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Oh. OH. OOOOHHHH. That's very interesting, June. What else has he done?

He works as soul specialist at a Children’s hospital in the capital, and I understand he consults for cases all across the country - he has a LAUNDRY LIST of successful cases, half of which were considered INCURABLE before his soul graft procedure was put into practice and perfected. He’s also notorious for being outlandish, and has a lab assistant that’s rumored to be a childhood friend - he’s a natural born genius! I’d love to work as a director with him someday. …I do understand that is but a pipe dream, however.

lovely moon sign things

aries: a reckless romantic! big hearts and funny minds. lovessss to play it cool and give away as little as possible about their funny little selves. 

taurus: remembers so many little details about people. so exceptionally clever, but in a psychological way as well as an academic way. an aMaZiNG pal

gemini: wants to tell you every detail about their day. wants the world to laugh alongside them. people fascinate them. they have a way with words

cancer: sees romance in buildings and nature. stylish & genius. want the best for everyone around them. protective hearts

leo: is always there to protect & care for those when they need it. so much wit. a talented mind. they bring a lot of light when you’re around them.

virgo: just wants to create art. a gentleman or lady. organic souls. consumes knowledge & loves learning. kind beings

libra: very forgiving, just wants to make everyone laugh. the softest being & very romantic. stands up what & who they believe in

scorpio: colorful & eccentric minds. always go for what they want & usually get it! loved by many, beautiful smiley people.

sagittarius: change EXCITES them. playful & creative. loves meeting new people & sticks by the ones they love. so much LIFE in them

capricorn: so MucH tAlent!!! beautiful minds! stubborn & sarcastic & have too many interests at once. big dreamers & chance takers

aquarius: is embarrassed about the quirks that the world loves them for. absolutely unique, you’ve never met anyone like them. beautiful in & out

pisces: just wants to save the world really. picturesque & arty, the sweetest of souls. they experience romance in every aspect they can

  • Sun in Aries: Developing pride in themselves and their worth, their right to existence
  • Sun in Taurus: Developing pride in their body, soul, and inherent natural essence
  • Sun in Gemini: Developing pride in their mind and its quirks and qualities
  • Sun in Cancer: Developing pride in their creation, their life, experiences, memories and family
  • Sun in Leo: Developing pride in themselves, their natural essence, exuberant expression, and light
  • Sun in Virgo: Developing pride in their skills, talents, natural abilities, and quality of mind
  • Sun in Libra: Developing pride in their intrinsic importance and the impact they have on others
  • Sun in Scorpio: Developing pride in their rich internal resources, their hidden magic and resilience
  • Sun in Sagittarius: Developing pride in their quality of mind, ability to synthesise universal information, and the positive impact they have on others
  • Sun in Capricorn: Developing pride in their multiple, unnoticed accomplishments, in the strength of their resilience
  • Sun in Aquarius: Developing pride in their individuality and differentness, in their quality of mind and natural genius
  • Sun in Pisces: Developing pride in their compassion, empathy, and healing potential, in their creativity and susceptibility to guidance from the spiritual world

someone: how are you

me: Amazon Studios has put in development Cleopatra, a drama series about the famous Egyptian queen. The project hails from the Black Sails trio of co-creators/executive producers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine and executive producer Dan Shotz. Written by Levine, Cleopatra is described as a revisionist take on one of history’s most misunderstood women, The Godfather in Ancient Egypt. After nearly losing her life in a bloody coup, Cleopatra must use her natural wit and political genius to take back her throne and restore honor to her family and kingdom. In addition to writing, Levine is executive producing alongside Steinberg and Shotz of Quaker Moving Pictures and Mary Beth Basile (Life Unexpected) of Basile Ring Entertainment.

Whoops. How do I fix it?

When we do something wrong, which means to say something out of step with what we know to be kind, thoughtful, and true, our body can have a visceral reaction to it. 

