nature under constraint and vexed

5 Mini Spoilers from 'Orphan Black' S2E1

We got to see the season premiere and BOY IS IT AMAZING! Check out these mini spoilers that will have you itching for April 19th even more than you were 5 minutes ago:

  • Plenty of Cophine action!
  • Felix is wearing some naughty clothes, and it’s pretty sexy.
  • Alison’s Alison-ness goes to a whole new level.
  • Sarah kicks some major ass in a couple different epic ways.
  • The ending will have you begging for episode 2.

Orphan Black Masterpost
(for watching online only)

  1. Natural Selection
  2. Instinct
  3. Variation Under Nature
  4. Effects of External Conditions
  5. Conditions of Existence
  6. Variations Under Domestication
  7. Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner
  8. Entangled Bank
  9. Unconscious Selection
  10. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  1. Nature Under Constraint and Vexed
  2. Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion
  3. Mingling Its Own Nature With It
  4. Governed as It Were by Chance
  5. Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
  6. To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings
  7. Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things
  8. Variable and Full of Perturbation
  9. Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
  10. By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried
  1. The Weight of This Combination
  2. Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis
  3. Formalized, Complex, and Costly
  4. Newer Elements of Our Defense
  5. Scarred by Many Past Frustrations
  6. Certain Agony of the Battlefield
  7. Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate
  8. Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method
  9. Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow
  10. History Yet to Be Written
  1. The Collapse of Nature
  2. Transgressive Border Crossing
  3. The Stigmata of Progress
  4. From Instinct to Rational Control
  5. Human Raw Material
  6. The Scandal of Altruism
  7. The Antisocialism of Sex
  8. The Redisign of Natural Objects
  9. The Mitigation of Competition
  10. From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

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Next, with regard to the mass and composition of it: I mean it to be a history not only of nature free and at large (when she is left to her own course and does her work her own way),—such as that of the heavenly bodies, meteors, earth and sea, minerals, plants, animals,—but much more of nature under constraint and vexed; that is to say, when by art and the hand of man she is forced out of her natural state, and squeezed and moulded.

Francis Bacon - Plan of the work (1620)