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Canyonlands National Park - The Needles 

I spent half the day hiking this southern district of Canyonlands National Park and taking in the views of the rock formations, mesas and Colorado mountains in the background. The trails were short and sweet, and got me excited to see the other districts of the park.

My itinerary for the day was as follows:

  • Stopped at Newspaper Rock on the drive in 
  • Camped for free off of Lockhart Basin Rd. near Hamburger Rock camp
  • Hiked .6 miles Cave Spring trail
  • Drove past Wooden Shoe Arch
  • Hiked .6 miles Pothole Point trail
  • Hiked 2.4 miles Slick Rock trail
  • Headed to Moab
  • Stopped at Wilson Arch
  • Camped one night for $15 at Sand Flats Recreation Area 

Remember when…

the question “which member do you want to set up on a blind date” turned into “how cute do you think Seulgi is, Joy?” 💕👌


Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

My first glance down into this mind-blowing ancient wilderness of rock was amazing. It is sacred, powerful, inspiring and humbling. What more can be said about this wonder of the world… It’s impossible to convey in just one photo. It’s like a canvas of color and light that is always changing; and captivating from each perspective. These are just a handful of the 300 photos that I must have taken.

I spent the better part of 2 days in Grand Canyon National Park and had a really great, well-rounded experience…

My Itinerary

  • Arrived in Grand Canyon Village at 7:00AM and found plenty of parking at the Visitor Center
  • Walked the Rim Trail from Mather Point to the Bright Angel Trailhead
  • Attended a 45 minute History Talk with a Ranger
  • Took the Hermit’s Rest Road shuttle bus to “The Abyss” view point; hiked the Rim Trail back to Powell Point; took the shuttle back and transferred all the way to the Visitor Center.
  • Checked in at Mather Campground and made some dinner.
  • Bought some supplies at Market Plaza General Store.
  • Drove the motorscooter back to the Hermit’s Rest shuttle stop and road the shuttle to watch the sunset at Mohave Point.
  • Took the shuttle back to the scooter; drove back to camp and called it a night.
  • Woke up and got a shower for $2.00 at camper services building.
  • Got a hot chocolate and breakfast and Market Plaza General Store.
  • Drove back to the Visitor Center and walked the Rim Trail east for some more views.
  • Drove Desert View Drive toward Yaki Point; parked and walked to the South Kaibab Trailhead.
  • Hiked down the South Kaibab Trail to Ooh-Aah Point.
  • Returned to the van; drove east toward Grandview Point.
  • Drove east and stopped at Desert View to see the tower and eat some lunch.
  • Left the park headed northeast toward Page, AZ.

the dolphin made it to another state! hi from florida! it’s beautiful and we’re loving the little town we’ve been hanging out in for the past few days. Tallahassee was kinda a bummer, had a horrible experience at the post office there. Anyways, we’ve got a ton of amazing vintage pieces to add to the shop soon! We will be heading into the forest for a few days to take photos and get everything prepared to list.

Sunbaenim (Mingyu)

Genre: Fluff

A/N: I don’t even know what I’m doing but reading all these scenarios and reactions on tumblr about my favorite people then i thought why not try it out.


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You had just wrapped up your groups performance for Inkigayo. Today marks the day of your long awaited debut and everything just felt so surreal. You just don’t know how to thank Pledis for giving you a chance to debut. “I can’t believe we just did that!” Your group leader, Minji said as you stood backstage. “3 years of training is sooo worth the wait” Your other groupmate, Yumin. 

Everyone was smiling, syncing in the moment. People passing by started congratulating you, when a group of familiar and handsome faces made their way to you guys. It was your company sunbaenims, Seventeen. All of your members know for a facts that you’ve had your eye on the groups visual and nastiest member, Kim Mingyu. As they approached your group, your members all took a quick glance at you while you had your mouth open, not knowing what to do when he talks to you.