That visceral reaction can take the form of an unpleasant emotion lodged in our body somewhere. This makes us feel uncomfortable and we do not like feeling uncomfortable. So we try to do different things to make it feel better. 

Here are some of the useless ways in which we do that:

  • Denial. Sometimes we’d just rather overlook our missteps rather than take responsibility for them. The truth is that unless we take responsibility for something, we cannot take control of it. The ego, on the other hand, prefers to deny because it cannot handle the way taking responsibility may damage its self-image. 
  • Blame. Instead of taking responsibility, we may try to fool ourselves into thinking someone else is at fault or more at fault than us. Again, this may make us feel better temporarily but facilitates no real healing. 
  • Rationalization. Using our intellect to try to control the narrative around our misstep might be tempting because again it casts our egos in a better light. However, the result of this can be that we create a divide between our mind and our emotionality. 

None of this will help in the long run. In fact, if the emotion stays lodged in you, you will be more likely to repeat this kind of behavior.

Here is a better approach that will leave you stronger, happier, and more whole:

  • Take responsibility immediately. If not immediately then as soon as you decide to stop kidding yourself. Admit to yourself and to whomever is involved that this was a misstep and a lapse in judgement on your part. If necessary, apologize. You will already feel a decompression within you. 
  • Inhabit your body totally. Feel your body from within. Feel the lodged emotion in your body. Forget why it is there. Just feel the emotion. Realize that it is not a part of you and not who you are. Let it be there if it stays but breathe through it and eventually it will dissolve. 
  • Forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness means you are not judging yourself. You are not making your misstep a label or indictment on who you are as a finite being. It is not labeled as your nature. Sometimes we do genius things, sometimes we do foolish things. Recognizing and healing the foolish things is how you grow. 

Going through all of this firsthand is an important experience. Learning how to forgive yourself means that when someone else missteps, you also know how to forgive them. This is a movement towards peace between people. Not holding grudges, not judging, giving people room to outgrow their limits, and allowing a space for interconnectedness. 

May all beings and all worlds benefit from such wisdom. 



and how everything revolves around our soft boys, Andrew and Neil

before this begins: neil is not a josten, but a hatford. this is set in a remote town in california, and andrew has pink hair because he wanted renee to test it on him

(part two)

  • andrew joseph minyard, for all intents and purposes, does not want to associate himself with Anyone, if he could help it. 
    • he does his group projects so efficiently, his classmates deem him the lifeguard to all group projects
    • he avoids having to sit in lunch with anyone save for renee and aaron, if he can
    • he’s always on the rush to get home because he can’t take just using pain meds to get rid of the horrible, horrible feeling of disorientation 
    • he also has this long-standing dislike of jocks bolstered by either of 3 things: a) he’s a natural genius, b) he’s gay, and c) aaron had to assault one for getting andrew roofied at the freshman mixer.
  • ENTER: neil abram hatford
    • neil and kevin are new to The States. being friends since neil was eight (when kayleigh finally settled down from bumming around in ireland), kevin and neil were basically stuck to the hip. 
    • they transferred to the US when kevin finally landed himself an exchange program in california, neil because he could, kevin because of his dad, and both because they were tired of the ravens at their old boarding school
    • as soon as the school year starts, both of our lovable idiots join the soccer team (sorry, no exy :( ). they take the same spanish class, the same history class, and even have the same lunch blocks. so basically, they do everything they did back in the UK
  • so technically second year debate team genius Andrew Minyard shouldn’t actually care about first year exchange student and jock Neil Hatford
  • here’s the kicker

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‘Cleopatra’ TV Series In the Works At Amazon From ‘Black Sails’ Team
Amazon Studios has put in development Cleopatra, a drama series about the famous Egyptian queen, I have learned. The project hails from the Black Sails trio of co-creators/executive producers Jonat…
By Nellie Andreeva

‘Written by Levine, Cleopatra is described as a revisionist take on one of history’s most misunderstood women, The Godfather in Ancient Egypt. After nearly losing her life in a bloody coup, Cleopatra must use her natural wit and political genius to take back her throne and restore honor to her family and kingdom.’

