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His mind went back to his younger days, on Tatooine, podracing along wild courses … It amazed Anakin how this little adjustment, dropping into the water instead of smoothly skimming above it, had changed the perspective of this journey. It was true, he knew, that technology had tamed the galaxy, and while that seemed a good thing in terms of efficiency and comfort, he had to believe that something, too, had been lost: the excitement of living on the edge of disaster. Or the simple tactile feeling of a ride like this, bouncing across the waves, feeling the wind and the cold spray.

Breath of the Wild: Nature vs. Technology

One of the biggest themes I noticed in BOTW was the reoccurring nature versus technology, which played out in the atmosphere, lore, and in some cases, characters. I think this game did a great job of describing the unpredictable relationship that nature and technology have, meaning that too much of a reliance on technology might not be a good thing, but on the hand, not adjusting to a rapidly changing world could be very damaging.

The obvious one is the beautiful atmosphere containing some blights here and there of ruins caused by Calamity Ganon and the technology. There’s also the Guardians and various tech lurking around, which serves as a reminder of this duality. 

Also Divine Beasts? Divine = good   Beasts = bad 

That in itself hints at the duality of their nature. They are neither good nor bad, but really, a force that is used however their pilot deems it.

The Sheikah technology was seen with mixed feelings 10,000 years and 100 years ago. Zelda’s father was adamant in her getting her sealing power working, but also wanted to use the tech as well. They strove for balance between nature and technology- but sadly fell short due to Calamity Ganon’s unexpected behavior- his ‘nature’ was more ‘technological’ than they realized- not simply a mindless best.

Zelda’s character encompasses this - she lacks the confidence in her natural skills, wanting to find answers in the technology and finding a logical answer to their dilemma and her own. She is a smart and hard working girl to the point of obsession, but is not in tune with her natural instincts (and true feelings), and thus, is constantly denied her sealing power. No matter how much research or practice she did, nothing would work, not even praying.

It is not until her actions are driven by her care/love (you be the judge) for Link that the mystical Triforce works and provides her the ability to not only save Link, but also temporarily stop Calamity Ganon from unleashing again. She didn’t think, but rather, reacted to the scene and used her instincts. Her true wisdom was realizing she had the answer all along. She has to trust in herself for 100 years that she will be able to keep Calamity Ganon off. 

The fallen champions are another example of this duality. Revali, Urbosa, Daruk, and Mipha were chosen to pilot the Beasts, which certainly seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, they got taken over by Calamity Ganon, leading to their deaths and more destruction. Technology, in this case, was shown to also have a negative effect - if we solely rely on it, can get the better of us. Their ‘natural’ spirits are bound within the tech, unable to find peace or provide their skills for use.

Link, a force of ‘nature,’ comes in and has to reclaim the Divine Beasts. I liked this part of the game because it shows that we can always redo the mistakes of the past by getting ‘in tune’ with ourselves. Link was sealed off in technology for 100 years, and in a way, is getting back to his ‘own nature’ by relearning his past life and regaining skills. By his actions of taking the Beasts back, he allows for the champions and their loved ones to find peace.

That’s another cool component- the game is asking you to trust in your ‘natural’ spirit advisors and yourself to end an ‘unnatural’ Calamity Ganon (especially since its got fused tech). They may have passed on, but true to nature, remain champions in spirit- you can still succeed, even 100 years later. Their efforts show that as bad as the technology turned out, it is simply a matter of how it is being used and how those in power will use it that dictates whether its bad.

If there’s anything to learn from BOTW, it this is- never lose your ‘natural instincts’ guiding your faith, but don’t be afraid to engage in scientific reasoning- this duality, when balanced and used appropriately, can lead to great things.

Can I just say how much I appreciate that Sonic SatAM’s use of the nature vs technology conflict not only has nuance but also doesn’t fall into the simplistic rural=good / urban=bad narrative?

