“They who have once found it can no longer pay attention to anything else. They who have once beheld it, will no longer see anything else, nor can they listen to anything else, and even their body participates in this immobility. Where all physical perceptions and stimuli have vanished from their consciousness, they remain in tranquility.

“When the Gnosis enlightens the entire consciousness, it also makes the soul blaze up again, raising it by detaching it from the body. Thus it transforms the entire human being into its true nature, for the deification of the soul, which accompanies the contemplation of the beauty of The Good, cannot be accomplished in a mortal body.”

Corpus Hermeticum

Crystal Herbalism- Lavender Magick

Lavender is the symbol of protection. An herb that wards of all forms of evil & negativity from shadows, entities, curses, and nightmares. This herb aids spells for love, dreaming, and calming one thoughts. 

Lavender allows one to strengthen visions and their ability to see the unseen worlds. When working with the herb dream travel and lucid dreaming become easier to access. 

Lavender is connected to the Fae, it allows one to sense the presence of a faerie and communicate with one as well. Lavender provides clarity, confidence, and balance into ones practice.

Here are some ways to use Lavender Magick:

  • Before you cast a circle sprinkle lavender buds around you forming a circle or a star, allowing its ring of protection to embody you energy field and open your third eye up to the unseen.
  • Take a pouch and fill it up with some lavender and chamomile buds and tie it to you door handle- it will protect your space from any darkness entering.
  • Sprinkling lavender around the home will attract nature spirits, while also keeping your home safe from any unwanted energies.
  • Burning dried lavender brings loving energy and peace into your space.
  • Add lavender buds to your tea.
  • Sprinkle lavender oil on your pillow or put a pouch of lavender buds in your pillow case to strengthen lucid dreaming and dream travel. It also promotes peaceful sleep and swear dreams.
  • During a full moon place lavender in a bowl with a clear quartz (program the crystal) allow the moonlight to illuminate it during the night- charging the crystals with manifesting/magickal energy. Then in the morning take the crystal and lavender buds and carry them with you till the new moon. During the new moon offer the lavender and quartz to the earth to give your thanks and allow the universe to manifest your goal.
How to Connect with the Elemental Realm

Fairies- more specifically.

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As promised, here is a post on how to connect with the elemental realm. Please bear in my mind that this is based on personal experience and knowledge. I’m mainly focusing on fairies here because as far as I know, they’re the easiest nature spirit to connect with.

Recently, fairies have been making themselves more and more known, especially to those who are into spiritual practices because the Earth is in desperate need of help and the nature spirits need all of us to listen to their messages and take care of our home, so connecting with them isn’t “as hard” so to speak, as it was in previous years.

A few guidelines before attempting to make a connection:

  • One of the most important things to know is to go in with pure intention and an open heart. This is very important as they radiate on a level of love energy, so going in with love and purity in your heart is very beneficial when wanting to connect with any being of the elemental realm. Doing heart chakra meditations or exercises can certainly help with this. Connect using your heart.
  • Make an intention. Promise the fairies that you’ll help them in one way or another, whether this be doing an earth meditation to help the state it’s currently in, or simply going around in nature and picking up trash. Promise that you’ll do these things, and act upon them. This is important as it lets the fairies see that you mean it and shows them you’re respectful of their wishes and their home.
  • Have a sense of play and humor! See them through the eyes of a little child. The fairies are very playful and love to laugh and play practical jokes. Don’t be bummed out if your keys are missing, take things with a grain of salt and attempt to make a connection with laughter in your heart.

In order to connect:

  • You can do so by meditating, and this is especially effective if it’s in the forest or anywhere near nature. You could even have one or two (or more!) plants around you as the fairies are guardians of nature and plants carry them wherever they are. You can also make a fairy altar or house, some place outside or near plants for them to reside in.
  • You could simply affirm and invite them in your life through intention; read books on fairies, watch movies having to do with fairies or other nature spirits, surround yourself in the energy of the elementals.
  • The most effective way is to go outside and spend time in nature. Play in the meadows, bathe in the rivers, rest your back against a tree and just be still. 
  • Keep in mind that if you constantly shout or get frustrated and whine that “I want to see the fairies! Where are the fairies!? I want to see them!” They more than likely will hide and not show themselves or attempt to make a connection with you. Please be respectful. Especially of their home.  
  • Come bearing gifts; they adore them! This could be anything from mead, honey, milk, fairy sugar, berries, sweet wine or crystals they seem to resonate with (such as amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, and I’ve noticed they’re very into blue goldstone as well). 
  • Last but not least, allow them to connect with you! Don’t let any fears of not being able to connect with them become a block to them doing so.

