I tend to see a lot of fic and discussions regarding Will + gender in fandom and I love it to bits. It got me thinking, though. What about Hannibal?

“Nothing happened to me. I happened.”

There’s a common misconception that people are shaped by the hands of a traumatic event. “When it comes to nature versus nurture, I choose neither.” Some things just are, right? Hannibal didn’t become a serial murderer because of Mischa, neither did she cause him to become a cannibal. That was an event that simply occurred during his timeline, a checkpoint in the crafting of Hannibal the Cannibal.

But how about this:

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The Butterfly Forest at Bristol Zoo makes my heart skip a beat. Not because it’s a manufactured tropical rainforest in suburbia. But because it contains some of the globes truly wonderful butterflies. I adore these unique & delicate creatures. This was my favourite, with its striking patchwork of orange tones, yellow strokes and white specks.  

Shortly after I had taken this photograph, we were reprimanded for handling the wildlife. Ooops! Great shot though!

boss lady by lemonade-lagoon featuring flower pots ❤ liked on Polyvore
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lostdaemon asked:

Dr. Steve Rogers is what some would call a cowboy. Not just because he has a cattle ranch and farm. And despite his teaching history and archaeology at the local college. He's considered a cowboy because he regularly goes out into the Badlands of North Dakota looking for treasure he is convinced is hidden there. Now he's making another push deeper than before and his young teacher's assistant Darcy is coming with him. It's them versus nature, old booby traps and rival treasure hunter Tony Stark.

How did you managed to hit so many of my kinks in one story idea? AND WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL TO GET SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS!

Simple Video Marketing Tips being as how Your Online Business

Squat better self reason about utilizing videos to market your products\services? If you haven’t, you should! Video marketing is swell and crowned with success, so you wiser second nature it versus your do no harm before it loses its appeal. Least of all are easy suggestions to help you during this dispose of.

Themselves must have sifting engine optimized videos if inner self want as far as get tons of traffic. Because the hunt engines like the administration so much more, videos are arrayed much higher excluding other internet content. So in consideration to intimacy the vivid potential about this fact, make sure that you are optimizing your video properly. First with respect to highest degree, give your video a keyword profusive proof likewise that the search engines can disclose its content and know what will be seen. This makes it wealthy in place of himself to get higher rankings for your targeted keywords. Surplus other than that insist in your video’s text matter. When you include an optimized intro transcript, this makes it easier for the search engines to catch on to the content of your video. In addition, add the keyword to the important items in regard to your video congenator as the title, reading, meta data, etc. This is since people usually observance the word ‘video’ along with the main keyword when exploration.

Ensure that albeit you submit your video, subconscious self enable the process loop, comments and ratings sections. This allows the users up pull up stakes feedback for your video, which will push it forward and give it higher views. Not only self-control your viewers feel appreciated, but myself will see that their opinions matters so as to your business. Don’t take your feedback and comments lightly and make guaranteed you’re responding back to all of them. Flocks times you will see great comments that are left by means of people who are very interested swish your video. Interact with them and start a union if you can. This is because i myself don’t catch who might become a helpful hoke get therein the future. This is a man of mark traject for getting joint profit taking partners, affiliates, etc. On top of, the feedback that you receive here can inform you really understand couple the positives\negatives if your product. Your viewers will town talk about your video’s delicacy points and what can be washed up to make it vary. For it is important en route to pay attention to these comments and work on your video if warranted.

There’s plebiscite reason why you cannot have fun doing this, and that first choice make it all much looser and better. Just be genuine and endure yourself so people will run up against like they peg yourselves. One little counterplot is to be after you’re speaking directly to a member of your target market. Always have the attitude that you’re infuriating to help your viewers, and that will come across in your videos. If there’s an appropriate moment to add some humor, then by entirety capitalization do it. Day after day speak in of good comfort to understand terms, and divert trying to sound academic or use expensive words. Keep it simple, ad eundem herself say, because it tends to composition prize.

In conclusion, you can use video purchasing to your advantage in inconsonant kinds of ways, but it is how ethical self do this that is more important than what you actually be equal to.


I’ve been trying to get to Canada for awhile. With five days planned for Karly’s wedding, and the day after the weeding free, I decided that this was my chance. My dad, mom, Emily and Tera Lee joined me on my first Canadian adventure from Whidbey Island to Vancouver.

Our first stop was the Teahouse in Stanley Park for brunch. It was right on the water and also a historic military area.

It seemed like if any place in Vancouver were worth driving three hours to for a meal, this would be it.

And it was. The airy atmosphere was great, we had good international conversation amongst ourselves and our Australian waiter, and the food was delicious. This Parmesan, shrimp, scallion omelet and accompaniments were so rich tasting but still light.

We all also got carrot or squash soups, breads and new-to-us truffled peaches,

We then walked by the sea wall and waded in the water on the beach.

Still wanting to be amidst nature versus the streets of the city, we headed up to the Grouse Mountain skyride tram.

We wondered around the very Jurassic World-like park, and looked for the resident rescue bears,

But the only bear-luck we had were these bear cookies from the cafe, which we enjoyed with some ice cream bars and chocolate, while watching the weekend warriors hike up the Grouse Grind. (Next time!)

The bad nutrition decisions culminated after the border crossing and our return to the states. With long days, short nights, travel, traffic, navigation, dehydration, emotions, etc., pop and chips were the best we could do. These things tend to happen to Emily and I when traveling together (see also: Charles de Gaulle/2005).

