nature observed

“By observing natural scientific discoveries through a perception deepened by meditation, we can develop a new awareness of reality. This awareness could become the bedrock of a spirituality that is not based on the dogmas of a given religion, but on insights into a higher and deeper meaning. I am referring to the ability to recognize, to read, and to understand the firsthand revelations.”  

- Albert Hofmann

how the signs experience romance (check moon & mercury)

aries: through the chase. not necessarily just in love, but in all other points of life; aries finds a reward in something they’ve gone after. not being typically hard-working, this doesn’t mean working to the bone to achieve. aries loves the idea of not having something straight away.

taurus: through relaxation. taurus loves the feeling after accomplishing something big or overcoming an emotional bridge. they romanticise a comfy area or someone who gives them warmth - whether it be family or a lover. they love the calmness of sleep & the comfort of reading.

gemini: through the social aspects. through friendship and meeting new people. gemini romanticises human nature and love to observe and relate to other people. they find comfort in a friendship atmosphere and the joy of someone new in their life brings possible romantic experiences for them.

cancer: through music. cancer needs escape and being an emotional sign, they tend to connect to music more than others. whether it be listening, dancing, singing, a movie soundtrack. they are eternally nostalgic and connect love and music together beautifully.

leo: through self-love. being a fairly insecure sign, the greatest way for a leo to attract any sort of romance is through loving themselves. though this may make them appear vain or full of themselves, that simply isn’t the case. a leo is their best self when they find the romance of their own laughter, intelligence, beauty & soul. 

virgo: through detail. a virgo is the first to find beauty in a flower or painting, or an unnoticeable trait in someone, as they are highly observant. they want to create an aesthetic of their life and find comfort & romance in being in a surrounding that compliments that. 

libra: in every way possible. libra is the most romantic sign in my opinion. they will excite over visiting a new place, watching a movie, meeting up with their friends or buying something nice. they love to share love with people and let them know how they feel about them, making them lovely companions.

scorpio: through achievement. scorpios love to put their heart into something or somebody to find romance. they like showing off their skills and charming those around them; scorpios believe that romance begins with them and the way they begin it.

sagittarius: through adventure. no surprise of course, sagittarius loves the start of something new. not just going new places or travelling; but a new face or restarting who they are to someone new brings sagittarius excitement of romance & exploration.

capricorn: through ideas. capricorns love to think of the life they are going to have and think to the future often. they love planning and imagining things they’ll do and have and the people they want in their lives, whether it be romantic or not. they are born doers.

aquarius: through independence. aquarius finds romance through the idea of doing things by themselves and growing up. although this leads to slight rebellion, it makes aquarius quite maternal and compassionate, making them a strong friend, which is one of their most important values.

pisces: through their dreams. through goals & aspirations, through things that seem impossible. pisces love to daydream and love to explore the unknown and push themselves. there is the stereotype of a pisces having their head in the clouds, but they can actually be quite grounded with their ambitions and love to exceed people’s thoughts of them.

*** when i say romance, i don’t just mean two people romantically interested in each other. i mean the way they look at the lovely aspects of life.


Fun Fact Friday: Low on Calcium? Chew on This

Story By Nancy Patterson, Public Affairs Specialist, BLM’s Greater Sage-Grouse Rocky Mountain Region

What made this highway of tiny tracks? Where are they going? Wait! What’s that sticking up out of the snow? It’s an antler! But what’s an antler doing in the Big Empty? You might think it’d just be a cool decoration for your house. But this antler is a crucial source of nutrients for small animals of sagebrush country.

Antlers grow on members of the cervidae, or deer, family. Except for caribou, only males grow antlers. In the sagebrush ecosystem, two of the cervidae you may see are mule deer and elk. Deer antlers are made of bone, extend from their skull, and fall off every year. Young males typically grow spikes and single-pronged antlers. As the buck or bull ages, their antlers grow in mass and more tines develop.

It take a lot of energy and calcium to grow a set of antlers. All summer long in the high country deer graze on vitamin-rich vegetation, which gives them the strength they need to produce their annual antlers. The developing antlers are very tender. They’re covered in velvet, which provides protection and nutrients to the growing bones. As fall approaches, the bone hardens and the velvet gets itchy. Deer rub it off on branches to polish them for the rut, their mating season. With their handsome set of antlers, bull elk and buck mule deer are ready to display their might and prowess to competing males and attract the attention of doe deer and cow elk.

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Try This: Sit in Public & Don’t Judge Anything You See

This is something I like to do when I am out or even when I am at home but it’s definitely more challenging when being in public. Here it is.. you sit and observe everything around you. The environment you are in, the people, the sounds, the smells, everything! While you are doing it try to just observe it. Don’t classify, categorize or judge any of it. Even go beyond the name of something you are looking at. ex. a tree. Don’t see the tree and say “OK there is a tree and it has leaves on it. It’s brown and green and tilts slightly to the side. Oh there’s a squirrel on the tree! He just jumped from one branch to the other! Oh geez the squirrel almost just fell, crazy squirrel.” Instead, just look at the tree and see it as simply something that is there.

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Guardian of Life

Papyrus is a true lover about life. From the depths of sorrow to the outstanding joy the living things can grant, Papyrus believes deeply in all the potential good of every being. His blinding faith on others can be his greatest weakness as well, for his innocent soul will forever hold its purity like a child’s naivety.

