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Hey, y’all! I’m back! Or, at least I’m back for the next few days.

First up, an apology. I’ve been a bad, bad Tumblr-type bloggie person.

Last Spring I took on a second job which left me with precious little to post here. Adding to my overwhelming sense of malaise was the unmistakable impression that I was running over the same ol’ ground over and over again. I.E. “naturism = good” / “over-sexualizing nudity = bad”.

Not that I no longer subscribe to that. In fact, I’m more committed to that philosophy than ever, especially when you consider the number one reason why I stopped posting here.

Every single time I logged in I’d have to spend forever blocking all of my new “followers” who clearly saw no issue re-blogging some of the vilest, nastiest, most distasteful pornographic images I’d ever seen.

Now look, I’m no prude. I pride myself in being sex-positive and I did, in-fact, follow back a lot of people with creative erotic blogs. But I was also more than a little disturbed to see the images I was promoting, (I.E. photos of simple, innocent nudity), juxtaposed with nauseating sights of degradation, pain, humiliation, bodily functions, abuse and even implied pedophilia.

And that’s why this will be my last post here. And within a few days In Nature, Naturally will quietly vanish, erased from the innerwebz as if it never existed.

For awhile there I thought “Well, why not leave the blog active and just post whenever you can?” Unfortunately I’m so damned busy now, I really have no idea when that will be. And with no commitment to new content on my part, that just isn’t fair to my followers. Plus, blogging here is starting to feel like a chore, and I always told myself that I’d stop if it started to feel like work.

The other option I pondered was “I’ll just leave the blog as-is, like a fly trapped in digital amber”. But the thought that I’m contributing, even indirectly, to the misappropriation of someone else’s images is something that I can’t abide.  

So, I just wanted to pop on here one last time and explain to my true followers where I’d been and what my motivations are for stopping. The way I look at it, if I changed so much as one person’s perception about nudism and body image then this whole endeavor would have been worth the effort.

And, hey, don’t despair. Just because Tumblr isn’t the right platform for what I’m trying to do, that doesn’t mean that I’m done blogging about my love of nudism and naturism. In fact, given how passionate I am about this subject I’d wager that it’ll be impossible to shut me up forever.

In fact, what I may do is just leave a semblance of the blog here if only to let all you true believers out there know where I eventually landed in the ol’ blogosphere! 

So, as a last thank you to all my like-minded followers, here’s a terrific new naturist-friendly video for Liv’s “Wings of Love”, directed by Lykke Li. Enjoy, kids!