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For many years, we thought this was the only waterfall in the area. It’s super cool, and we were pretty satisfied with it. One day, while exploring, we found another one! It was within a quarter mile of the first, and double in size! We couldn’t believe we’d been missing out on it for so many years! After that, we started searching for more, and ended finding a total of 7! We found the seventh just the other day, and I’m guessing there are many more! They are all beautiful and unique! 

This one in particular holds a very special place in my heart. This waterfall was the beginning of a very special journey for me. I remember the first time I saw it. I felt like we were soo deep in the wilderness. I remember thinking this has to be the most peaceful place on earth.  This beautiful three tier waterfall before me, the lovely sound of flowing water. In this forest, I felt completely separated from the chaos of the world… and it was then that I realized, THIS is where I belong. 

From that moment on, I began piecing myself together. It was the real turning point in my life, when I decided to chase what makes my soul spark. With every adventure, I not only found endless treasures of the forest… I discovered pieces of MYSELF. It was this wilderness that pushed me past my limits, showed me what I was made of, and rewarded me with so much beauty and wonder. From that, came so much appreciation for the environment around me. I began seeking hidden wonders, tucked away, long forgotten by man. To me, those places the most special, ruled by the plants and creatures.

I started sharing my journey via Tumblr many years ago. With everything in me, I wanted to show the world how beautiful and special my “home” was. I share photos with you all, so you can see with my eyes. These mountains hold secrets, things few will ever see. I made it my mission to seek the unseen, bring it to the light, so the world can see why I am so passionate about this land.  I feel like Appalachia is often overlooked, our land is continually destroyed and pillaged for natural resources and fossil fuels. There has to come a point, when we realize how wonderful this place is, and that it is worthy of protection. We owe it to future generations! 

My journey started here, at this very waterfall, and has led me thousands of miles along curvy roads and twisting trails of the Appalachian Mountains. With each experience, my love for this region grows stronger. I’d do anything in my power to protect these mountains and all the life they hold. Even if it’s only a small slice of the whole, this forest is sooo special! In all my travels and exploration, I’ve never found a place like it. That’s why I’m asking for YOUR help! I can’t do it alone. Please help protect a little piece of heaven, in a land of oil fields and strip mines. Pristine wilderness is such a rarity, and what does exist, deserves protection! 

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Birch by Skyler Brown
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