Who the moon signs are to me (from a scorpio moon)

Aries moon: You are the spark, enlightening everything you touch, burning it, adding bright red colors and excitement. You are the newborn, finding the good in everything, thinking of everything as a new special experience. You are an experience, once you let it take you it will bring fulfillment and will bring life to anything.

Taurus moon: You are the path, guiding me in the right direction, steady, never letting me lose my way. You are the shore, absorbing my emotions, letting them clash onto you but never take you, always being there, never wavering. You are the rock, standing stubbornly and solidly, giving me a place to stand on, to depend on. 

Gemini moon: You are the wind, flighty, mysterious, leading to me a new path if i follow you. You are the masks, having one for each situation, recognizing when I’m wearing one of my own, softly whispering me to take it off. You are the genius, cunning, naturally intelligent, always looking for information, always observing and processing.

Cancer moon: You are the feelings, each one hitting like a wave, sometimes turning into a tsunami, raw, deep, consuming. You are the sea, calm, nice, comforting, but can turn violent, volatile, swallowing me whole. You are agape, unconditional selfless love, embracing everyone, whether stranger or friend, like a mother, providing endless comfort and support.

Leo moon: You are the hero, always wearing a smile for everyone who doesn’t, standing proud and tall. You are the star, playing in an endless drama piece, never stopping your act, performing, making people laugh, bringing them enjoyment. You are the protector, always looking out for your loved ones, putting their needs above your own, getting heartbroken every time your friends are down.

Virgo moon: You are the system, always working and making everything work, connecting everything, recognizing the flaws and trying to fix them. You are the tortured artist, seemingly never statisfied with your own work, in an endless spiral of self criticism until you finally create your perfect piece. You are Mother Teresa, eternally charitable and blessing those close to you with endless love and loyalty.

Libra moon: You are the mirror, showing everyone what they want to see, reflecting their own image. You are the bond, the one holding everyone together, keeping the peace but also being the leader when you need to, bringing solidarity to every group you are in. You are a diamond, shining brightly and glamorousl and shining that light on those around you.

Scorpio moon: You are glass, sturdy but also easy to break, so you try to hide that weakness, disguising yourself to be another material altogether. You are the universe, deeper than anyone can anyone could guess, filled with the dark but also stars and galaxies, shining brightly, showing whole new worlds. You are a vulcano, your emotions always on hold, never showing, never dripping an ounce of lava until one day you explode and your emotions become hot lava, burning everyone near you. 

Sagittarius moon: You are laughter, good times and happiness, reckless fun, loud and bold, laughing at danger itself. You are shooting stars, moving quickly, too quickly for some, never stopping but illuminating everything in your way, so bright some think you can grant wishes. You are late night road trips, spontaneous, a new experience bringing excitement to everyone involved, you are lais back but serious at the same time.

Capricorn moon: You are the boss, recognizing what needs to be done and telling others what to do, the most important part of the team, able to see what needs to be improved and having a keen eye for details. You are a mountain, unmovable and too high for most people, but once someone climbs the mountain you offer a dependable place, forever staying there, and a bright, calming view. You are the determined one, always striving to be on the top, always aiming to be the best, which inspires others and makes them admire you.

Aquarius moon: You are humanity, everyone’s thoughts and feelings fused into one, bearing the burden of all of humanity, which can get so overwhelming you have to detach from your emotions. You are everyone, you connect with everyone, overflowing with empathy, accepting humans of all kinds and backgrounds, making them a part of yourself. You are the observer, attaining all kinds of knowledge, always striving to learn more.

