Ok let’s talk about Liam.  You wanna talk about Liam?  I wanna talk about Liam.

He was so on in the interviews from today.  Of course there’s always an element of reading into things with this, but I think he was throwing shade left and right and it was glorious.

1) He wore a bright yellow jacket (Zayn’s color) with a Batman necklace (Batman having been used to represent Zayn in past hints, skip to 6 in the link) on the day two of his interviews came out that mentioned Zayn, one of which was definitely filmed today based on the clothing.  One of his other interviews today was also at Z100.

2) When his Batman necklace came up in discussion, there was a point where he said that “he comes around with me sometimes” and then a part I can’t hear clearly.  Anyway, it might be my imagination, but something about his tone and the emphasis he used makes me think he was talking about Zayn.  He’s never worn that necklace before, so saying “sometimes”  doesn’t quite fit, does it?  That, among other things, just gives me a feeling.

3) Liam replied to @natyamity today on Twitter for the lovely modification of Liam’s new Twitter emoji.  She’s one of the members of TheZiamNews on Twitter.  While him interacting with her isn’t a first, it definitely fits with the Ziam theme today in particular.

4) When Liam was telling the TS story, he mentioned himself being there and Harry and Niall, but then he said, “Where was Louis?” with this playful-but-really-meaningful-in-a-shady-way tone.  I mean, if she’s anywhere nearby, you and I and Liam all know that Louis is going to be as far away as possible.

5) The quote they’re using about the hiatus makes it sound like Liam is uncertain of a reunion, but then in a different interview today he specifically emphasized how it’s a “HIATUS” and tells the interviewers, “it’s not a case of breaking free because it’s a hiatus, just remember”.  Clearly nothing has changed from what the boys originally told us even though the official narrative is trying pretty hard right now to slowly and subtly make fans lose faith.

6) He put 5 colored hearts as emoji on the pic on Instagram.  This one is hard to say for sure, but someone (maybe Liam) chose to specifically put 5 heart emoji on the picture.  I’m saying OT5 since today’s already a shady day.

So yeah, basically, Liam has been glorious in interviews ever since this round of promo started (despite unfortunate official narrative circumstances) and he turned the shade up to high today.  It was awesome.  That is all.

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Sorry but who's natu? And why was she blocked?

Naty is a ziam stan, @liamaliks on twitter, @natyamity here, an artist who has supported zayn all the time and dedicated her time to make art for him, owner of Ziam News on twitter. she was blocked because she quoted zayn’s tweet and said that she’s a better photographer than gigi, which she is because she studied photography for 7 years


with bharata natyam demeanour, you unite
your hands; an elegant namaskar—then, move those
doe-eyes. divulge the rasas, by pantomime; in
polished sketches, i catch your subtle

mistress says, the purpose once overcome turns
worthless, a lantern without light, and again
we set out for another headline. so, on
you go; flaccid weary-

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Jaydee Amrita Copperfield from U.k. 
Kali performance at Tribalfest 13

Indian Infusion Bellydance * Bharatanatyam *  Odissi * Tribal Fusion

Photographer: Clint Marien with Cemphotographs