 All the small things can bring the Guardian of Life incredible happiness, even if the said thing looks meaningless. His observant nature for the peculiarity on each existing thing holds its own essence on the Universe. This trait makes him the most warm, adorable and charismatic from the deities.

 Everything touched by Papyrus blossoms in life, rich in colors and intense energy. His soul manifests in shiny yellow and orange flames with fiery sparks, denoting the burning passion that all living beings carry during their journey on Earth. The furs and feathers adorning his vests are symbols of the animals he can become to get in contact with the humans, always bringing messages of hope and optimism. Either touch the colorful sky like a hawk or run throughout the landscape as a deer, Papyrus will constantly appear in a coat of balmy flames that can bring peace to his surroundings.

 The Guardian of Life dedicates himself in the arts of culinary, always finding amusement in all tastes and spices he can add to evoke vigor on others’ souls. Food is a great pillar to sustain life, so Papyrus’ hobby in creating new flavors to offer and feed all the living beings is in a constant improvement.

 Papyrus is very popular and loved by the other deities, having great partnership with the God of the Sun, Asgore, and the Protector of the Waters, Undyne. He finds very intriguing the amount of energy Undyne can sport, both sharing their appreciation over food and a good sparring in a healthy routine.

 The thing that saddens Papyrus the most is the unfairness about the distance he needs to keep from his brother Sans, the Guardian of Death. Afraid to harm each other, they are forbidden to have any sort of physical contact, forcing Papyrus to repress any of his expressive nature about touches that he uses to display his contentment, something constantly done to others in his gleeful spirit. However, this never stops Papyrus into visiting his brother and giving lots of gifts to show his appreciation towards the smaller one.

 Even that he understands that Sans doesn’t have the same amount of energy Papyrus’ does, he is constantly fussing about his brother’s lazy behavior, trying his best to bring joy and warmth to make his lonely existence more bearable. Sans is not good with emotions, especially in displaying them, but he always tries his best so that Papyrus can feel how much he is truly loved and cared.

 Papyrus can always feel the presence of his brother nearby, even that he can’t see him most of the times. He knows Sans is very protective, constantly watching his back from any threat or hostile spirits. He feels safe and loved, fueling his deep emotions that gives the best feelings life can provide.


Many people asked me since when I began animating, the reply is since 2009 :D ! (September 4th to be exact)

Let’s talk a little about me because many of you ask why I love to animate =)

So … I always wanted to animate, since I was a kid I often wandered why my drawings couldn’t move like the cartoons, video games or movies I saw on TV, bringing me to this awesome world =)

I Always dreamt about seeing my drawings alive, I thought it was …. magical !

So I did some flip-books with what I found around me (paper, books …) but only with balls bouncing … not that much and I observed the nature, it inspired me a lot ! Leafs falling from the trees, snow falling from the sky, rivers, clouds, I began to understand things this way and then watching cartoons helped me as well !

I never could animate on a program because no tablet, just a mouse !! And one day, coming from nowhere, Flipnote Studio came on the Nintendo DSi !! When I saw that we could animate with it my heart exploded !! I was so excited !!

So, well I never animated that much before, so I couldn’t make big things, so I tried ……. 6 frames was already too much for me !!!! Then I understood that it would be really hard to make my ideas move how I wanted them to do but I learned a lot drawing the characters I love (Kirby the most !) Doing fanarts really helps

“Copying is the way to learn and progress” Richard Williams =), so don’t be ashamed to draw lots of fanarts, this is actually the best way to advance because you draw what you love, you have a model and you get inspired ! (and you can parody it after ;p) 

I pushed my self more and began to really animated hard back in 2013 :)

Soo well, don’t ask me why I put a “BYE BYE” on the first one I don’t even remember xD I … still love these animations, they are like my children, they were funny and simple … to be honest the style I have right now was this one I thought was too “simple” to be interesting, I was wrong and now I’m happy to enjoy animating little pigeons and animals bouncing like the balls I made in the past ! 

I hope this post will help you to continue your way to progress and love what you are doing !! 

Your ideas are the most important, even if you can’t draw them well for the moment, these are what you have inside ! Just wait and draw them again, you will be happy =) 

So I tried my best english again, I can learn you an awesome word today ! The last animation is a little Platypus, guess how we call them in France ?

ornithorynque ! Got your new awesome french word of the day ^^ !

Keep going and don’t stop !


“She’s beautiful,” Westley murmurs as he peers down at the pink bundle on Madeleine’s lap. “What’s her name?”

“Jane,” she beams. “Claudia Jane officially, but we intend to call her Jane.”

“She looks like you,” West smiles, glancing between Maddie and her newborn daughter. “Especially around the eyes.” Turning back towards Jane, he coos, “You’re a lucky baby, aren’t you? To be as pretty as your mama.”

Madeleine blushes, a look of sheepish pride on her face. “Would you like to hold her?” she asks him in a meek voice.

Westley nods, and with slow, meticulously careful movements he picks up the child and lays her against his chest. Jane fusses for a moment, but the effort proves too much for the drowsy infant and she quickly falls asleep.

“You’re a natural,” Madeleine observes. “She wasn’t nearly so happy with Kit.”

“I come from a big family,” he shrugs. “Always lots of babies to hold.”

“Well, I’m still impressed. You’d make a great dad someday.”

Westley glances back at her, and their eyes lock for what feels like the longest ten seconds of Maddie’s life. “Someday, maybe,” he whispers.

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