Pisces moon: You are everything and nothing, the beginning and the end, allknowing, spiritual. You are the savior, sacrificing yourself for everyone around you, caring for the weak and the abandoned, seeing yourself in them, seeing yourself in everyone. You are compassion, striving to do good for this world, to make it a better place and to make others better people. You are salvation.

  • major: business management 
  • minor: statistics 
  • sports: volleyball 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time since he’s interning at a big company the entire sem
  • in class, mingyu is practically a natural genius. like managment skills? statistical methods in business? intro to finance? easy stuff he soaks up information like a sponge and is always the person everyone looks forward to presenting in class and the teachers love how articulate he is with his words and he’s a real crowd pleaser you know because he’s: tall, handsome, smart, and witty
  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS THO he’s the number one memer 
  • like people who don’t know him personally or only know him in class run up to him like “omg!!! how are you so cool all the time????” and mingyu grins and shrugs it off like no big deal
  • and literally five seconds later he’s sneezing into his arm and wiping it on wonwoo’s shirt or spilling his coffee all over jeonghan’s textbooks or stealing seungcheol’s food and then dropping it and then picking it up and eating it??? and like
  • his close friends just snort when someone calls him cool because in all honesty he’s not cool he’s corny 
  • but also they all come over to his dorm because he’s the only one who uses the communal kitchen to actually cook real meals and everyone’s been living off cup ramen so it’s nice to actually eat something that’s been seasoned and cooked and mingyu’s got this special recipe for making omelets over rice and so whenever he’s making one in the morning he ends up actually making ten portions because word spreads fast and half the dorm swoops downstairs like hungry vultures ready to Feast and mingyu’s like ok ok ok fine someone pass me more eggs
  • is good at volleyball because he’s tall but has also literally tripped over air 14342 times during practice and the rest of the team is like: how does he even balance himself on those long legs??? 
  • has a habit of messing up wonwoo’s hair before wonwoo has class and like he doesn’t tell him how it looks and only when they’re both back at the dorm wonwoo points to his head and is like “mingyu, explain.” and mingyu’s like “it’s in hyung. it’s the new style.” “mingyu - i look like i rolled out of a trash can.”
  • but it’s ok wonwoo forgives him because mingyu’s the one that cleans the dorm while wonwoo passes out studying 
  • and tbh you’re one of the people who finds mingyu to be so ??? untouchable ??? like he’s the guy you see always dressed well, surrounded by lots of people, and getting top grades and so like others you’re like he’s the model college student like you see him and you’re like i wanna be like that
  • but boy oh boy are you in for the shock of ur life when you find out that the company you’re interning at is the same company mingyu interns at and like 
  • you both are in different departments but on your first day you’re taking the train and you see mingyu sitting a couple of seats away and like at first you’re like 
  • wow! he looks so spiffy in his suit and he has like a briefcase and he looks so damn well prepared that you even feel a little self conscious 
  • but then three seconds later you look over again and see that he’s falling asleep on his way and like he literally topples over onto the person beside him
  • and the person like shoves mingyu’s head off and says something rude and mingyu’s like bowing his head and apologizing
  • and like you’re like “he must have not gotten any sleep the night before.” but then
  • the next day when you’re on the train again to your internship mingyu’s there too……again…..falling asleep…..on the person beside him…….
  • and this happens for the first two weeks that you’re taking the train to your internship
  • and like you wonder if he’s just overworking himself or something but then one day you end up going in at the same time as mingyu into the building where you two work and like you go in and swipe your ID to get in but you see mingyu standing next to the security guard begging him and asking him for something and you get a little closer and the guards like “this is the 4th time this week, kid get your ID back” and mingyu’s like “i LoST IT ThO” and the guards like “this is already your third one and it’s been two weeks???” and mingyu’s making puppy dog eyes and you’re like ?????? this is not the suave boy i know off campus
  • and when you go up to his floor where he’s interning with the stats dept like you see mingyu holding a leaning tower of papers and as expected he makes one step and ends up falling over with the papers flyinG into the air
  • and some guy yells at him that he’s always being so clumsy and like you’ve never seen mingyu looking so embarrassed with his head down and his hands folded in front of him
  • and you’re like “is this a side of him no one else knows?”
  • and like you think yeah - he probably is just nervous just like you but then as you’re going back to campus from your internship you see mingyu across the street coming out of a fast food place and like licking his fingers and wiping them on his tie 
  • and like you know you’re just a little Shocked but also like it’s endearing …. 
