Bill Cipher: Last chance.  Tell me how to take Weirdmageddon global, and I’ll spare the kids.

Dipper Pines: No, don’t do it!

Mabel Pines: Yeah, Bill makes bad deals!

Bill: Don’t you toy with me, Shooting Star! I. See. EVERYTHING–OW!  Not again! Why?!  Every time! 

Stan Pines: Nice shot, Pumpkin!

Bill: I just regenerated that eye!

Mabel: I know that hurts because I’ve accidentally done it to myself, multiple times!

-”Gravity Falls”


mother’s possessive nature

yesterday was my birthday so I went and shot the Courts and Whitman, right off of campus…I’ve been wanting to shoot this spot for a minute; yesterday I happened to park next to it on my way to work; so once I got off and made it back to my car, I plugged up my phone and forgot out everything else, my birthday present to myself.

anonymous asked:

I've always wanted solo Liam since I joined, but now that this is all sinking in for me, I feel like I still want Liam to be/stay in 1d

i’m sorry you feel that way, friend :/

We live in a world that does not realize that there is good in the bad, and bad in the good. We live in a world that will kill an individual based on that person’s skin color. We live in a world that will cast out a human being for loving someone of the same gender. We live in a world that disgusts me more than anything else. 

I wish to be a force of change. I wish to show that all human beings can live in harmony regardless of sexuality, gender, skin color, nationality, and all other boundaries separating us.

We are all one species. Let’s act like it.



Here are some photos I shot at the end of June and beginning of July.    I travelled from Seattle up north to Whistler and many places in between.  I enjoyed shooting how green and lush the landscape is.  Nature taking back from humanity is a constant theme up there.  The weeds grow at an extremely fast rate and quickly take back what it once owned.  -KEP