“Congratulations you guys!” Seokmin sunbaenim greeted you. All 5 of you bowed down at them as a sign of respect. “Thank you sunbaenim!” Chloe repied. “I really like your performance!” Soonyoung sunbaenim added to his friend’s comment. You were all smiling and bowing down at each other. When the one and only person you were trying to avoid went towards you. “Hey Y/N you guys did a good job! Congratulations on your debut!” Mingyu told you. You stared at him for a good 5 seconds. Your groups visuals, Lauren had to nudge you to get you back to your senses. “Oh! Yes! Um…thank you sunbaenim.” You said after your embarrassing self-staring contest while bowing down.

“That took you a while to answer didn’t you?” He jokingly asked. 

omg he is starting a civil conversation, be natural (rv heeey) Y/N dont even try to embarrass yourself like you do everyday, okay holy fuck what do I say now? you thought to yourself

“I’m sorry, I just…um….couldn’t process everything just yet” 

“Couldn’t process the idea that you just debut?” He asked just to make things clear.

“Um..Yeah that” Good save Y/N. “It’s fine. That happened to me too when we debuted.” He continued while laughing lightly. 

Jisoos that laugh will have me dead right on the spot

“Hey are you alright? you look like your heating up” Mingyu asked you. Shit I’m blushing. Stop blushing you idiot. 

When you took your time to answer again. He asked Minji instead. “Is she alright?” Okay now half of seventeen were now looking at you (the other half was too busy being children)

Minji, who knows that you’ve liked this boy for a while, and she knows for a fact that you can be a black hole sometimes, made up a lie so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself even more. “Yeah she’s fine, she’s always like this after performing.” 

Thank you Minji unnie, I owe you.

“Oh really, then here have some water then” Wonwoo sunbaenim gave his water bottle to you. You didn’t have any time to say no since you needed an excuse to not look at Mingyu anymore. As you grabbed the bottle from Wonwoo, you turned your back around and drank the water, finishing it in a few gulps. You turned back to Wonwoo, and handed the empty water bottle back. 

“You alright now?” Wonwoo asked you while you nodded in reply. “All that rapping must’ve drained you. You did amazing by the way, almost as good as me!” Mingyu started a conversation again. 

omg I love you, but please stop I didn’t prepare my brain for this moment.

“Oh thank you again, but I won’t be as good as you” You replied smoothly. Yes good job me!

“Yes you will! You’re really good! And you’re a rookie, that’s saying something” He continued. I swear to god, a few more seconds and I might drop dead.

“Thank You again sunbaenim” You bowed for like the 75318th time today. “Don’t call me sunbaenim Y/N. Just cal me Mingyu oppa instead”


You didn’t know what to say. Mingyu had you stuck on your spot.

“Seventeen, it’s almost time for your stage” A staff called them and thank god they did. “Well we need to go, Congratulations again Y/N” Mingyu said while giving you that million dollar smile. Him and the rest of Seventeen soon walked away towards the stage leaving you and your members right where they approached you. 

When they were out of sight, your knees soon gave up. Thankfully Yumin was there to catch you. “Gwenchana Y/N?” Chloe asked you. Clearly you weren’t the guy of your dreams, just started a conversatiion with you, complimented your skills, made you call him oppa. 

Your friends started laughing at you freaking out for looking so helpless. “That was so funny to watch!” Lauren started while laughing loudly. “Shut up Lauren unnie! I really didn’t know what to do. Mingyu just did that wow how dare he. The disrespect in that one” You said while regaining your sanity. “Yes how dare he….” Minji said while trailing of at the end. Everyone just suddenly stopped laughing which got you so confused. “What happened to you guys?”

“I’m so sorry for doing ‘that’ Y/N and ‘disrespecting’ you, but I just wanted to say that I’ll be waiting for you after your stage tomorrow because I’m taking you somewhere” And just like the guy that you were just talking about a few seconds ago was standing right in front of you again.



Van Camping in Elk Neck

A very successful overnight camping trip last weekend in the bay area included hiking and camp cooking. Slept 2 people and a dog pretty comfortably inside the van in the 80s outside by running 2 fans and utilizing the bug netting to cover windows and open doors for air flow. I could smell Fall weather in the air this weekend, which always excites me. I hope to have many more of these adventures to come.