  • everyone makes him out to be this tall, perfect student that’s always the model of what to be and here he is with crumbs around his mouth and ketchup on his shirt like … makes you giggle
  • but ofc you don’t approach him you don’t really even think he knows you two intern for the same boss until one day you get on the train take a seat and mingyu taKES THe SEAT BESIDE you 
  • and internally you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! but then you don’t even notice five minutes go by until you feel a soft thud on your shoulder and as you turn
  • there he is 
  • kim mingyu, sleeping soundly on your shoulder 
  • and you don’t push him off or anything but you do feel your face grow red and some older ladies smile at the two of you and it becomes a given that like everyone on this train thinks you two are a couple and you’re just like UM 
  • the stop you and mingyu need to get off on comes and you (sadly) have to shake him awake and then make a run for the door as you drag a half awake mingyu along with you
  • and you’re like “thank god we made it.” and mingyu’s like “yeah!” and then he straightens up and says your name and you’re like ???? you know my name and mingyu’s like “ofc i know your name we work and go to school together.” and you’re like yEAH BUT ???? we’ve never interacted
  • and mingyu laughs and he’s like “yeah we have!!! you’ve seen me fall asleep on strangers and get yelled at for losing my ID and weren’t you there when i face planted with my big stack of documents??”
  • and you’re like “wait you noticed me that whole time?” and mingyu nods and checks his watch like “we better run, can you keep up?”
  • and that’s how you end up running behind the long legged secret office/campus crush of yours and good lord he can run fast
  • you two get to the building out of breath but luckily mingyu has his ID this time and you go inside and split ways when you get off a floor before him but before you do mingyu’s like “meet me for lunch downstairs??” and you’re like /?/// ok?????!@?@?@?#
  • the entire time you’re at your desk you’re trying to piece together how it is that you haven’t noticed mingyu noticing you this whole time like,,,,,you kinda just don’t see how it happened?? he’s never even made eye contact with you on the train
  • but you leave all that for lunch when you go downstairs and see mingyu waiting 
  • and he’s like looking amazing in his black slacks and button down rolled up sleeves and hair pushed back and you’re like “he really is like a model….”
  • but then you two go to this burger place around the corner and mingyu orders two deluxe meals for himself and a huge cola and like oh my god he eats like a child and he has some lettuce in his teeth and sauce all over his hands
  • and once again you find yourself endeared but also giggling at his hidden silliness
  • and you mingyu’s like “why are you laughing??” and you lean over with your napkin to wipe off the sauce from the corner of his mouth like “thiS is WHY” but then like 
  • you’re so close and you see his eyes up close and they’re like a sparkling, mesmerizing brown and it takes everything in your strength to just pull away from looking into them
  • and like it’s a lil awkwardly silent until you’re like 
  • “u m coughs by the way um how do you know…….who i am??”
  • and mingyu’s like “AHHHHH you’re cute and i’ve liked you for some time, of course i know who you are.”
  • and you’re like …………………….WHAT
  • and mingyu scratches the back of his head and rolls his tongue in his mouth and is like 
  • “wonwoo said i should just tell you, especially before this internship is over, so ……yeah.”
  • and you’re like starstruck honestly but you’re like “why??”
  • and mingyu takes a minute to think and then he’s like “remember on our first day you saw me act like a total fool on the train? and the time you saw me getting scolded by the guard?” and you’re like “….yes?” and mingyu chuckles like “well, most people don’t like the real me. they imagine me as one thing and then the real silly, dumb side of me is something they don’t want but you - you kept looking at me right?”
  • the words get stuck in your mouth because oh god he saw you staring at him this whole time but also like………of course you kept looking at him and you say that
  • you tell him that “you’re nothing like what i thought, but it made me want to keep looking at you more. that side of you - it’s better than what i imagined.”
  • an honestly in that moment the rest of the people all fade away and it’s just you and mingyu and mingyu takes your hand as you two get up and go back to work and it just
  • it fits. you two fit each other
  • and just like that you two are a thing and every morning mingyu isn’t falling asleep on random people’s shoulders. he’s falling asleep on yours
  • and he’s kissing your cheek before he does and he’s kissing you goodbye when you get off the elevator 
  • you two hold hands and hide it behind your backs when co-workers walk by and tell you two not to go around slacking off since you’re temporary interns
  • and you and mingyu aren’t even hurt because you’re interns in love ok love is what it’s all about (but so is studying so if you’re reading this: do your homework ANYWAY)
  • you find a way to keep mingyu awake on your commute to the internship and the magic trick is literally buy him a big cup of coffee and he won’t spend the entire thirty minutes on the train snoozing
  • instead you two will talk and laugh and mingyu will do bad impressions of your boss and of teachers
  • and when you’re coming back from the internship and the trains are packed mingyu will grab the overhead pole and pull you against him so you don’t have to stretch out your arm and 
