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“I’ll kill yer nephew”

“No, thats my favorite one!” Thorin screamed.

“Damn, really? I thought it would have been the heir to the throne.” Azog has Kili pinned down to the ground, a foot resting on his chest so he can’t move. Azog runs his weapon arm thing across his chin in contemplation.

“You know, a lot of people think that but tbh I couldn’t remember his name half of the time.” Thorin is leaning on orcrist as he stares across the ice.

“Isn’t it Fili? I mean even I know that.”

Kili is gasping for air. He can feel the cold seeping through his clothes and the weight of the orc on his lungs.

“Oh you’re right. It’s just Kili is more attractive so naturally I want to protect him.”

“Doesn’t he have a thing for the she elf? She’s running around up here somewhere screaming out his name.” Azog looks around at the ruins on Raven Hill as if he would spot a flurry of red hair.

“Nah, I’m not too worried about it. Elf magic and all.”

“I’m sorry, I’m still just so confused as to why he’s your favorite.” Azog presses down harder on Kili, cutting off his air completely.


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Can you please tell me some protection/healt spells for people and for animals? Thank you so much


healing/happiness sigil:



protection for pets:

Dear Prince Keith

“Strong and brave, like a true lion, yet you hold a kindness to those you wish to protect and love with a true loyalty to everyone. A protective nature that could make someone like me feel safe if I had the courage to approach you..”

Hii admin! Please have a lovely and try not to stress not to stress to much over Prince keith..but excuse me while I hide behind you. -hides behind admin->.<

This poem highlights my best features, strong and brave.

Admin Aki: *murmurs* She forgot boastful. 

Thank you for the lovely poem and your encouraging words as well. 

Only the Germans were different. In pagan times they worshipped groves and trees, and because of their closeness to Nature, they had a caring orientation toward Nature. Even the love of animals is much more pronounced among the Germanic peoples than it is, for example, among the Romance-language-speaking peoples. It is thus no coincidence that even today the most stalwart environmentalist efforts – private as well as state – are those conducted by peoples who have a larger proportion of the Nordic race.
—  Alain de Benoist

Can we appreciate black women slaying with their natural hair and protective styles ? Can we just fucking appreciate black women slaying period ?


Hello again! As I’ve said before, my aunt, sister and I want to open up a salon in the DFW area. I would like to start an instagram page first to draw in some potential customers. I’ve done a lot hair over the years, but it was more of a side hustle thing, and I don’t have many quality pictures. Sooooooo, I thought I’d start with a promotion for braids, twists, and faux locs at a discounted rate.

Marley twists = $80
Braids = $100
Faux locs = $120

All styles can be done with regular hair or yarn. You must be willing to be photographed, used in our portfolio, and put on instagram. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, feel free to slide into my ask, and I’ll give you my number so we can set something up. Again, we’re located in the DFW area in Texas! 😃


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what's your favorite thing about louis' love/affection for harry? and vice versa. LOVE the way you write them in fics and the way you talk about them on here!! xx

louis told us to fuck off ha ha ha

im fond of louis teasing him too esp PERSISTENTLY and IN PUBLIC but how protective he gets wins by a pretty big margin. part of it is that louis is protective by nature and of everyone who’s close to him but also harry is a big baby and so stupid soft at heart. i think louis having known him at his softest and most vulnerable means hes always going to be a little Extra when it comes to protecting him no matter how good harry gets at dealing with stuff on his own

i feel like louis would just BITE anyone who tried to hurt harry like literally…sink his little teeth into whatever part of their body was closest and that mental image has gotten me through some pretty long days so there u have it

as for harry…how obvious he is. the way he. physically. cannot look away lmafo i love how shameless harry gets, in general and when it comes to how into louis he is. like most people would try to tone down the intensity of their feelings out of like, respect for innocent bystanders if not insecurity or embarrassment but i think bc he feels so safe with louis see above and bc hes harry he does shit like  

why. related: trying not to burst into hysterical laughter every time louis breathes bc hes the FUNNIEST and COOLEST. i think some part of harry is always going to be the kid who was totally bowled over by him at txf which is disgusting you just SIT THERE and ADMIRE WHAT HES LIKE


Hey guys! So, I shared last summer’s protective style with you (twists)…this summer, I did something I’m not really used to, but I love the turn out. a few different sections of this style is my natural hair, the rest is not. I chose this kinky/curly 3c hair to match my indecisive 3c texture. The hair itself came in a super dark brown but it somehow dyed perfectly 🙌🏾 this is most likely how I would’ve looked if I never got so scissor happy 😭 but oh well lol we’ll see how much my hair grows within the next few months. k, bye! 👋🏾😘💆🏾

Fortress older than the pyramids is uncovered in Monmouth

Archaeologists have unearthed a wooden island old enough to have been built by the Flintstones under a modern Barratt estate.

The fortified farmhouse on stilts in the middle of an ice age lake is so old it could have even been built before Stonehenge was created.

At 4,900 years old it’s probably even older than the Pyramids and was probably built to provide a natural moat to protect the rich inhabitants from attackers in an area that is now on the Welsh borders.

It was around the time early man started to live communally and archaeologist Steve Clarke says it is only the second “crannog” to be found in England and Wales and much older than the first. Read more.