i’ve never done this before..i have a very hyperactive mind and meditating is a bit tough for me..this was great. my mind was solely set on balancing this earth and nowhere else. it was a nice break from thinking..over an hour spent in the river and i walked away feeling too lovely


Triops australiensis

This living fossil is sometimes called shield shrimp. Triops australiensis is native to Australia, but other species of shield shrimps can be found nearly all around the world. It inhabits temporary pools of water and due to this after hatching from egg it develops rapidly to adulthood.

The Signs as Conscious

Aries: Are You Home
Taurus: We Had Everything
Gemini: Conscious
Cancer: Bedroom Door
Leo: Heartlines
Virgo: All of Your Glory
Libra: Full Blown Love
Scorpio: Worth the Fight
Sagittarius: Free
Capricorn: Recovery
Aquarius: Freak of Nature
Pisces: Couldn’t Believe

In case you don’t know, this is Broods’ newest album, and it really needs more appreciation so you should check it out :)