Crystal Herbalism- The Faerie Realm Grid

Place in your meditation/yoga space, bedroom, or home, to welcome the fae.

Apophyllite: connects to the higher realms, strengthens visions, provides access to faerie portals during meditation

Aquamarine: fluidity of energy, peaceful sleep, and allows you to connect with the energies of mermaids & water faeries

Kunzite: communicate with the fae & nature spirits, work from the heart, protect aura, and strengthen spirituality

Celestite: allows you to enter meditation portals, astral travel, strengthening crown chakra, and raises consciousness

Amethyst: deepens your understanding of the unknown, protects your energy field, and allows you to access wisdom of the fae

How do faeries look like?


  • Pointed ears
  • Some look ugly for the human standard
  • Some look beautiful
  • They might wear make up
  • Some might have a face similar to humans
  • Others look a lot different from humans


  • Can be blond
  • Can be black
  • Can be red
  • Can also be in another color but it’s not so common


  • Some are small
  • Some or tall (human size or even taller)
  • They have the power to make them look always young, despite some forget to take care of their appearance and therefore look old.
  • Some dress with leaves or petals flowers clothes
  • They don’t naturally have wings- They wear Wings as an accessory, some might not wear it.
  • Some might wear clothes like in fairytales
  • They might wear other accessories like jewelry (tiara, bracelets…)
  • They like shining things
  • Some might not wear any clothes

More Details:

  • There are male and female fairies
  • They have the ability to let us see them or be invisible to us
  • They can shape shift
  • They are Invisible to humans eyes (because their body has a higher vibration then the human eyes is capable to see normally).
  • Some shine
  • Some might appear as shining balls

“Fey are spirits bound into a fleshly form. They have skeletons but no naturally occurring internal organs or muscles as humans know them. They have blood of a sort, as all living things must, but they do not pump it though their systems by physical means. Instead, each has a hollow chamber within its ribcage that holds its heart, the focus of its soul. A fey heart is composed of energy, but it takes the illusory (figment) form of some symbol that represents the state of the fey’s soul. Each fey heart is different. Ashee may have a glowing gemstone or a golden acorn, while a grogan might have a ball of brambles. Afey heart is the pattern that ties the spirit to the flesh, and its blood is the conduit that translates the will of that soul into action. Of course this heart is rarely if ever seen by others, but the fey knows it’s there. It is a symbol that may recur in dealing with the individual or in his idioms, and he may bestow a gift that resembles it upon any he cares for. When a fey creature dies, its soul enters its heart, which then leaves his body in an ethereal form. Cast about on the winds of the Ethereal Plane, the lost fey soul begins to dissolve. Over time, this fragile soul will be torn apart completely, and it will be as if the fey had never existed”- The complete guide to fey

A late-thirteenth century Norwegian law attempted to suppress the belief that land spirits lived in groves, mounds and waterfalls. Yet a fourteenth-century account reports that women continued to take food into caves or to stone piles (cairns) where they would consecrate the food to the spirits and then eat it. They did this in the belief that they would be favoured by them, and become more prosperous.
—  Sagas of the Norsemen: Viking & German Myth, part of the multi-volume series Myth and Mankind, published by Time-Life Books (p.25)

In Greek Mythology, the Leimoniads were nymphs of the water-meadows - pastures thick with lush grass and flowers. They were originally thought to be a type of Okeanis Nymph, who presided over the sources of fresh water: both earthly, the streams and fountains, and heavenly, moist breezes and rain-clouds.

They were daughers of Okeanos, the earth-encircling fresh-water stream ,and his wife the titaness Tethys, as well as sisters of the River-Gods. (X)

I had a bittersweet interaction with a dying pine tree in my backyard today. I touched its trunk and looked up toward the top, just spacing out, and then I got these flashes of impressions.

It was passive and peaceful with a slow, labored life force (like an old elephant?); it was aware and fairly accepting of its end. I could have sworn I felt for a moment the wind in its upper branches as if it were in my hair.

Crystal Herbalism- Nature Spirits Grid (The Forest)

This grid connects you to Mother Nature, Devas, and Nature Spirits. Place in your garden or meditation space to call upon natures energies and the spirits of the forest such as: elves, faeries, nymphs (etc.)

Golden Calcite: comfort, spiritual guidance, access higher realms, deepens meditation, and raises consciousness

Idocrase: connection to higher self, awareness of nature spirits, strengthens spirituality, and balances chakras

Chrysoprase: deep heart connection to devas & earth spirits, provides compassions, connects your energy field to nature spirits, and is known as “The Soul of the Earth”

Clear Quartz: clarity of thought, activates the grid, and expands the energy field throughout a space