Come out and play MINDCRAFT presented by Technoculture, Art and Games Resource Center (TAG) with Gina Haraszti and Pierson Browne, Saturday May 30.

A hacked version of the famous game Minecraft will encourage the audience to think about questions surrounding the creation and destruction of cities, civilizations, and societies.

In its original form, Minecraft is a digital game that allows players to freely create, destroy, and explore in an open virtual world. At first, players build modest structures to protect themselves against the monsters that roam the wilds at night, but as the player’s mastery over the game grows, so does her ability to create something grand and lasting. The infinitely large game world contains infinite resources, and as such, players are free to dream up and construct impossible structures, convoluted machinery, labyrinthine gardens, or grandiloquent metropolises; the only limits are those of the imagination.

In this unbounded world, visitors are free to ignore the problems they have created with impunity; if an area has become deforested, barren, or polluted, players may simply move on to a fresh new area, rendering invisible their missteps and excesses as they fade beyond the horizon. By encouraging players to recklessly develop and exploit the game’s “natural” world, Minecraft harnesses and perpetuates perspectives that view the real world as an inexhaustible source of materials at the disposal of our consumptive desires. But what if Minecraft, rather than portraying a world of vast possibility and scant consequence, could be altered to focus on the opposite? How would the game change if the infinite world was made pressingly and inescapably finite?

“The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.” - Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

Consciousness Mandala.

With 12 Points and 12 rings in each point this Sacred Geometry Mandala has a foundation of 144 rings. The division into 3 sections represents the symbolism of the trinity, strength and equilibrium. The 12 represents, complex stability, 12 houses, 12 disciples, 12 tribes, etc. The 144 represents a fractal of the number of children in the house of the rising Sun, of the tribe of light (144,000). The contrast of black and white represents the total polarity from manifest Creation to the source of un-manifest potential. Creating a Flower of Life on top of an Flower of Life rotated 30 degrees gives a 12 pointed geometric map to a dodecahedron within a dodecahedron which is defined as a map to self reference. 

Sometimes you feel like a blob.

The Blob fish is a type of fish (yes, it’s not an alien) found off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, although extremely rare to actually come by. They live just off the sea bed, at a depth of around 800 meters which would make life impossible for most fish. The pressure at such depth is roughly eighty times more than at sea level.
Blob fish is almost entirely comprised of gelatinous substance which keeps the Blob fish from sinking as the density of the goo is less than that of then sea itself. This is the sole reason they can survive at such depths, as well as the explanation for the unusual appearance.

They absolutely lack any muscles, which possibly brands them the laziest species there is. Their diet consists mostly of sea urchins and mollusks, and the Blobfish will literally just float at the same spot for the longest time waiting for their meal to come by, making no effort to hunt at all. This leads to rather infrequent meals, of course, but it barely needs much sustenance anyway, given it’s nearly stationary lifestyle.

When underwater, the Blob fish has an almost human (if comic) face; however, taking it out of water will result in their gelatinous form to dry out and shrivel, followed by rather quick death. As it is currently a strangely common occurence for the fishermen to catch blobfish by mistake, the species is endangered due to their unability to survive anywhere but it’s natural environment.

Also, their females lay thousands of eggs at once and literally sit on them like chicken, often huddling all together in the nesting place.

Bonus: It’s also Nicholas St North’s spirit animal:


Ryan Hopkinson | Tumblr - Tornado

Starting point for a body of work under the theme ‘Artificial Nature’ in collaboration with Lightning + Kinglyface, the Tornado series has been inspired by my fascination for weather phenomenons and my curiosity about taking weather elements out of context and using them within a controlled environment to integrate them in my work. I worked with Lightning + Kinglyface to establish the delicate balance between a suitable artificial environment and the correct amount of rising smoke. Any slight wind changes in the studio or on the surface affected the vortex and stopped it from forming. Through a painstaking process of trial and error we managed to create twenty tornadoes – all for real and in-camera, each around 4ft in height, all with their own personalities and weight. The delicate nature of our creations stands in strong juxtaposition to nature’s own, but being able to recreate this force of nature and see it up close was mesmerising irrespective of its size and power.


Geometry of Creation.

In the beginning of your life in the womb, you were nothing but Geometrical forms. In fact, all life forms - trees, plants, dogs, cats, everything - have the same geometrical and structural patterns running through them that ran through you when you were microscopic. Their very life and structural support depend on the forms. In fact, all life forms are these geometrical patterns, but it is not apparent to the casual eye. These Geometrical relationships are important to perceive, not only so the left brain can realize the Unity of all Life,
but for another reason: so that we can understand these Electromagnetic structural patterns around our Body and begin to re-create them.

Every known Life form begins as a Sphere. It’s the most female form there is, so it makes perfect sense that the female would choose that shape to form the ovum. All of us begin as a Sphere. 

The ovum has a membrane around it called the zona pellucida . Inside the membrane is a liquid, and inside it, there’s another perfectly round Sphere called the female pronucleus, which contains 22 + 1 chromosomes - half the chromosomes necessary to create a Human body. Inside the zona pellucida, are two polar bodies. It is now known that the ovum must be absolutely saturated with hundreds of sperm, or conception is not even possible. Out of those hundreds, ten, eleven or twelve must come together in some kind of pattern on the surface - a pattern scientists are still trying to figure out - that allows the eleventh, twelfth or thirteenth sperm to enter the ovum. One sperm cannot get through the membrane without the other ten to twelve. It’s not possible except when a human artificially inseminates it. The little sperm gets in through the zona pellucida with the help of the other sperm and then starts swimming toward the female pronucleus. The first thing that happens is that the sperm’s tail breaks off and disappears. Next, the tiny sperm head expands and becomes a perfect Sphere, which is the male pronucleus. It becomes exactly the same size as the female pronucleus, and it contains the other half of the necessary information.