  • as clumsy as he is, he’s got these sparks of romantic in him
  • and yes you always have to remind him to sneeze into a napkin, not just wipe it off on the closest person
  • and you hit his hand when he tries to enforce the “five second rule”
  • you come up to give something to the statistic dept. head and mingyu tries to wave at you but accidentally swings his long arms too much and knocks a potted plant off a desk and you have to end up running over and helping him clean it up before the owner of the desk comes back
  • youngguk at his desk: “where is my bonsai tree?” 
  • you and mingyu: *hiding in a cubicle with the remains of youngguk’s bonsai tree* rip 
  • when the internship is over for the semester you and mingyu still see each other and just like wonwoo, jeonghan, and the rest of mingyu’s friends you come to thinking all the freshman who obsesses over how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ mingyu is is super funny
  • because you know how he really is, sleeping with his long limbs spread out everywhere and half of his textbook sliding out of his bed and his clothes are literally just a pile inside the closet
  • and mingyu cleans, like he’s not gross or anything but he’s also just so like he cleans and then makes a mess three seconds later and you’re like how?????
  • and when mingyu first offers to cook for you you’re like : “i dont trust you around sharp objects” but mingyu somehow convinces you (lots of kisses are involved in this bribe) and you sit down and watch him cook
  • it’s like a whole different person 
  • and you ask mingyu why he didn’t want to go to culinary school or something like that and mingyu laughs and shakes his hand and he’s like “my cooking is good - but not that good.” and maybe just maybe you hear a hint of sadness in his voice
  • but that’s gone after you take the first bite out of what he made you and you’re like mINGYU THIS is AMAZinG
  • and he grins and is like “is it???” and taste some too and he’s like “yeah, you’re right it’s amazing - like me”
  • and you seriously love the dates where you come over on a weekend and neither of you have classes and mingyu and you look up new restaurants that have opened near campus and you two go out and just try everything
  • and no matter what, you’ll order something and mingyu will try to steal bites when you’re not looking and you ALWAYS CATCH HIM but he just grins and is like !!!! i love you !!! and you’re like oh my god gET your OWN and he pouts like nooooo i wantttt yourssssss
  • he’s a big baby basically
  • mingyu starts a foodstagram just to share photos of you eating when you guys go out and you’re like sTOp i look bad in all of these and mingyu’s like “the food matters, not you baby” and you’re like EXCUSE mE and you chase him around and he laughs his head off and wonwoo is watching you two like wow. how are these two in college
  • mingyu tries to mess up your hair like he does to wonwoo before class but you grab his wrist before he can and you’re like “if you touch my hair i will not kiss you for 24 hours.” and mingyu automatically gives in because no kisses for 24 hours would kill this big affectionate puppy
  • mingyu knows you’re a sucker for his smile, especially when it shows off his canines and so he’ll smile at you like that when you’re ticked off at him and like you’ll try to be serious and tell him to stop but he’ll pull you over by the waist and smile and ask whats wrong and you’ll just be like STOP YOUR HANDSOMENESS is messING WITH ME and he just continues to smile and you’re like ,,,,,i cant be mad at him gdi
  • begs you to cook for him and you’re like mingyu im studying right now and he’s like but i want to eat and you’re like go ask jeonghan to do it and mingyu’s like jeonghan almost burnt down our communal kitchen last week pls 
  • mingyu gets good grades because he throws himself into studying right before big tests and presentations and it ends up with him not sleeping and not eating right and this is when he’s literally a Mess
  • like not a joke mess like usual but a Mess and you literally sometimes have to keep him upright because he falls over from lack of sleep and you’re like mINGYU you’re SIX FEET TALL you NEED to Eat and you shove like a granola bar in his mouth and he tries to say i love you but it comes out all muffled 
  • mingyu once wore his shirt inside out and you were like “ming-” but wonwoo was like “no. let the campus see how goofy he really is.”
  • mingyu still holds a grudge against you and wonwoo till this day
  • “mingyu i can’t reach that, can you get it?” “sure.” “mingyu why are you picking me up just uSE YOur OWN HANDS oh MY GOD AM i TWENTY FEET OFF THE fLOOR MINGYu”
  • whenever he waits for you to come out of class he opens his arms and you run into them and he spins you around and it’s cHEEEEEEESY but it’s worth it because he’s always happy to see you
  • you can never study together because mingyu will fall asleep with his head on your shoulder or on your lap and when you’re like hey buddy wake up he’s like nooooooo you’re soooo comfyyyyyy
  • once you came to watch volleyball practice and mingyu saw you and started waving and you were gonna wave back unTIL the BALL HIT him in THE heAD AND You like ScrEAMED and mingyu like fell over and everyone was like oh my god how oblivious is he
  • you cradling mingyu’s head in your lap: “are you ok???” mingyu: “am i in heaven? are you an angel?” wonwoo: “i cant believe he almost got knocked unconscious and is stILL FLIRTING WITH YOU” 

