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Wood Duck | Atelier l'Abri

This small residence has been designed to a carpenter wishing to build his house in Bolton in self-construction.

The land faces Mont Glen south and overlooks the river below. This topography orients the plan of the house. The south facade opens fully on the valley; the north side, towards the public domain, is punctuated only two discrete windows.

The footprint of the house is modest, his plan is square. On the ground floor, the living areas occupy the southern part, bathed in natural light through the curtain wall on the double height. The servants spaces occupy the north. The first floor houses two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The project lives humbly landscape. Its simple shape and uniform coating hemlock involved in erasing. Gross and evolving nature of the material preserves the surrounding nature.

Help Save the Monarch Butterfly!

They’re in trouble and they need our help! Plant milkweed if you’re able! Encourage others to do so as well. Protect it and allow it to seed. If we don’t do something then we could be saying goodbye to their glorious species!

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The Kennicott Homestead at The Grove, Cook County, Illinois by Bob Callebert
Via Flickr:
The late summer prairie at The Grove is truly a sight to behold. It’s worth making a special trip. The Kennicott home is back there hiding in the mist, which was really heavy this morning.


Artist Valeria Prieto Composes Beautiful Illustrations on Fallen Autumn Leaves

Inspired by autumn’s fallen leaves, Iowa based artist Valeria Prieto has composed a collection of drawings on dry leaves. She confesses to Bored Panda: “Since childhood, I am in love with nature and I love to keep nature pressed in books. This time I wanted to go beyond, when I was walking around the new neighborhood I found so many big leaves, so I started to collect leaves during autumn, and suddenly I started to paint on them.

I work with acrylics and ink on the dry leaves.

I love the idea of keeping nature as art and preserve nature giving it a second chance to live.”

You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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