Eat less, you’re too fat.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Eat more, you’re too skinny.
Are you starving yourself?

Stop being so prude, expose your body.
Don’t you want guys to notice you?

Stop being so slutty, cover up.
What are you, a whore?

Wear some makeup, cover your blemishes.
Don’t you want to be beautiful?

Take off that makeup, you look fake.
Don’t you love your natural beauty?

Study more, get better grades.
Don’t you want to be successful?

Study less, stop over-achieving.
What are you, a show-off?

Stop complaining.
Aren’t you greatful?

Voice your opinion more.
Don’t you want to stand up for yourself?

Stop being so shy and antisocial.
Don’t you want to make friends?

Stop talking, you talk too much.
Don’t you want people to like you?

You need to work out more, you have no muscle.
Don’t you want to be strong?

Stop working out, women shouldn’t have muscle.
Don’t you want to look like a girl?

Cut your hair, it looks cute short.
Don’t you want to look cute?

Don’t cut your hair, women are supposed to have long hair.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Be yourself.
Don’t you want people to love you for who you are?

Stop acting like that.
Don’t you want to be loved?

Nobody will love you when you’re like that…

- contradictions of society (L.L.)


I’ve finally finished my biological patches set! After many months of designing, editing, and trial and error, I’m proud to post up photos of the final products!

They are woven with bright, beautiful colors that will endure many washes and adventures to come. They’re only $8 in my store:

Here are the first five patches in my biological patch set. Once all ten are made, the rainbow of studies will be complete! Each one is illustrated, digitized, and embroidered by me. Stay tuned for more! Next up is herpetology ;)

For beauty off the beaten path, venture two hours southwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico to the Sierra Ladrones Wilderness Study Area. There are no trails through the area’s diverse landscapes of high mountain peaks, isolated canyons and badlands. Hiking to the top of Ladrones Mountain – pictured here during a storm – rewards visitors with stunning panoramic views of the area’s mesa grasslands and piñon-juniper woodland. Photo by Julie Aguirre, Bureau of Land Management (@mypubliclands).

Here's to the busy witches

The witches who listen to nature sounds while studying for their finals

The witches who change into their uniforms in the minutes between class and work, muttering enchantments for good luck

The witches who feel guilty for putting their lives before their craft (they shouldn’t feel guilty)

The witches with a thousand things in their drafts, waiting for that rare evening when they have enough time write a post on tarot readings

The witches who forget to water their plants

Or don’t have time to cook

Here’s to the busy witches. You’re beautiful and I love you 💚💚


organization xiii :: flower+color+personality study {insp.}