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Powers {Avengers Preference}

requested; has a spoiler for AoU at Pietro’s part


“What can you do then?” Tony asked, watching you, “From the files I read about you, you’re like a human fireball. Show me.”

You rolled your eyes, “I’d rather not.” You said, shaking your head, “I don’t think you could handle the heat.”

Tony laughed, “Come on, show us what you can do.”

You focused for a moment before you felt the familiar warmth of the flames that danced across your skin, “Whoa…” Tony mumbled, “That’s impressive; pretty hot, if you ask me.”


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The enemies were coming in too quickly and you were vastly outnumbered, “We can’t fight this many!” You heard Steve shout to the left of you before he was knocked to his feet, his shield just out of his grasp. Quickly, you used your power. It would drain you, but right now; you needed time and this would allow you to have a few minutes.

The forcefield you created was large, covering both you and Steve (the others were spread further out), “You okay?” You called to Steve, checking to make sure that the enemies bounced off of the sides of the invisible wall.

“Yeah,” Steve nodded as he stood. He stared at you and at the forcefield in awe, “Wow, I never knew that you could do this, too.”

“I can only hold it for another couple of minutes; it drains me. We need to make a plan and quickly.”


For the past day or two, Clint had been pranking you but he had no idea who he was really messing with, he still didn’t know of your power.

“You really want to mess with me, Barton?” You asked as you walked out of your bedroom after his latest prank.

Clint laughed, “I don’t see why not-” Before he’d finished, you’d teleported in front of him, stolen his coffee, and teleported back to your original spot, “Wait- you teleport?”

You grinned, “Not just a pretty face, am I?”


The bullets had rained down on him, slicing through his body mercilessly. He turned to Clint, “I didn’t see that coming.” He mumbled before falling to the ground.

Quickly, you rushed to him, making sure that you were hidden from Ultron’s view, and grabbed his hand. Pietro could heal quicker but he’d need a little help. Your grip was tight on his hand, “I’m not losing you, Pietro.” You whispered, “Come on.”

After a few terse moments, he spluttered, shooting upwards, “(y/n),” He mumbled as you pulled him to safety, “What- how…”

“You’re not the only one with a super power, Maximoff.” You whispered as you hugged him, “Don’t do that again.”


“So, you’re Fury’s secret weapon?” Bruce asked, “You’re (y/n), right?”

You smiled, “The one and only.”

“Sorry for asking but what is it you do?”

Instead of replying, you focused on his mind and began to see and hear and feel what he felt. You could feel the distress, the pain, the fear. Calm your mind, Bruce. Your voice echoed in his head.

“What the…”

“I’m a telepath.” You explained, “I can read your mind; feel your emotions; I can change your thoughts, too.”

“That is… incredible.” Bruce mumbled and instead of feeling scared; he felt calm.


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Thor was the God of Thunder and you were a witch. Witches were at one with all of the elements. You controlled water, fire, nature and even air.

“Show me,” Thor asked one day as you and he walked through a park.

You smiled and held your arms out, taking a deep breath, and letting yourself become one with the air. A soft breeze ruffled your hair as you were lifted up by the elements.

Thor grinned widely as you were gently placed back on your feet, “It is truly wonderful.” He complimented you, “You are magical.”

Some great discovery associated with it may hereafter make our most sanguine forecast of today seem poor and mean beside the reality. That its collections must increase is the law of its being. To it are coming, and will continue to come, things rich and rare from the four quarters of the globe. No limit can be set to its expansion along the lines already so wisely laid down, nor to the results which may flow from it. This is the century of wonders, and its closing years are like to be the climax for all which have preceded them. Men of science tell us that the problem of aerial navigation is on the eve of solution, mainly through atmospheric observations and the study of the motion and structure of birds, carried on it part in collections like this. It is said that the mighty power of electricity has not even shaken off its swaddling clothes, and is yet to tower before us like genie of the Arabian tale from the unsealed vase. If these things be true, and if other revelations of which we do not even dream are to remake the world in these or some of these, it may well be that the institution will have an honored part.

Mr. Edward G. Mason, President of the Chicago Historical Society, “The Message of the Museum to Chicago and the World.” 

Field Museum opening day and dedication ceremony, June 2nd, 1894. 8,000-10,000 people in attendance. 

Reading this passage gave me chills, putting myself in the position of those at the ceremony, their place in time and history. The fact that when the Museum was opened - the same collections I work in today - that aerial flight was on the horizon, and electricity was in its earliest, infantile stages, is awesome in every sense of the word. Many of these words have endured* more than 120 years and uphold the mission we carry out today – No limit can be set to its expansion along the line already so wisely laid down, nor to the results which may flow from it. 

If these people thought then we were at the brink of discovery, then now we are just beginning the gradual downward slope into the infinite spiral. At the center of that spiral lay our increasingly important museums and the collections they house. 

*some have not..