So People does in fact have the Jen and Ben split exclusive, note that they didn’t publish anything to support divorce rumours in the weeks leading up to it.

This reminds me a lot of the fact that People reported on Louis and Tamara, they will say what the celebrity’s team wants in the news to ensure that they get the exclusive in the end.

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Sorry, I don't understand what this People thing mean :/

No need to apologize!

Amongst American tabloids, People has a reputation of being the most friendly to celebs – or rather, the most willing to print what celebs want them to print. That’s not to say that they only print things that celebs have approved, but they’re less likely to print off-message stuff than other tabloids are (and they’re usually kinder). If you pay attention, you’ll notice that People gets lots of big exclusives – the first photos of celeb babies, for example. And that’s generally thought to be because they’re willing to play nice a lot more often than other tabloids are – so in return, celebs are more willing to give them the big stuff that comes as exclusives (meaning that they’re the only media outlet to get the news straight from the celeb – everyone else is left to say “[x celeb] told People…”).

So, in the example at hand, Defamer pointed out that while other tabloids were busy chronicling Ben and Jennifer’s impending divorce, People was pretending it wasn’t happening – spinning everything as positively as possible. Defamer speculated that this was an attempt to get the divorce exclusive (because obviously People knew it was coming) – I would guess that it’s also possible that they actually had a prior agreement to ignore the facts until Ben and Jen were ready to break the news for real, in exchange for the exclusive.

Either way, sure enough – People got the exclusive.