Planet Astrantia on Flickr.

From the sweet summer of ‘11 and oh, what a summer it was. Actually, it was the summer I finally got me some astrantia in my garden and I was completely tickled pick (in a manner of speaking). The word astrantia is derived from the Classical Latin word astrum (meaning: star, heavenly body, planet). Sounds about right to me.  It’s also known by it’s more common name of masterwort but, I’ll stick with astrantia if you don’t mind.

Tangerine Dream © SharonB (iammacgirl) on Flickr.

One more day left in January and we are still in the midst of what has been one of the coldest winters. January and February in Montreal are usually the most difficult patch to get through (if you can call two months a “patch”). Once March comes around, one becomes hopeful as spring is merely weeks away - that does not necessarily mean we still won’t get a snowstorm or two…or three. Anyway, all that to say that qbnscholar has inspired me with his recent lovely magnolias which, in turn, led me to go picking through my photos for one of my favourite varieties around here. You’d have to wait until summer, though, to see the real thing. Consider it a sneak preview then, yeah? Ooops, almost forgot - cosmos sulfureus because I knew you were going to ask.