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End Of Summer Beauty Tips

I’ve been dreading it, but sure enough it’s fast approaching…. END OF SUMMER! Sooo, since seasons change… I put together some simple beauty tips to help take you into fall, smoothly! 🌞

Tip #1 Rid Of Sunburn

Make a cup of Green Tea, take the teabag and compress the sunburned areas! 

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Tip #2 Dry Hair Detox

Use protein-based conditioning product, at least once a week and give your hair back it’s vitamins and moisture. 

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Tip #3 Hydrate Your Lips

Slap on some NATURAL lip balm before you go out. Key word: Natural, steer clear from petroleum-based products. (Found this cool DIY Lip Balm, check it out here)

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Hope you guys find this useful! 💜 - Naya