Sometimes you feel like a blob.

The Blob fish is a type of fish (yes, it’s not an alien) found off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, although extremely rare to actually come by. They live just off the sea bed, at a depth of around 800 meters which would make life impossible for most fish. The pressure at such depth is roughly eighty times more than at sea level.
Blob fish is almost entirely comprised of gelatinous substance which keeps the Blob fish from sinking as the density of the goo is less than that of then sea itself. This is the sole reason they can survive at such depths, as well as the explanation for the unusual appearance.

They absolutely lack any muscles, which possibly brands them the laziest species there is. Their diet consists mostly of sea urchins and mollusks, and the Blobfish will literally just float at the same spot for the longest time waiting for their meal to come by, making no effort to hunt at all. This leads to rather infrequent meals, of course, but it barely needs much sustenance anyway, given it’s nearly stationary lifestyle.

When underwater, the Blob fish has an almost human (if comic) face; however, taking it out of water will result in their gelatinous form to dry out and shrivel, followed by rather quick death. As it is currently a strangely common occurence for the fishermen to catch blobfish by mistake, the species is endangered due to their unability to survive anywhere but it’s natural environment.

Also, their females lay thousands of eggs at once and literally sit on them like chicken, often huddling all together in the nesting place.

Bonus: It’s also Nicholas St North’s spirit animal:


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