nature power places


hal jordan & barry allen:

“What do you two see in each other?”
“Probably the best.”

There are Power Places on our Mother Earth where the flow of good, supporting energy is especially strongly felt. You hike, and hike, and hike and there is no sense of being physically tired at all.  The ancient Nature Spirits recide there who could grant us our wishes if we genuinely ask and leave something in return as a symbolic token of our appreciation. It could be a colorful scarf or a piece of your clothing that you tie to a branch, chocolates, cookies, tobacco or anything else you might have and want to share with them.  The powerful Nature Spirits don’t actually consume our physical offerings of food but simply enjoy the food’s energetic essence along with our good intention of sharing it with them.

“Sunduki” Chakassia, about 250 kilometers from Abakan, Russia.