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uhhh 6selfeis thing but i did ten bc im mad vain!!! i was tagged by my twin @artclub2000 <3 thnaj  u  i tag @mcdonaldsbritomart @davidbynch @nau-see @rockpoolcreature @piscescrybb @ilovecountrymusic2001 and anyone else who want? 
uhhhhhh are u supposed to chat about yr year? because this year i shaved my head and i spent the whole year feeling mad ugly, pretty mucch til i went blonde, which was like october. but i have super lots of photos. actually the last 4 photos were taken in like the last 2 weeks. im trying to think what actually happened this year during the year but i straight up dont even kno how it went.. <3 <3 thanks 4 all of yall for being here tho . 


Six(ish) iconic(ish) moments from 2015 - to summarise the year, my hair got shorter, I don’t hate myself quite as much, and I started taking mirror selfies :-)

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