naught is regret

Storms and Safe Places

Inspired by this song:

For @marina-does-things

A storm is present outside of your bedroom window. The world is grey and blue but mixed with lights from the buildings. It’s cool in your bedroom, and the air conditioner is still humming away despite the weather outside. You burrow further underneath the covers and face the window. Droplets patter and slide down the glass, the sound as soft as television static, a gentle drone of white noise that drags you into a half-sleep filled with images. They’re not of your capture or of the vivid impressions and tortures the simulations left behind; they’re of the interior of a car, of Root’s voice droning about something you can’t quite hear, of the radio playing soft music.

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Kris: alright romance guru, my date dragged me to this event so I’m playing along. impart on me your sage advice, old man
Romance Guru: hmmm…..I foresee..devastating misfortune. a life spent chasing love never to be won. you die alone, forgotten, with naught but regret festering in your cold embittered heart
Kris: wow. good talk. I’m just gonna..go find Bambi…..

but she couldn’t find Bambi. so she sat around drinking the spiked punch for a while until she finally spotted her. and guESS. who was tossing flower petals around and flirting it up (successfully) with little miss Bambi..mmMMMBOY