Once Upon A Dream Chapter 69: Solas - If Only

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It had never been his intent to interfere between her and the Herald.  He had planned to let it be, but he could not stomach seeing Emma like this.  Not now.  Not when time was so short for them that he could practically feel the last grains of it slipping between his fingers.  

He could easily say that it was because he did not want her to leave with regrets.  He did not want her back in her world with the pain of a fight never resolved.  It would be truth, but only a part of it.  The other part was purely selfishness.  He wanted her light, her happiness, her easy laugh.  He wanted to drown himself in it all before she left, wanted her full attention when they took of each other those last few times.

He should be grateful in a way.  Her parting would mean she was safe and would remove his one distraction.  It would make things simple again.

Instead, he often found himself wishing that they had met before everything.  Pondering what it would have been like for them.  Before he had become Fen’harel.  Perhaps then none of this would have come to pass.  They would have lived out their immortality until they were both ready for the uthenera and then entered together. 

Unrealistic thoughts.  Even had it been so, even had he not been pushed down the path of godhood, the gods war would have found them.  It was another reason he had no choice in what he had done.  It was that or the destruction of the world by the very gods who had once sworn to protect it.

No choice in what he must do now.  No choice in her leaving.

And he would not have her leave in pain or, worse still, have her hesitate in her resolve to leave.  If she did he might…


He would talk with the Herald in private.  Try to make her see sense.  He had plenty of time to make a plan before they camped for the night.

Or at least he had thought.

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Pay attention closely to your surroundings without using thought.. Where are you? What feelings are passing through you? What sounds can you hear?
Feel. Breathe. Listen.. be easy on yourself today.
Be ok with where you are at this moment. Feel your muscles unwind and just sink into your essence. Find yourself there.

Faun Aesthetic ; requested by @rusticca

The faun is a mythological half human–half goat manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places. They were also capable of guiding humans in need.

Communication with Nature Spirits

    When working on communication with Nature Spirits there are a few thing that are needed to communicate:

1- You need to be outdoors, I cannot stress that enough. Nature Spirits are not found in your kitchen or livingroom, unless you live outdoors yourself.

2- Have good intent. Do not ask the Spirits for material things like money or man made objects. The Spirit World has no need for these things nor do they see our need for such things.

3- Do not expect a crisp clear voice speaking in English. Communication with Nature Spirits happens through emotions. Nature Spirits are made of flowing energy, not something you might see in a fantasy sci-fi movie or book.

4- Respect is a must. Do not think that you could control or demand the Spirits to do things for you. They could feel your intentions and if questionable they will not make contact.

5- They are not Gods nor are you. When connection is made, view and communicate as if your all equal, because you are.

6- To make a connection start by relaxing and clearing your mind of modern day stresses. Meditation is a good start.

7- Then when clear, hum or sing. Not only does this practice add a ripple effect through the energy field around you, but have you ever heard the many songs upon the Wind? Communication through song is universal, so get creative and make a song that is soothing and comforting as a gentle breeze.

Arawn (Grand Chieftain)

Druids of Gaul Order of Canada


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