Next, they pass through each other and form a Geometrical relationship called the Vesica Piscis. It’s not possible for two Spheres to pass through each other and perfectly coincide without forming a Vesica Piscis. This means that at this exact moment literally all the information of the Reality and Light is contained in that Geometry. This could not happen unless the two pronuclei were the same size. 

The First Human Cell after the two pronuclei make a Vesica Piscis, the male pronucleus continues to permeate the female pronucleus until they are one. At this time it’s called a human zygote , the first cell of the Human body . So you began as a Sphere before you created your familiar Human body. Actually, you were a Sphere within a Sphere.

The human zygote will not change size during the first nine cell divisions. The human zygote is about 200 times bigger than the average cell in the Human body, so big you can actually see it with naked eye. When it divides into two, each of those two cells is half the original size; and when those two cells divide into four, each cell is a quarter of the original size. The cells keep dividing, getting smaller and smaller, until they’ve divided eight more times and number 512 of them. At that point, the average cell size of the Human body is reached. Mitosis continues, and the dividing cells expand beyond the boundaries of the original zona pellucida.

This is a single Cell transforming through the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry stages before becoming a fetus. This is ALL OF US at conception.

ISLAM 101: Muslim Beliefs:Knowledge of God Almighty:San’at-i Ilahiye(His art,His creation):Nature: Cause or Effect? Part 2

The second way

This is the claim that things are formed by themselves. This is equally inconceivable and impossible in numerous ways. As examples, we will explain three of them.


O denier of the Creator! You can accept something that is impossible as possible in numerous ways. For you exist and are not a simple, inanimate, or unchanging substance. Rather, you are like a perfectly well-ordered and continuously renewed factory or like a wonderful palace that undergoes continuous change and renewal. Innumerable particles are ceaselessly working in your body, which has connections and mutual relations with the universe, particularly in respect of the provision and permanence of your species. The particles in your body are careful not to destroy those connections and relations. It is as if they consider the entire universe from the perspective of your relations with it and assume their positions accordingly. Therefore, if you do not accept that the particles in your body are not tiny officials moving in accordance with the law of the Eternal, All-Powerful One, or the soldiers of one of His hosts, or the nibs of the Pen of Divine Destiny, or the points of the Pen of the Divine Power, then each particle working in your eye would have to have an eye capable of seeing the whole of your body together with the whole of the universe, with which your body is connected and related. You would also have to ascribe to each particle an intelligence equivalent to that of a hundred geniuses; it would have to have the capacity to know your whole past and future, your ancestors and descendants, the origins of the elements that form your body, and the sources of your sustenance. Attributing the consciousness and knowledge of a thousand Platos to an unintelligent particle is obviously misguided.


Your body also resembles a wonderful palace that has a thousand domes kept in suspense with the stones all supporting one another. Rather, your body is a thousand times more wonderful than any palace. For that palace of your body is constantly renewed in perfect order. Even if we ignore your spirit, your heart, and other immaterial faculties, each of which is extremely wonderful, each member of your body is like a domed mansion. Supporting one another in perfect order and balance, your atoms form miracles of Art and Power, such as the eyes and the tongue. If those atoms were not officials working in perfect obedience to the orders of the Builder of that universe, then each of them would have to both dominate and be dominated by all the other atoms of the body, and be the origin of many Attributes that belong to the Necessarily Existent One exclusively, yet be both absolutely independent and dependent at the same time. Therefore, attributing any existent being, which has a unique individuality because of being a work of the Single One of Unity and Uniqueness, to the innumerable atoms that form it, is an obvious, hundred-fold impossibility.


If your body had not been “written” by the Pen of the Eternal All-Powerful One, Who is One and Unique, and were rather a work of nature or “natural” causes, then there would have to be as many printing-blocks or molds of nature as the number of its cells and the compounds they form in your body contained one within the other. For example, this book in your hand has either been written by a single scribe based on his knowledge, or if you claim that it has been formed by itself or nature, then there would have to be as many keys as the number of its letters. There are as many iron letters in a printing press as the number of the letters in the alphabet. They have to be arranged one by one in order to write a word, and therefore it can be said that as many iron letters as there are letters of a book are required for a book to produce itself. Furthermore, there is a kind of calligraphy consisting of only one large letter, yet, in which, for example, a whole Qur’anic sura of five or six pages can be written. This means that in order to write a single letter in a printing press, we need thousands of iron letters. Similarly, each living thing or being is like such a letter. It contains almost everything that exists in the universe. So, just as the attribution of a book to itself or to its iron letters requires those letters to come together by themselves in a conscious, meaningful way in a printing press, if we attribute a living thing or being to itself, then we would have to accept that all of the atoms or innumerable samples of the universe have come together consciously to form it. Even if we were to accept this ridiculous idea, which involves as many impossibilities as the particles of a living being, even of the universe, it is infinitely far from explaining life and its origin, or the many immaterial faculties of a conscious living being, such as reason, consciousness, and willpower.


Mona Lisa and Golden Ratio.

Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a 16th century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance. The work is owned by the Government of France and is on the wall in the Louvre in Paris. It is perhaps the most famous and iconic painting in the world.

Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci and underlying many of his design compositions, is the Phi relationship (also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean), a Ratio of approximately 1:1.618, found in Nature and Creation, and inherent in the Fibonacci sequence. The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the “Divine Proportion”.

Also, certain Solar System orbital periods and relative planetary distances are also related to Phi. Some scientists say that the shape of the Universe itself is a Dodecahedron based on Phi.