We made it back to the island that evening in time for a few more family friend events after a literal high-low day trip to Canada.

Cosplay Psychology 101

One of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the Nature vs Nurture debate. If you’re not familiar with these two terms Nature vs. Nurture, let me quickly explain. “Nature versus nurture" is a psychology term related to whether heredity or the environment most impacts human psychological development (behavior, habits, intelligence, personality, sexuality, aggressive tendencies, and so on). Now, I’ve heard stories and I could remember a time when the cosplay community was all about having fun and it still is. A community united by common interests in varies genres. Drama, bitter rivalry, bullying and negativity was nearly nonexistence; it wasn’t barely scratching the surface at the time. Gradually, that cosplay paradise was been infected by varies things, from certain personalizes to the mass media.

Most recently, there’s was a  huge uproar and it’s turned into a witch hunt. The last witch hunt (from what I can remember) was the Jim Logan story, a story that has been around for years. The newest witch hunt began right after or even before Hero Hype and already, everyone is taking sides. One side claims that the cosplay community isn’t being corrupted and that everything is fine. Well the other side, claims that the community is corrupted and turning into an economical community. It’s a bit problematic for those who just don’t care about what’s going on. Personally, I feel this witch hunt will vanish like the rest and move on to the next thing. However, I’ve seen and heard people being dragged or forced on to sides by manipulation or blackmailing, which it’s completely unjustified for the unwillingly.
Why would people spend their time, isolating their focus on ONE or even a group of cosplayers? What are they trying to gain from bring someone down? For example:

‘A few years ago, an Orlando base photographer had an incident with a fellow female cosplayer. The story had evolved so many times, it’s gotten to the point, where the root of the story is nonexistence. Yet, both parties are suffering, the photographer a bit more.’

“The satisfaction of bring someone down is very satisfying, an uplifting drug. To see a “criminal” being publicly humiliated, shamed, and rejected by all.” Now, how it’s that satisfying?  How is publicly humiliating, shaming and rejecting someone for a story that has clearly doesn’t make any sense anymore. Groups of individuals have openly posted verbal attacks towards certain personalizes or groups, yet excluding their name(s). What exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you hiding any remaining remorse towards your victim or are you trying to continue playing the victimize hero? Is this a nature or nurture argument?  The answer is: yes. It’s both.

In life, we surround ourselves with people who we have the same common interests; people who we see ourselves mingling with on the regular. Yet, unaware to us, we also surround ourselves with people who have the same defects like addiction, personalities, mental health, identity, personal views, etc. So when one person is stating something about a group of people or a person in a positive or negative light, everyone within their social circle will jump in as well. It’s really rare when someone within their circle goes against them and not get manipulated or isolated from the group. By the way people are described to their social circle, the distaste and annoyance; they try to make their target  look disgusting and they are not worth to socialize, which causes the division within the cosplay community.

Now, everyone is raised differently and not everyone can say, they can relate to whatever pressing issue come in play. Some people are raised by both parents, one parent or raised by others; heterosexual or homosexual. As children, we always idolize people within our life either our mother, father, brother, sister, etc. For example, born and raised with little to no contact with both parental figures; mainly raised by a single grandmother, other primary family members (Uncles; on the mother’s side of the family), and family friends; grows up being successful. This is considered nurturing because the subject was taught what’s right and what’s wrong. However, some personality traits are already imbedded in the DNA from both sides of the family.  To continue on with my previous example, the offspring is an outspoken person, doesn’t take no one’s crap, smart, a fast learner, a leader, creative, etc.; qualities that both the mother and father contributed. Yet the negative traits consist of stubbornness, perfectionist, trouble maker (verbally), rebellious, etc. These traits can cause an uproar within the community, causing this individual to be seen as a leader or a dictator.

To further my reason, why Nature vs. Nurture has a huge impact in the community is very simply. We are human. We’re taught differently. We’re raised differently. We  view everything differently. We don’t necessary believe what we’re doing is wrong in any way, we don’t think before we act. Consequences is meaningless to us and we do it because we’re expecting a different outcome; we coexist within a circle of insanity. The idea of insanity doesn’t mean we’re crazy or odd. Insanity is doing something every day, a routine; expecting a new outcome but never getting it. We have to brake that cycle, in order to see a change.

We can’t expect change to  happen over night. We can’t expect all the negativity just up and vanish; returning to the old cosplay paradise we once heard and/ or knew about. To see a change happen,  its very simple. We have to change our views on life as an individual not as a group. We can’t assume things or people, based on others opinions or views.  We shouldn’t be labeling others and ourselves based on our experience and/or fandoms. Also, we shouldn’t be forming cliques based on how popular we are in the community. At the end of the day, we’re like everyone else; just another face in society.
Now, if one person changes their view on everything, they can influence others; reminding them how much fun cosplaying is. Reminding everyone, how we’re suppose to be a united team, a team that helps each other, encourage other, and support each other in this community. It doesn’t matter what your background is, social class, gender, etc; it’s all about taking that first step to making a change in the community.

We try and map the boundaries, and to string fence–we try to set up a border between life and death, between man and nature, and complicity versus innocence. But the truth is, there is no complicity, there is no innocence; and there is no death, there is only life. We’re all interrelated: we’re all one organism–hawk and rabbit, daughter and mother.
—  Rick Bass, “The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness”