Botanist: IV - Mandrigorium

Botinist is a man who watched a bugs life and sang about all the ants. Its a really good movie duh but nice check this out. Botanist is the solo project of xasthur when he got tired of not going outside. So he decided to play folk guitar for all the men who got tired of wal mart cutting down a lot of trees to make bugs life dvds

Xasthur then changed his name to botinnist and invented a new estrument called the Hammer’s Ducilmer which he uses to sing to the men who go to the trees after uc santa cryuz is out and they want to look at them not cut them down

A bugs life is really funny because it has a fat catipillar in it. Xasthur (now botinist) took note of this and wrote a consept album about every character. [See tracks “Look out Flik!” and “Trouble with grasshoppers”]
This obviously beat out the already strong “Cars 2” concept album that marissa nadler made

Botinist is my favorite  Pixar Disney nature songsmith. look out Randy Newman because there’s a new kid in town!!! Look for this album in the middle of the woods when you play in the dirt and you need music for it okay nice

10/10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!