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Latex Cheongsam Dress (a.k.a. the traditional Chinese dress)

Latex cheongsam dresses are my favorite! And I have quite the collection too, from a number of respectable latex labels such as Libidex, Westward Bound, Breathless, Syren, Lady Oops, Cathouse, and, of course, the one and only, Atsuko Kudo.

In case you are not familiar with the Chinese cheongsam dress, this is what I’m talking about (both dresses from Shitake Latex):

As you can see, this type of dress is very body-hugging and flattering to the natural female curves in a sensual, but not overly sexualized way. It is pretty, yet lady-like, without too much exposed skin. Traditionally this dress is made of silk or linen, sometimes cotton. But in my opinion the latex ones are the best! Maybe because they combine the edginess of fetish clothing with the conventions of oriental aesthetics. They are just so different; they stand out. I always get tons of compliments whenever I wear one of these! And you should definitely try it out sometimes! Here are some examples:

1. Turquoise with scarlet red trims, from Syren Latex.

2. Metallic blue with black trims, from Breathless Latex.

3. Metallic fuchsia with black trims, also from Breathless Latex.

4. Metallic purple with white trims. This one is a little different, but very very cute. From Naucler Design.

5. Red and black, this is from Atsuko Kudo. So flattering!

6&7. Pearlsheen bronze with black trims, also from Atsuko Kudo. Their products are definitely more ‘high-end’, but worth every penny! Every single piece is beautifully designed and perfectly crafted. I couldn’t be happier.