot for him.   Instead, he finds a beautiful plain gold band with two platinum lines weaved around it, crossing over one another.   He is stunned, and his breath hiccups in his throat as he gawks at the beautiful ring.  Removing it carefully from the box, he twirls it around in his fingers, before reading the inscription.

‘My Guy’

His heart flutters, and a warm wave of emotion swept through his body as tears build in the corners of his eyes. Harvey wanted to marry him.

He slipped the ring on, it was a tight fit, but that was probably because his heart was racing. He held out his hand to examine how it looked. Of course, Harvey chose perfectly, the width and style were elegant and understated he thought gushing.  Then the guilt set in.  Harvey deserved to see his face when he saw the ring for the first time.  He glared at himself crossly in the mirror, of course, he had gotten carried away.

The front entrance door banged shut, and Mike immediately began to panic, yanking at his finger to pull the ring off but it wouldn’t budge. The more he pulled in his panic, the redder and more swollen the area became, and the less likely it was that it was coming off. Shit.

“Are you here, Mike?” Harvey called from the kitchen.

“Ahh … Ahem yep, in the bedroom,” he replied, cursing under his breath.

He slid the robe’s door closed and tried to look casual standing in the middle of the bedroom with his right hand on his hip and his left hand hanging loosely behind his leg.

When Harvey walked in, he noticed Mike looking akin to a Macy’s mannequin, except for his face which looked very guilty. In total, it took the best closer in New York ten seconds to work out that something was awry. He narrowed his eyes and stalked forward, giving Mike an inquisitive look. Mike instinctively took a step back and hid his hand up his shirt.

“Mike?” He urged, “Show me what’s behind your back.”

Mike’s head dropped in shame, and he mentally beat himself up for ruining this moment for them.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled to the floor as he revealed his hidden left hand and held it out for inspection, then waited for Harvey to speak.

Unexpectedly, Harvey chuckled, “Maybe the inscription should have read, ‘My Puppy, Snoopy’.”

Mike smiled despite wanting the ground to swallow him up.

“Are you mad?” Mike asked hesitantly and lifted his eyes from the floor.

Twelve pearly white teeth, ten laughter lines, two dimples, and eight crow’s feet made up the beautiful face of the man standing before him now, with tears shining in his eyes.

“I will be if you say no!” Harvey hinted, clearly amused.

Harvey dropped to his knee and kissed Mike’s swollen ring finger, looking hopefully up at him.

“Marry me?” Harvey asked, his voice soft and with a slight quaver to it.

“Fuck yes!” Mike cried and tackled him onto the plush carpet to kiss his amazing fiancé stupid.

Authors note:  Awww, they love each other. 😍 Thanks for reading.  This is fic number 3, out of 8.  You can find the others on AO3 here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musings

Father Christmas owed Sherlock a favor

Although free food at Angelo’s was appreciated, and cufflinks and tie pins were…technically gifts… Sherlock much preferred Santa’s spoils. It was immediately obvious a small child’s testimony while snooping in the middle of the night was dubious at best, but to accuse jolly St. Nicolas himself of being indecent with said child’s mother was preposterous and obviously untrue. Sherlock had proven Mr. Claus to be innocent in less time than it took to snap a Christmas cracker, and although the child’s mother had a lot to answer for, things were peaceful again in the Kringle household, which was all that mattered.

Sherlock had been a very good boy, Santa proudly declared, and promised he’d have exactly what Sherlock had been dreaming of all year wrapped up under the tree for him on Christmas morning.

John just wished he knew he was at the top of Sherlock’s wishlist. For the record, he definitely thought Sherlock belonged on the naughty list instead.

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After Work Shower

It was another hard day at work. I had been stressed out and was finally excited to just go home, see my boyfriend of 2 years Zayn, and relax. I unlocked the front door and Zayn was on the couch watching TV.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” he asked.

“Super stressful. I think I’m just going to take a shower to relax.” I replied walking into the bedroom. I took off my clothes, turned the hot water on and hopped in the shower. The water took all of the knots out of my neck and I turned to face the wall. I wasn’t really paying attention and got a surprise when I turned around to find Zayn standing in front of the shower door.

“Mind if I join you? Maybe I can help make you feel better,” he said with a smirk. I smiled and nodded and he took off his clothes and walked in the shower with me. I looked up at him, and he put a piece of my hair behind my ear. He leaned down and kissed me, then pulled back.

“You’re so damn sexy, you know that right?” he said leaning in for another kiss. This time, he put more force into it, moving his hand from my cheek, down my back as he pulled me towards him. His body and mine touching, I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued kissing him. He grabbed my butt and I whispered a moan.

“Oh baby, you like that now huh? Well, I can do way better to get rid of that stress you have.” He said while he picked me up. I felt him harden as I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed me against the wall.

“Zayn, I want you so bad” I said kissing all down his neck. He put me down and grabbed the shower nozzle, putting it slowly and gently against my back. The pressure felt amazing and I moaned even louder. He moved the nozzle up and down my back and then let it go. He then pulled me to the ground on his lap. He grabbed my breasts and started sucking hard on them, going back and forth. I couldn’t take it, he was too good.

“Lay down babe,” he said and I did as I was told. Immediately he licked down my stomach into my clit. He rolled his tongue all over and I grabbed onto his shoulders, as he brought my legs further up. He started circling one finger around and pushed it inside me. It felt amazing, as he pulled in and out, almost hitting my g-spot.

“Zayn stop teasing me already,” I said hungry for more. He grinned and put another finger in, pulling in and out slowly at first. I was so wet, even in the water I could feel it. He bent his head down and slid his tongue inside me, finally hitting my g-spot everytime. I felt his tongue eating away my insides as he put my legs down and got on top of him.

“Ride me baby, we’re not slowing down either” he said grabbing my waist as he fit himself inside me. “Damn, babe you’re so tight. It feels so gooood,” he said as he moved all the way inside and began thrusting, not giving me enough time to adjust. He started slow and steady and then BAM hit the stitch and his thrusts became faster. The water was all over us and it only added to the sensation.

“Say my name, say it,” he growled his pace growing.

“Ughh, Zayn, give me more, harder….faster,” I whimpered. He began kissing me while he thirsted and let his hands explore my body. He began kissing down my neck and I groaned loudly.

“Zayn, I’m about to….” I said but he wouldn’t let me finish. He pulled out and flipped me over, putting himself underneath me. I explored his body and he started to moan. I leaned down and sucked on his dick and felt it become even harder, if that was possible. I was frustrated he wouldn’t let me finish, so I stopped before he did. He knew my tricks and finally lifted me up and continued to thrust inside me, as I felt a feeling in my stomach.

“Oh my gosh……ZAYN,” I screamed as I reached my climax and felt all of my juices flow out. I collapsed in his arms, under the hot water.

“That was the best sex we’ve had. I kind of hope you come home having a bad day at work everyday now,” he said with a wink.