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Warped || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Yes, the ask is open :D I really love your stories! Can I please request a kinda angsty Story where the Reader gets kidnapped and Peter tries to rescue her - but while being tortured she discovers some kind of super power and got free and Peter finds her and comforts her about it? I hope that’s okay! Thank you and have a nice day :3.]]

ahhh I know I’ve been posting so much in the peter parker x reader tags, but like, I have so many requests that i gotta get through because I’m a sucker for pain (lmao I’m kidding, I actually adore writing a lot and don’t mind it)

in fact, I just now opened up requests for stories featuring young!sirius and young!remus 。゚(TヮT)゚。this was done to actually spread out my peter parker updates a little bit by writing for these two new characters to keep me occupied.

so please, send in all of your requests! Writing is actually very therapeutic for me so I don’t mind being flooded with so many requests

and here’s the tentative schedule for what I plan to do:

present day: peter parker x reader ((requests))

the next day: remus and/or sirius ((requested stories OR my own personal stories))

the day after: remus and/or sirius ((requested stories OR my own personal stories))

and the whole cycle will repeat itself as I manage this blog TTwTT. So without anymore stalling, lets delve into WARPED!!

warnings: torture, descriptions of inflicting pain. If this triggers you, then please don’t read this.

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It was still broad daylight when you escaped from the confines of Midtown, your eyes watering slightly as the sun beamed down at your (color) eyes.

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