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I look mythical af. 💙💚

Came across this makeup look randomly, on the interwebz, and wanted to try it out… And For someone that honestly doesn’t consider myself really good at makeup, I think I did the damn thang lololol. Especially since I rarely wear eyeshadow.

As per usual, I dont always act right for pictures either lol


only because I never post selfies because I never get notes and I’ve been stunting lately

anonymous asked:

humans have a natural instinct to protect and care for things that look like babies

I don’t want her to be my mom.


Check out this spooky little bamboo oasis we bumped into at the Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary. I seriously felt the urge to go “crouching tiger hidden badass” all over dis shiNit!

I absolutely want to have some sort of bamboo habitat or natural bamboo wall surrounding on my homestead. I find bamboo incredible enchanting. They are super green and fast growing. Great as a building and crafting material. Biofuel. Culinary tool and seasoning. Certain species have edible shoots. Gosh so many things!

As an added benefit, zombies are likely to get caught in the poles and marauders can totally get disoriented :-)

While at Six Flags, someone actually really told me that I looked like a black Ramona Flowers today too looolol

Someone should actually draw me as her 💚

Is Sans overprotective of Papyrus?

Is he as overprotective as the fandoms makes him out to be? And if he is, what is the nature of his protectiveness?

Under the cut, I do my best to answer all these questions at length, but here is the short version:

Sans can definitely be seen as overprotective, because:

  • His initial plan was to hide you from Papyrus [1]
  • He uses soft speech to avoid hurting Papyrus’ feelings [2]
  • He is on the watch for anything suspicious close to Papyrus [3]
  • He leaves his job to check on Papyrus several times a day [4]
  • He encourages you to do things to make Papyrus happy [5]
  • He lies to Papyrus to keep him from being sad [6]
  • Avoid saying anything critical to spare Papyrus’ feelings [7]

(More about each of these later)

I think the fandom makes his protectiveness more overt, as Sans is very subtle about it, but the intensity is actually quite close.

They way Sans goes about is hard to explain in a few words, but here goes nothing: 

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