the sagittarian’s last breath would be a song. life is a masterpiece, a sketch
of games and discovery, philosophical meaning and
true joy. music never stops, there is a sort of colourful madness. their mutable quality gives an airy lightness, a cool duality and chameleon dynamic, the
smell of sunshine pollen in the morning wind
sagittarians possess the alchemy of far sighted intuition. there is sensible, reasoned, and righteous sagittarius who is adept with the laws of psychology, human nature, and the spirit. the individual understands they are
the piece on the puzzle of god. then there is also the chaotic sagittarius, who
gorges in excess and refuses to believe beyond eyesight.
something can be explosive in sagittarius, a force to be reckoned with, one which can also be quite conservative and easily rattled.
all mutable signs are hard to pin down in some way or another. sagittarius is capable of developing profound mystic riches. but they can also
refuse to embody the duality of them that is pure spirit, and to be contained in human form is poisonous 

Crystal Herbalism- Lavender Magick

Lavender is the symbol of protection. An herb that wards of all forms of evil & negativity from shadows, entities, curses, and nightmares. This herb aids spells for love, dreaming, and calming one thoughts. 

Lavender allows one to strengthen visions and their ability to see the unseen worlds. When working with the herb dream travel and lucid dreaming become easier to access. 

Lavender is connected to the Fae, it allows one to sense the presence of a faerie and communicate with one as well. Lavender provides clarity, confidence, and balance into ones practice.

Here are some ways to use Lavender Magick:

  • Before you cast a circle sprinkle lavender buds around you forming a circle or a star, allowing its ring of protection to embody you energy field and open your third eye up to the unseen.
  • Take a pouch and fill it up with some lavender and chamomile buds and tie it to you door handle- it will protect your space from any darkness entering.
  • Sprinkling lavender around the home will attract nature spirits, while also keeping your home safe from any unwanted energies.
  • Burning dried lavender brings loving energy and peace into your space.
  • Add lavender buds to your tea.
  • Sprinkle lavender oil on your pillow or put a pouch of lavender buds in your pillow case to strengthen lucid dreaming and dream travel. It also promotes peaceful sleep and swear dreams.
  • During a full moon place lavender in a bowl with a clear quartz (program the crystal) allow the moonlight to illuminate it during the night- charging the crystals with manifesting/magickal energy. Then in the morning take the crystal and lavender buds and carry them with you till the new moon. During the new moon offer the lavender and quartz to the earth to give your thanks and allow the universe to manifest your goal.