nature's reclamation


in the discomfort

your presence


Make them see,

Make them all

See what they fear:

For our kind,

Are but a mirror

Into the fractured psyche,

Of the ignorant,

Who would cast us into fire – 

We are Other,

We are Enemy,

For it is we,

Who might force them to see,

That which they truly –

Wish to be


Cast from the purgative womb,

Of a broken kingdom,

An exile in white,

While our lineage weeps

Adorning mantillas of somber retribution,

 – for having been vessel to the Damned,

Our condemnation,

Is our saving grace

For is it that which

Breaks the shackles of expectation,

We are Nature,

This is our reclamation,

Of what hath been stolen,

In the Garden of Life Everlasting,

When Man plucked the fruit from the bough,

The Serpent coiled around our waist,

And we lowered our skyward arms to him;

The choice was never ours to make.

And then the Tyrant spit forth acrid dominion,

He told his Bastard Children,

“Take naught from Them,

For they dare know more than I!

And the Silver-Tongued One sought shelter in our tresses,

Hisssing sssuch sssoft ssspoken sssongs,

They took from Us,

Just as their Creator stole life from Our Mother–

The Garden

We are the overgrowth,

We are the devastation,

We are the winding root,

And coiled vine fingers,

Of the Gods –

Of our Kin –

Mahakali -

Perses -

Eris -

We are the Horsemen:

We have come to Destroy 

So that we,


One day,

Start again:

Let us ride.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any resources for writing a post apocalyptic world after a pandemic?

  • Survivors. You can express this in percentages (only 5% of the world survived) or by area (only the English survived). Of the survivors, are they alive because they’re immune (naturally or because they survived the disease) or because they’ve never contracted it?
  • Pre- and post-pandemic migration. People are going to move away from disease centers, like cities. They will crowd medical facilities, army bases, and transport hubs like airports and train stations. You need to factor this in to figure out how the survivors are distributed throughout your setting.
  • The disease. Is it still a problem? If so, characters probably need to wear hazmat suits, boil their water, avoid eating shellfish, not touch infected people, or basically not do what spreads the disease. You should probably figure out how long the disease will survive after leaving a host body.
  • Order. Obviously not going to be global if 95% of the population survives. But if one large area (say, Japan, an island country) escapes the disease, they may have the resources to extend control/help to other survivors around the world. Survivors will band together and form groups that will either choose a base or become nomadic wanderers. Survivor bands may be extreme in terms of belief systems, survival methods, or some other trait. 
  • Resources. If this isn’t an agrarian or hunter-gatherer society, food will be hard to come by. People aren’t accustomed to growing, hunting, or gathering their own, and they don’t have the ingredients to cook. People aren’t used to walking everywhere because they don’t have gas for their cars. People aren’t used to lighting their own fires because there isn’t any electricity for heat. If there are substantial numbers of survivors, they will probably fight over supplies.
  • Natural world. There are thousands of unburied and decomposing bodies everywhere. Ew. Does the disease affect animals and plants as well as humans? How? If it doesn’t affect animals or plants - many fictional pandemics don’t - they will be able to move back into areas usually colonized by humans. Plants will retake human areas - look up pictures of Pripyat if you want to see nature reclamation in action. If your culture has domesticated animals, imagine what will happen to them. Cows die if they aren’t milked, you know. Imagine all those cats and dogs trapped in houses, or ones that escape and become feral. Imagine a herd of camels who escape a zoo and make their home in Texas. Imagine Las Vegas turning into a desert because water isn’t pumped to it daily.