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an incomplete list of things that would be a better music video than the leave it video, compiled by @thegroovyarchives & me

  • trevor trying to take his pants off while nonstop running in circles & falling down repeatedly for the full length of the song
  • yes dancing to cotton eyed joe except its leave it
  • jon sitting there eating fistfuls of dry cheerios out of the box while the song plays
  • chris sleeping in the tub for 4 minutes & 10 seconds then at the very end he snorts himself awake
  • yes watching the leave it video
  • @thegroovyarchives trying to draw something that looks like trevor rabin
  • trevor trying to fit into very tight pants for 4 minutes and 14 seconds
  • just footage of chris & trevs homoerotic stage antics
  • that bit from the 90125 backstage thing where trevor just fucking whips his ass out while running out of the room repeated for the duration of the song
  • the hold on to love video except its leave it
  • a montage of all the old yes members taking trevor shopping & helping him pick out wild new outfits
  • 4:14 of alan playing with puppies 
  • a slideshow of pixely nature photos jon found on google with powerpoint transitions
  • trevor sitting there talking about how much he loves his family while leave it plays from the next room over
  • footage of chris trying to get into his garbage suit
  • just this picture & nothing else for the full 4:14

anonymous asked:

Could you give some hard and fast rules limiting magic? As it's written, you basically have an option that you can use to write yourself out of anything (looking at Sans here). Right now Chara's plan could be implemented and we wouldn't have any fear because someone can just "magic" up a solution that was previously unknown. You need to be careful when dealing with this stuff because it can lead to lazy writing when done wrong (like a bunch of time travel stories).

The rules of magic anons allowed in AFAC are as follows…

* Nothing that trivializes the struggles and efforts of the characters.

* You may only summon items that can theoretically be found in the trash.

* You may not infringe upon somebody’s free will.

* No bringing people back from the dead.

*Any images summoned by askers will be glitchy and pixely in nature.

*Any anon magic that is allowed is only allowed because the Trash Queen has allowed it.