nature pagan

🌛✨moon witch aesthetic✨🌜

• always has something elaborate planned for the full moon
• adores black lace and purple velvet
• probably worships Stevie Nicks
• eats, sleeps, and breathes divination
• most likely has five pounds of obsidian/amethyst

🍃🌟nature witch aesthetic🌟🍃

• so many flowers in their hair, you’d think they’d grown them themselves!
• has impressive collection of flowy clothing and hemp jewelry
• will always look you in the eye while conversing
• best date for them is a trip to the succulent garden
• even if not dancing physically, their spirit is always swaying

Indoor plants for the space-conscious witch

Let’s face it, some of us witches just don’t have the time/space for having a fully flourishing witchy garden, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t utilise the full benefits of nature’s plants in our own spaces! Here is a list of house friendly plants that can enhance your personal space in various ways:

Geranium: These plants can provide luck and good fortune in various different ways, depending on the colour of your flower. Choose red geraniums for vitality and invigoration, pink for love, or white for fertility.

Rose: These flowers are notorious for their properties of love and friendship, and it is possible to grow miniature roses inside, or perhaps choose another Venus-ruled plant such as the maidenhair fern for the same benefits.

Impatiens: This plant, ruled by Mercury and often known as ‘busy lizzie’, does exactly what you would think it would; encourages movement and travel in your life.

Aspidistra: Ruled by Saturn, this plant encourages tranquility and homeliness, calming fears and dispelling nightmares. Another plant which achieves the same nightmare-warding effects is the cyclamen, often used throughout history to protect against evil spirits.

Thistle: A vase of thistles is thought to restore strength and vitality to those who are feeling down or depressed and have been used to ward off thieves.

Yellow plants: Arrange two yellow or orange plants, full of the Sun’s vibrant energy in front of two mirrors so they reflect the energy into your room, dispelling evil and encouraging good. This simple flower magic can be performed with any planetary influences depending on your intention.

Sources: Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente



some of my best and favorites of 2016. photography has pretty much been one of the only things that has kept me sane during my sobriety, so thank you all for the support. I know I’m not the most social person online, but I want you to know that by liking and supporting my creativity, each and every one of you has contributed to the success of my sobriety, and to my emotional and physical health as a whole. Theres no doubt that I will keep improving, and I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for me. I have a feeling its going to be my year.