Sure, our heroes live in a small, self-sustaining village in the woods, fighting an industrialized empire that devalues life and is centered on a giant, sprawling city, slowly polluting and consuming the rest of the planet. The show still uses those familiar visuals. But the Freedom Fighters are not small-town country-dwellers unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the futurist robots and machines they face; they’re from that technologically advanced capital city, back when it was more sustainable with their environment and hospitable to life. Restoring that is very clearly their goal. Their use of technology is still high, limited only by a lack of access.

The representations of good and evil here do not directly indict the moral worth of technology or cities, but rather depend on whether they’re utilized in ways that support or destroy life, and I appreciate that greatly.


finns grass arm never looked that plant-like, though god i really wanted it to, but i love the visual of a sort of nature vs technology contrast with finn and tiffany. even if there wasn’t enough time between the episodes events for anything like this to happen. awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome

extra doodle of tiffany, uh, not realizing a left arm prosthetic isnt the best fit right arm but what can you do

rainbowgoddamnunicorn  asked:

Hello! My story idea is nature/magic vs technology, but I know that this can be a little cliche. Especially since my protagonist is on the nature side. Are there any tropes or cliches that I should be aware of and/or avoid? Thank you so much.

Avoid good vs evil cliché that surrounds nature vs technology theme. 

The idea technology is opposite to nature falls into two major reasons. The first one is because tech is human made; somewhere in our nature as a specie is to use any means to achieve any ends, aka the greater good, this also means we forget who we used to be, what we used to believe, among others, and technology turning its back on us is the price we pay for it. The second reason is because at some point we can’t control what we do, technology overcomes us, like a snowball. It gets bigger, faster, and more dangerous the more it advances.

Umberto Eco pointed out two types of technology, destructive and constructive. Never good, never evil. Destructive technology is the one that sets you apart from the real world, makes you completely dependent to it, and at some point you can conceive living without it. Constructive technology is the one that simplifies tasks, the one that gets you from point A to point B without problems but is there to help you, no to do it for you.

Nature is neither good nor evil. Nature doesn’t exist for us, it moves at its own pace, and I dare to say nature doesn’t care about us. We are just another specie that has adapted to it. 

Avoid technology = science

The basic foundation of technology is to make life easier. Science is about understanding us, the world around us, and what lies beyond our eyes. Technology is about doing it faster than us, science takes its time. Technology makes us believe the world should spin as fast as an app. Your browser takes fifteen seconds longer to load, you think is slow, your flight delays, your patience trembles. Technology avoids us all the process and give us the results. Science goes step by step.

Avoid industrialized society = technology / tribal society =nature

Every society has technology, in different materials, as different tools, from lytic artifatcs to robots used in the latests space missions, they all serve the same purpose. Make life easier.

Keep in mind a few things

  • Nature isn’t magic
  • Technology works like magic (you have an action and there’s an instant reaction)
  • There’s no way a whole society depends just on technology

That’s for the clichés. About tropes, they aren’t clichés, even though some tropes are becoming ones. Tropes work as guides for characters, plot devices, story arcs, among others. You can’t avoid them all, some can help you understand situations, characters, among others, some have been overused while others have fallen into oblivion.

Here’s a link to TV Tropes page about nature vs technology

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Some considerations

  • You can’t banish technology forever nor keep it away from people, humans are an inventive specie, we always come up with something to make our life easier
  • Technology can be found in almost, if not every, industry. Try to avoid the misconception that technology can only be found only in tvs, computers, cell phones and everyrhing we call technologic today.
  • Some people may disagree with me, but homeopathy resembles technology (point A to point B missing all the steps in the middle, don’t misunderstand this, homeopathy lacks the middle steps while technology avoids them for us). Keep  natural things within their own trial and error phase.
  • Remember there are people who have no idea how to survive in nature on their own, just like there are people who don’t know how to operate technological stuff.
  • Progress isn’t equal to high buildings and industries.

I think that’d be all,